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Magellan Medium Spirit, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Magellan medium spirit
Magellan Medium Spirit, Scam or Trusted Psychic?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:14 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 1:14 AM EDT
Magellan Medium Spirit, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Review: Magellan Medium Spirit – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

In our search for the best psychics on the internet we came across a new one, which was fairly new to us. His name is “Magellan Medium Spirit”, who calls himself a psychic and spiritual medium who converses with people that have passed over.

After doing some research on him, we unfortunately found out that he can´t be trusted at all. Similar to other mediums we have reviewed here, such as Angela Medium, Medium Maria, William the Guardian Angel or Tara Medium, he is a fake psychic who is just after your money!

The Biography of Magellan

Magellan got his psychic abilities as a child, when he lost an important person in his life. That same person came to him one day from the spirit world to comfort him, and Magellan  could since then speak to spirits from the higher realms and the lower world. He immediately felt called to serve a broader audience with his skills and is offering his services via his website.

His wish is to serve people in need to connect them with the right path and help them to receive messages from their loved ones, who have passed over.

His story is not too unusual, as some psychics really got their abilities in this way. Also, being able to converse with spirit is nothing new under the moon. However, since Magellan’s story is similar to some of the other psychics we have reviewed so far, it seems already not trustworthy.

Our research has further confirmed what we first thought! From his whole website, to the emails he sends out, the media company that owns him, and the lack of trustworthy reviews – Magellan looks like a scam from the books.

He offers free readings

To test Magellan Medium, we signed up for his readings, which come for free at first. Since we have reviewed a lot of psychics before who do the same, it was already a red flag, but we wanted to see how he goes about it.

After signing up for a reading and confirming your email, you automatically receive a reading in less than ten minutes. That´s a fairly short time for a psychic, who is supposedly busy and has a lot of work to go through each day.

The mail was filled with generic information that did not relate in any way to us, nor to our unique life situation, and it could have been applied for anyone to be honest. A money blessing coming in the near future, the best phase of our life to start soon and so much more. This is fairly impersonal and for a psychic, who can see, hear and feel beyond the manifested world, not a great sign of psychic powers to be revealed.

A psychic can usually address any personal issue that you might have, without any prior information about that. Telling something about future blessings is not a sign of psychic powers though.

Magellan would go and send more emails after the first ones, prompting to click on a link for another in-depth reading that was structured in the same way as the first. No special information, just very generic input around possibilities.

Like so many other psychics, the call to action was to act quickly and respond to him asap, so that he could send out more emails with deeper information. Of course, our future would depend on his readings and the special message he had for us!

Just to make sure if these emails are actually the same for everyone, we tested it with another email address and got the exact same content sent, twice.

There is not even two different version of what he sends out, when you sign up! Everyone receives exactly the same.

You have to sign an agreement

We don´t really trust any psychics that send the same messages to everyone and that offer a free reading right in the beginning. Any trustworthy psychic can charge for their services. Whenever they offer a free reading to pull clients in, we immediately get suspicious.

Anyhow, after receiving the free readings, of course there was a follow up offer for a payment fee that would give us the “Great Guide of Imminent Happiness”. Not that it was clear what that exactly was, but it seemed to be incredibly important and the ultimate key to change our life.

By buying the guide, we would have to agree on some very specific points though, which included the understanding of the importance of receiving this guide, the agreement to Magellan to perform a ritual for purification to release old karma and that the guide would be prepared as soon as possible, so that nothing would stand in the way to our happiness and success.

Upon paying, the agreement would be signed, so that the psychic could get to work asap. The fee for this specific report would be $79.99. However, since all of this seemed to be so far fetched and unrealistic, given the fact that the emails already proved to be of no substance, we didn´t pay.

Which did not stop the emails to come! As most online psychics do, especially when they are untrustworthy, they spam you until you either give in and buy or until you unsubscribe. After receiving emails every day, we decided to opt-out.

No trustworthy psychic spams you every day (!) with a message, since they are busy enough serving their clients that reach out to them. Hands-off from the ones that send you a lot of messages and try to pressure you into buying, especially when they are blackmailing you, speaking about a doomed future, if you don´t buy etc. pp.

Scare tactics are one of the worst techniques fake psychics use to get you to buy and you should never give into it, let alone believe it.

He is represented by a media company

If that wasn´t already enough of the red flags, we also checked his website to see what his registered address was. And oh which surprise, he was represented by a media company based out of Geneva, Switzerland. We had the case before with “Celeste the Angel Medium” and “Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo”, who are also registered at different online marketing agencies in Switzerland. That seems to be no coincidence and it might even be that the companies are all connected to each other, or simply belong to the same umbrella company with different sub-names.

