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Maria Duval Psychic Scam

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/12/20 10:10 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:33 PM EST

The Maria Duval Psychic Scam

Dozens of psychics have been accused of scamming people and taking advantage of their willingness to improve the quality of life. Scams target everyone no matter what their culture or background is. While other types of scams are relatively easy to identify early on, it is quite challenging to know whether you are a victim of a psychic fraud or not.

Due to the frequent cases of psychic scams, people have lost faith in occult practices. Even though there are lots of talented psychics out there, some people just do not want to take a risk.

One of the well-known psychic scams is associated with Maria Duval, an Italian woman who sold the rights to her name to scammers. This article will further discuss the issue of Maria Duval psychic scam by providing essential information about the following topics:

Who Is Maria Duval?

The History and Scope of Maria Duval Psychic Scam

How to Avoid Psychic E-mail Scams?

  • Never reply to an e-mail from an unknown source
  • Never share personal information
  • Never transfer money to bank accounts provided in psychic e-mails

If you want to learn more Maria Duval and one of the most famous mail scams in history, keep reading! You can also check out some quick tips for avoiding psychic e-mail scams.

Who Is Maria Duval?

Maria Duval, also known as Maria Carolina Gamba, is an Italian woman who has been associated with one of the most substantial psychic scams for the last 25 years. As an independent psychic, Maria Duval gained popularity and built a reputation in the 1970-1980s. Mainly, Duval was offering psychic consultations and was also publishing horoscope in different newspapers. Maria Duval has also helped police with finding missing people.

In the mid-1990s, Maria Duval allowed a group of people to use her name in exchange for a particular amount of money. And this is when the largest mail scam in world history begins!

The History and Scope of Maria Duval Psychic Scam

As Maria Duval sold the rights to her name to a particular group of people, they started to sell regular astrology prognoses. The scammers soon changed their plan and began to send letters to people suffering from various diseases. They would give promises that Maria Duval would help them if they paid about $40 for each mail consultation. The fraudsters also sent mails to aged people promising to improve their quality of life for $40. In some cases, the fees were much greater. Certain victims have even paid thousands of dollars in hopes of improving their health and financial situation.

The reason why this psychic scam continued to exist for decades is that the hand-written letters were signed by Duval. Besides, the mails were full of personal information, which made the victims think that the sender really had psychic abilities. The letters were so friendly and emotional that some targets had even developed feelings for the originator.

Consequently, the fraudsters managed to collect hundreds of millions of dollars through the Maria Duval mail scam during about 25 years.

As Duval’s son claims in various interviews, her mother signed the contract to become rich and renowned among different societies. He also states that Maria had never wanted to be a part of this well-organized psychic scam. Rather, he reported that her mother was among the other victims of the Maria Duval mail scam.

It is really hard to believe that Duval did not have any intentions to take advantage of people’s unawareness and scam them through psychic readings. The fact is that Maria had been regularly receiving payments by signing additional contracts.

In a CNN interview with Maria Duval, she claims that she was not aware of how the letters had been affecting the lives of the victims. But still, it is almost impossible to get an idea of her side of the story. Her mental health and the ability to properly interpret the story has weakened throughout the years. Maria Duval is not the person that she has once been.

The fact is that Maria Duval has never been involved in creating and sending letters to people worldwide. She had only sold the right to her name to a group of fraudsters. The money generated from psychic scam was going to several shell companies. To make it harder to track the flow of the money, it was passing through several different accounts.

How to Avoid Psychic E-mail Scams?

The most common psychic scam attempts are made through e-mails. Numerous people across the globe receive either personalized or general letters from a person claiming to have psychic power. They are offered an opportunity to consult with a psychic in exchange for a specific fee.

To make sure you are not a victim of a well-planned psychic fraud, you should always consider the following tips.

  • Never reply to an e-mail from an unknown source

Even if the information shared in the letter seems to be very personal, you should only reply if you are waiting for an e-mail from a particular psychic. Scammers try to create texts comprising details that might be relevant for a number of victims. For instance, they might mention the well-being of your family but do not explain it in detail. Such emotional triggers increase your willingness to reply and get more information regarding the issue.

  • Never share personal information

If you are so intrigued that you can’t stop thinking about the e-mail that you have received, you can reply without sharing any personal information. Any personal details that you share with a possible scammer might be used to generate the next personalized e-mail and make you think you are talking to a real psychic.

  • Never transfer money to bank accounts provided in psychic e-mails

Unless you know exactly who you are talking to, you should never transfer any amount of money to bank accounts provided in psychic e-mails. Even if you are asked to pay a few dollars, you should not do that since they will get detailed information about who you are and where you live. This information can be used to scam you further or even steal money from your savings.




61 Replies to “Maria Duval Psychic Scam”

  1. I got these emails from Maria, and in the beginning I truly believed her! But oh boy, she is horrible! The emails got so bad I put them in the spam folder, just thinking she is a bit crazy and too much this woman. All sorts of claims about my future and my health and it felt just a bit weird at some point. But now reading this I´m happy I never bought anything from her! Thank goodness.

