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Knight of Swords

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/08/20 2:19 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/08/20 2:19 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Air

Function: Intelligence, the mind, sincerity, fairness

The Knight of Swords is charging full speed ahead with his sword raised high. Everyone should fear the Knight as even his horse appears to be concerned as to whether they will survive what is ahead but listens to his master’s commands. He is showing his gritted teeth in courage but as they gallop ahead, he is also acting foolishly.

The white horse is a sign of purity. Even though his horse is nervous, the purity shows that they will end up where only angels fear to go. There are red birds and yellow butterflies decorating the saddle and the bridle. This points to the passionate and how his actions and hopes have transformed after learning. This could be the root cause of the issues. The Knight may be foolish enough to get injured or just foolish enough to survive. His shining armor and cape with birds show us that he is convinced he will make it.

We see the rocky hill and trees blowing in the wind that the Page experienced. The Knight will be stopped by nothing and this is what defines him. He is hell-bent and obsessed with his idea. He will go through with it, no matter what.

He is bold and direct as well as having his wits about him. He knows that he is good and he is confident that he can outsmart anyone, and this is of great importance to him. If you try to block his path, the Knight will trample you with pure logic. He neither cares about people’s emotions nor what other people think.

If you want to start something new, you will need enthusiasm and it is common that a new idea means that only the creator of the idea will be the one who can get this idea underway. Be aware of enthusiasm as a form of covering up a fear of failure or the embarrassment that comes with failing. Trying new things can often mean that the world is watching you as you progress alone.

When Reversed:

It is possible that you are keen to get things underway, but you are lacking the concentration or courage to follow through. You still have some concern for the thoughts of others and may doubt yourself. You have a habit to use your energy without need and can also be unorganized and missing the focus you need. The end result is that you are exhausted, but you don’t have a lot to show for your efforts.

In this position, the Knight of Swords may suggest you are scared to go forward with your idea. Maybe a powerful person or object is blocking your path. As much as you try to gallop forward, the challenges are too much. Instead of finding a way around the challenges, you keep charging ahead, hoping something will break.


You may have had a job working with numbers or held a position of responsibility. If this is still the case, you should think about whether this is still the right option for you. Perhaps you have outgrown this position or even outstayed your welcome. You may have had a dream job as a child and although it hasn’t come about, you can still so something satisfying.


There will be a chance for you to change your life soon. Don’t turn your nose up at this seemingly small offer because it will lead so something greater than you had imagined so you should take what is being offered to you. You will be surprised at what other opportunities may come your way.


You can expect structure and logic in your near future and if this is what you are looking for, you should keep doing what you are doing now. People may ask things of you that may interrupt your plans, but it is worth trying to help others. Remember that your plans should be flexible.

Yes/No Question:

The answer is yes.

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