Same as with the companies in Gibraltar and Hong Kong which we mentioned before, when we find a hub of media companies appearing in a city, which is known for companies to avoid taxes or launder their money, we see red flags popping up everywhere!

No trustworthy psychic has the need to register their business in a place that´s shady and does not seem to have a legal address in a “normal” place in the world.

 No positive reviews about him

What was striking though is that we couldn`t find any reviews about him online. Neither good, nor bad ones. Which is weird, because either we find a ton of negative reviews, or we find a few good ones on the website of the psychic. In Magellan’s case there were non. And that´s even worse, or proves that fact that his persona was entirely created by the media company, maybe even just recently.

If a psychic has been doing business since years and even decades and is here to help as many people as possible, they should have collected their fair share of reviews. At least the website should have some, but we couldn´t verify any reviews about him. That´s especially weird because he is sending so many emails and pressures people into buying his services. So someone at some point is gotta say something, good or bad.

As mentioned before, if Magellan Medium was such a trusted and powerful psychic, there would be more evidence supporting him. Either from past clients or from newspapers and other websites that he´d be linked to as a trusted source.

Most of the psychics that have been doing business for years, are referred to you by word of mouth and have a  good amount of reviews that speak for them. Since Magellan can´t provide for any of that, it´s highly suggestible that he does not even exist as a real person.

Just thinking of the media company behind him, the biography that can´t be verified, no reviews and the massive amount of emails that are being sent out, which are the same for everyone that subscribes, shows that we are up for a big scam here.

If you don´t want to loose your money on Magellan Medium Spirit and seek for an authentic psychic to give you a reading, please research first and then see what they have to offer!

In retrospect doing our research we can say: Magellan Medium Spirit – is a scam!


75 Replies to “Magellan Medium Spirit, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. I bought two readings from Magellan, because I found him very friendly and convincing. I though he must be a great psychic! Just to find out that the information in my two readings was almost the same and that nothing could be applied to my situation really, it was very far off and had little to do with my life. It really hurts to spend so much money on readings and then nothing comes out of it! Although I know that there is very great psychics out there that can change your life! I was just unlucky to trust the wrong one here! Stay away from Magellan!

    1. It´s so sad to see so many people getting scammed and losing their hard earned money on fake psychics! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. This Magellan was the worst experience I ever had with a psychic. I found the free reading on the internet and subscribed, trusting that he is a great guy. But then he sent me mails every day, telling me all the bad things in my life and I started to feel really bad! I was feeling ok before, just wanted to have a reading, but with him I started to feel very bad. so I never bought anything from him, I got upset he sends so many negative messages. No light, no angels around him I think. Took me a while to see his bad intentions, so I put him in the spam folder.

    1. He´s a fraud. Dude, don´t waste your money on someone like him! It´s big companies behind this, that just make too much money with it and steal from the vulnerable!

  3. Luckily I only got a free reading from him, and was wondering how he can send me this sensiblw information about me in no time! Like literally in ten minutes, so I started googling to find reviews about him and came across your site. What a shame, there is so many bad psyhics out there, they really pull the good ones through the dirt with their profession!

  4. I got the Guide to Happiness, because that´s what we all want right? It was very simplistic and nothing new in there, nothing that I could apply in my life and that would help me to feel happier. But he kept emailing me after that and got more and more negative. It´s quite horrible, the more I read his mails the less happy I felt. I think I felt happier before finding Magellan, than after.

  5. Magellan was the last online psychic I subscribed to! I ordered free readings from different psychics, but all of them end up being the same! Maria, tara, Celeste, Chris, whatever you want to call them all start putting pressure and asking you to buy. Nothing positive in their emails ever. I suggest, if you truly want to find a good reader, check the videos on youtube and then book directly with them!

    1. Yes me too! I got spammed by so many ofter a while I was too much, I really liked the readings in the beginning and even trusted some of the psychics to pay them for their upscale readings. But with this one I started to see the pattern and didn´t like it at all! So I´m out of this for good now!

  6. The Guide to Happiness is the greatest nonsense I have bought so far. Some psychics really give valuable guidance with their pamphlets and I find some jewels in there, I have a tarot lady who I buy stuff like that from once in a while, but Magellan is really not real. Totally general and nothing to do with my person, and the Guide to Happiness is some simple stuff from the internet, there is no real intention behind it. Don´t buy!

  7. Magellan scammed be big time. I´m so angry, and upset about this. I just wanted a good psychic reading and then nothing. Just useless paperwork and messages that made no sense at all. How can I get my money back now?

    1. Sandra S, I feel sorry for you. Don’t become angry. You are precious, so that’s not fair to depress yourself for this cheap psychic. Keep on Emailing him until he will not refund you.

