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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/09/20 8:35 PM EDT
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What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning 

The male and female in the meadow are naked but have no shame in this. The angel who towers above them wears purple, the color of royalty and high spirituality. The sun is present behind the angel, beaming as if to warm the naked lovers. The angel’s hair has streaks of red, almost representing fire and passion.

The female lover is on the left, close to a fruit tree. The snake wrapped around the tree is a symbolizes the story of Adam and Eve and temptation. The woman is looking up to the angel, her arms open appearing prepared for an embrace.

On the contrary, the man is stood next to a tree with fire replacing fruit. This fire implies passion or even the burning bush that God communicates to Moses through. The man seems eager to embrace the woman, looking at her with his arms open.

A river meanders between the lovers towards a mountain that reaches to the angel. This river represents a new path between the lovers with the blessing of the angel above. The Lovers card is one that shows femininity and masculinity coming together. There is romantic love but also a union of sex and the ability to delve into each other’s sensuality.

Being naked is not the significance. While you are able to see the physical side of the levers, what is hidden is their personalities, represented in the trees. The woman is protective, guarding her forbidden fruit but the man has a fiery passion that could burn the female. To an extent, they are protecting each other.

If you receive the Lovers card it suggests that you have been able to find a peaceful companionship full of love and acceptance. The relationship is literally a romantic one. It is also a card that points to equality and the equal connections you have created with people other than family members.

The Lovers is a symbol of tow things binding to create something far better and grander, regardless of native differences. Your tasks will be completed, and the outcome will be a happily ever after, including for relationships.

When Reversed:

If you draw the lovers in the reversed position, there could be a lack of balance in your relationship. One of the partners might be out for themselves without considering the other. It might be that someone is taking your tenderness for granted or choosing to ignore it.

This lack of balance can spread to other areas of the relationship and generally speaking, one side is always the giver while the other takes. Conditional love may be apparent, one must give up their individuality in order to comply with the partner’s wishes in return for love. This will end up with you getting hurt.

The Lovers reversed could also suggest that you or someone in your life has a secret and if others learnt of this, there would be devastating consequences. The secret might be unfaithfulness, financial, well-being, or an issue from the past.


In this situation, the Lovers card implies that a relationship from your past has prepared you well and there is no need to consider a change, regardless of the gender of your prospective partner. For those who aren’t in a relationship, the Lovers implies you have a close relationship with your parents or a friend.


You and your relationship are in a good place and you are blossoming as one. There is balance with space but a close tie. If petty arguments arise, put the conflict in perspective. If the discussions are more serious, ignoring them is not the solution.


Strangely enough, in the sense of the future, this is an excellent card if you are single. It indicates that there is love in the future and that things will improve. Although Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise, there was still a happy ending.

Yes/No Question:

Your question will lead to a very definite yes.

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