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How to tell if a Psychic is real

how to tell a psychic is real.
How to tell if a psychic is real
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 12:43 AM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:45 PM EST
How do you tell if a psychic is real?

Telling if a Psychic is real or not

There are hundreds of psychics available for guidance who all claim to have authentic powers, but how can you spot a charlatan from the real deal?

Solicitation is a significant tell when investigating the legitimacy of clairvoyants. No genuine psychic will send spam email or messages or make you feel anxious about what will happen if you don’t contact them as soon as possible.

Fraudulent psychics will offer to give you valuable spiritual knowledge but only in exchange for goods or services. They make extravagant promises that you will receive wealth, heal your family or relationships, find success at work. All of this is followed by an anxiety-inducing threat that none of it can come true without their help.

Psychic are lightworkers here to assist us on our path. They come blessed with extrasensory gifts such as a connection to spiritual dimensions, visions, the ability to read auras or interpret palm lines. All of these talents are meant to be used for the greater good of humanity.

Lightworkers uplift and inspire by reminding us that life is more than material reality. Mediums connect us to our inner knowing that life is energy and continues even after it leaves the material plane. Psychics provide support during difficult times, offering hope and relaying messages from guides and angles.

A genuine psychic doesn’t aim to disempower through fear or to manipulate the vulnerable or naive for financial gain. A toxic imposter is someone who exaggerates their capabilities and incites anxiety.

Avoid anyone who asks you to buy products for large sums of money with the promise that it is only temporary and will be returned once the required spiritual work is done. That is the typical move of a con artist who is misrepresenting or falsifying their skills.

During a reading, there are ways to differentiate between a fake and a psychic. A false reading will be vague and generalised, hitting on points that could apply to anyone. It will sound like your average horoscope in the local paper “Expect great things to start happening soon. Everything you’ve been wanting is beginning to manifest in your life. There will be challenging periods but anticipate a positive result with hard work”.

Sounds lovely but what does it actually reveal about your situation? Not a lot! Fraudsters will also adapt to cues in your body language, clothing and perceived economic status.

Say for example you arrive in a beautiful bohemian outfit with your best amber necklace on for luck. A disingenuous psychic will give a false reading based on their interpretation of your personality; for example,

‘I see you are free-spirited, easy going and creative. Money comes to you easily. You want to be free, but you also need stability. You value beauty, nature but need a certain level of comfort. Too many restrictions make you feel restless”.

Even if it’s not 100% accurate, there will be enough overlapping information for you to recognise parts of yourself.

Also, pay attention to who is directing the questions during the session. The clairvoyant or medium must do most of the talking, but it should be you who asks the majority of the questions. Take a list of things you’d like to ask to stay on track and observe what they can answer directly.

Be wary of leading questions when they aren’t able to give accurate information such as, ‘Who do you know from childhood that starts with the letter B? This person was important to the family. No B? But you do have a V? That must be it, sometimes it’s hard to hear the messages. V was close to the family? Oh she was your aunt? That makes sense I can feel female energy around you it must be her. But she’s still alive? Who was close to her? Then it’s someone she knows….” And so it goes until they can make the story fit.

Imposters will make you do most of the heavy lifting in the session then build on the cues and information you provide. The reading will stay vague enough that the ‘psychic’ can keep up appearances making things which have nothing to do with your present reality seem authentic.

For instance, one could say they see you are still getting over a breakup. For a lot of people, this will be accurate, but if you are lucky enough to be in a happy relationship, the ‘break up’ can be taken further into the past until they hit the mark.

Keeping it lose means that there is always a way to connect their ‘vision’ to some part of your life. Trustworthy clairvoyants will give you accurate and relevant information without having to ask a lot of questions. They will only ask for clarification at certain points, as it assists the reading.

A good psychic won’t do ask a lot of follow up questions if they are off the mark or can’t find a clear answer. Instead, they will continue to supply information until the message becomes clear. During the reading, you can also use testable questions about the past or present.

The best way to know at the end of the day is to trust your instincts. If something feels off, if the clairvoyant makes you feel anxious or pressured, there is an excellent chance the reading is not legit. Real psychics will make you feel comfortable, safe and provide accurate information.


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