  8. Magellan´s psychic readings and his guides are just not good. If they were at least worth the money, but unfortunately they are not worth the money. Don´t buy.

  9. The Guide to Happiness is epic b***sh**, I ordered it, but it really does not give you anything and nothing about Magellan seems to be real, so better find a good book on happiness or take regular yoga classes, instead of wasting your money for a fake psychic!

    1. Also bought the guide and can honestly say it´s not cool! Really no good information in there and it´s pretty useless. Don´t buy anything from him!

  10. If I hear I have to sign an agreement, I already get the creeps. It´s getting worse and worse and you should not buy anything from him. It´s all set-up to make you spend all your money and doubt your whole life. Remember that you have free will and you don´t need advice from anyone!

  11. Magellan is one of the worst psychics out there, his recommendations are useless and he only tries to scare people so much, that they buy a reading or a spell or a ritual or something else from him. It´s very manipulative and pressuring, so please be aware that a good psychic is never using these tactics! They are here to spread the light and remind you of the light within!

  12. You can not buy happiness, certainly not as a guide to happiness, but you can find happiness within! I highly recommend staring there!

  13. I’m hurt and now broke. I believed in Magellan, I trusted in him. I gambled on him and gambled the numbers he told me were lucky winning numbers. He was on the nose with my situation. But on the last email, it made me suspicious that he was trying for me to pay $700 for the same sessions, I already paid $400 for Which were the same sessions carried out 7 times just changed colours. Of course the aura would be cleansing itself, the breathing technique does it. Nothing special and the heat comes from the candle. In his quotes from other people, it sound like the same person speaking.

    1. What were the sessions you are talking about and what is his aura ritual? Did you really pay him $400 even though you never met him? That´s aweful. Did you get your money back?

      1. I didn’t get my money back. 7 session Mediumistic Energy Transfer then he asked to do the exact same session with an 8th session free for ($1000 with a $400 discount). I rang my bank as soon I suspected he was a fraud. But I had already lost $1000 plus the money I gambled his lucky numbers.

  14. When I first encountered Magellan online, I immediately opted for him. And then I received her free reading, which was quite general to me but I thought it happen so because it is free. Thinking so, I bought a ritual readings from him and waited for the miracles to come in, but nothing happened. Not even a single thing has changed afterward! He is a big time scammer.

    1. Ah, I´m so sorry to hear all these stories about people getting scammed! I hope it did not cost you a fortune and you find your peace now regardless. I´d love for you to find a real psychic one day and experience how powerful they and how much light and love they bring!

  15. I always wanted to have his reading but once I got them they were all fake with nothing just random things. From my experience I can tell you how much scam he is.

    1. I think all of the readings from him are the same and he doesn´t even make the effort to change the content! Especially when you pay for a reading, don´t expect it to be a psychic reading, it´s always just some random information thrown together. Don´t waste your money here!

  16. I must say I have saved my self from this kind of scam by reaching to your website. Thankyou soo much, you guys owe me a big time.

  17. Dont get yourself fooled by her talking and chat it’s just his way fooling you. After some time he will show how cruel and insensitive about your insecurities and will keep blackmailing you to buy her reading.

    1. Aftab Malik! It’s a reality that most online psychics are a fraud. I think the people who find a genuine one among these scams are fortunate.

  18. Bought a reading from magellan. But it was basic then I thought it’s because its free and I opted to buy more. And it was the worst decision cause nothing like that happend. He is all fake.

    1. I second! The free reading is just the same for everyone so It urges you to go for another one. But to be honest, I believe she sends the same readings to everyone. Not even worth a single penny!

  19. He is pure scammer. And have been looting people since long. I have been warned already and then I read this article. Which portray the true picture of their fakeness.

    1. Oh God, I just found this article now looking for psychics and can´t believe what I´m reading here! So sorry for all the people that got scammed by him! I hope they all get their money back and he gets his karma!

  20. He will send you threatening email. Will use all sort of cheap tactics to convince you buy his reading. I have been trapped the same way. It was my worst experience just save yourself and don’t even email him then there is no way going back.

    1. I feel so sorry for you! If you genuinely want a reading. Go for an in-person psychic. They are a lot better and most of them are offering genuine services.

  21. It is hard to believe that people are wasting their money on him. But on the other they have been trapped this way that they left with no option. Glad that you guys are saving innocent people.

    1. For me it was always obvious that he does not exist and that all his website and ads are fully fake. I don´t trust these psychics and only rely on the ones I have in my vicinity, but sometimes I take in the free readings just to see if they can provide me good information. Often it´s a waste of time even reading them. Unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, his readings are only fine. These are not worth-paying colossal money. Although these not bring any miracle in your life.

  22. Magellan is a scam! I got a reading from him and it was not worth the money. It was so general, it felt like he just says the same things to everyone.

  23. I got a a free reading from Magellan and it was great. I also wanted him to talk to a dead spirit for an issue that I had been going through. So he brought me some answers that were pretty convincing. Even though his service may be expensive but I believe he is putting in the effort as well so he deserves to be paid.

    1. Wow really? I think you are the only person that actually had luck with him and his services, amazing to hear. But is this really true?

    2. Dear John! It’s pleasing to hear about your experience. This article is based on facts that are found after in-depth research. I think your fortune has played a great role in saving you from this scam.

  24. Thank God! Finally, I have found a reliable website with sensible information about Psychics. This article is saving time and money of many people

    1. So true! I am really thankful for this website. They are doing a great job. and I am glad it saved you money like it did to me.

  25. I got one reading from Magellan and NEVER AGAIN! Thought at first, I thought he was friendly and I thought he knew what he was doing. but now I assure you, HE DOESN’T. Its all fake. I don’t know if I can ever trust any psychic online. Do you guys know any in-person trusted psychic in NewYork?

    1. Hannah you can simply search online or ask people around you. I think word of month can be trust worthy. I wish you luck in finding a great psychic. I know one near my area in North Carolina.

  26. Magellan was great to me. I got a few readings from him and they were fairly accurate. Through, one was not so accurate but I think that was a human error so not a big deal. Overall, my experience was good one!

  27. How intelligent Magellan Medium Spirit is! Be attentive. Not in buying readings but in giving fraud. I cannot even tell how badly he treated me. Please stay away from him. He is the biggest scam ever!😡

    1. How did he treat you? I know he is a bad fraud and he is damaging so many people, and I would like him to stop. But how does he go about it and how does he hook people? Tell me your story so that I understand more and we can stop him together 😀

  28. Be attentive!!!
    Magellan Medium is the biggest scam ever. Buying her readings is only a wastage of money. Stay away from her.

  29. I bought the reading from Magellan, that was awesome. I became happy and bought another one. The second one was the same as the first, nothing special in it. I think he sends the same reading to everyone.

  30. Hi I have bought a couple of readings from Megellan and I thought that his readings were very good until tonight. I bought 7 sessions from him and I finished them 2 days ago, I paid £200 for the 7 sessions, now he has emailed me saying basically they didn’t work properly so my aura still isn’t vibrating correctly and we would need to repeat them again and he would do lots of other free things to help me along my path. Till now he has spoken about someone who has recently passed who is trying to help me and I have many people in the beyond who would love to see me happy and successful, tonight he has said that I dont just have friends and loved ones in the beyond and that someone is trying to work against me up there and despite all these good people this one person is trying to stop it all and that if we don’t repeat the 7 sessions all the work we have already done together will not work. I clicked on the link and for some reason he is charging me £150 more for the same 7 sessions and he will give me 1 extra session for free, well if your charging me £150 more for the same sessions then its not free is it ahaha I feel a little silly for trusting this now. Before you pay he tells you that if what he says doesn’t happen and your not happy with his work then you can have a %100 refund, and as I can’t afford to pay for another 7 sessions so all of what he has said will happen and all this luck I am suppose to be getting can’t happen if we don’t do the 7 sessions then I would like a total refund. I have emailed him saying exactly that.

    1. This is a common tactic with these scam psychics, telling you that your Aura is blocked and they need to keep doing “more work” to fix your case. Please call your credit card company and dispute the charges. I don’t believe you will get a refund from Magellan.

  31. Thanks for this, I suspected indeed that it was just random information that he provides…thankfully before I spent almost 80 EUR on one product from him. Incredible how people abuse others….

  32. I thought Magellan was a true medium. Far from it he took two different payments from me and then kept asking for more. To date I received nothing but a few readings and something to try with Runes? Please keep away from this man such a hypocrite and phoney. Just keep asking for more and more money. Readings are mostly similar and promises of great sums of money to come.

  33. Magellan is a fraudulent man, a thief
    After I paid the money for some reading / since I am a fool / he used my account and took 265 euros.
    People take care and don’t fall for things like this.
    Do not give anyone your account number.
    This man stole my money and won’t pay it back.
    We’ll go to court

  34. Well I first got his message out of the blue he mentioned my angel that crossed named Michael which got my eyes and ears open cause I thought maybe since he was supposed a medium that my daddy named Michael was trying to tell me something I never sent him money as later he sent a disturbing email stating he was done with me I was not worth the time cause I didn’t respond on his terms and sent me to the couple that said same shit about karmic debt I owed and then it was two to ten others but heads up I do believe Ron and William are true as well as Chris

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