    1. Yes! You should be thankful. Otherwise you would have been regreting just like me. It was such a horrible ecperince. I wish I could have discovered this website much earlier.

  2. I heard about her and wanted to find out if she is genuine. Oh my God! I can´t believe that these stories are true! How can anyone trust a psychic now after all of this? What a shame. These company people should find a real job.

  3. Where do all these fake psychics come from, and is it really such a big business that so many company set up fake profiles and fake readings to scam people? Wow. I´m really surprised.

    1. Yeah! Read the article again, sadly, it’s all true. You can always go for an in-person trusted psychic instead of choosing an online one.

  4. My free reading from her was ok, but the payed one did not fit at all, so I started researching more about her and found you! What a bad story!

    1. Jenifer, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Don’t give up. Keep on searching and find a trustworthy psychic for you that will bring positivity towards your life.

  5. When I came across Maria Duval, I had only heard good things about her. I urgently needed answers to things happening in my life, and I was at my end to understand what was going on. So I booked a reading with Maria, and got a very wishy-washy text sent back. I thought maybe she is very busy and did not get my situation fully, so I bought another from her. In know, my fault. But the second one was even worse, and then the emails became more and more generic and I slowly started to doubt her. Now I found you, and get it! Such a waste of money!

  6. I trusted Maria Duval a lot because of her history, I thought she is a granny giving readings now. But then the quality was really bad and I started to wonder why that was. So I found your website and got enlightened on the subject of psychic scams. I had no idea that there is so many fake psychics out there!

    1. I also trusted Maria Duval and found her really fascinating but then whatever she wrote was so negative and uninspiring, I let go of her emails. Now I understand why nothing seemed to fit!

  7. Maria Duval was famous in the time of my parents. They told me about her back then. But I did not know that her name still operates now!

  8. Maria can seem to be very nice and soothing and you are pulled into her thing because of the looks, but it´s nothing more than that. Please stay away from her. It´s all empty promises.

  9. I bought a lot of things from Maria, because I wanted to know my future and also how to make better decisions in my life. But well, it takes a lesson to learn it the hard way. After spending way to much money and no results, I finally decided to get off the internet and find a real psychic. And I found one and let me tell you, the difference is immense!

  10. I payed all my money to Maria and she never gave me a good reading, I trusted her fully, because of her story, and really believed more than I should have, but her readings are all fake and generic and she did not read my energy, for sure. I think all the readings come from a company and she does not exist and I´m pretty pissed off now, because I spent a lot of money on this and it took me a long time to find out and now I´m broke and still did not get a good reading.

  11. It is hard to believe that people make money out of the insecurities of vulnerable people. How can some fell this much? Maria has been fooling people since ages, she should be ashamed of herself

  12. Just bought a reading from maria, but it was total wastage of my money. Wondering why? well, there was nothing inside, just basic that anyone can tell. Can’t believe I have wasted my money on her.

    1. How much did you pay for this? I hope not a fortune! These peeps are truly something else, not sure what that is all about and why media companies have no other jobs to do, but well…

  13. I urge everyone not to get fooled by her. she is biggest scammer. Once I subscribed her, she kept sending me horrified emails like someone has caste a spell on me, I was in great danger and I believed her. Until I found out that there was no truth. she was just forcing me to buy her reading.

  14. She just fool innocent people with her sweet tongue. But reality is pretty harsh. we should aware ourselves from his evil, thankfully websites like this exit who are saving vulnerable people from such trap.

    1. I got some readings from her and really liked them! She seemed so real and lovely, and I don´t know what people are saying here, because for me everything worked so well after her readings! Maybe it´s magic?

  15. She is the the biggest scammer of all the time. I have been trapped by her so badly that I am regreting till now. Please dont get yourself fooled by her.

  16. I had a reading from maria but it was so basic. And when I tell her that nothing like that is happening she asked me to buy from her I refused to do so. And then she kept on sending m horrifying emails. It was such a horrible experince that I can’t even tell you guys.

    1. Same to same! She keeps on sending emails even when you tell her that you are not interested. I mean, just stop woman! Only if she would read our emails and cries written within them. 🙁

  17. I just mailed maria for reading and was about to buy reading until I discovered this website and I am so glad that I did. Otherwise I would have drowned my self.

  18. OMG… reading this article and people comment made me realize how fake these psychics can be. Just for the sake of money they can ruin someone peace. It is so horrible.

    1. Yes that´s true. I´m grateful for this website and that there is people actually exposing the fake ones. Have you gotten any readings from other psychics so far or what brought you to this website?

    1. I think Maria is as bad as compared to others. I am very thankful to this website for exposing real faces of all scammers. Don’t you think?

      1. Yes, Maryam Zahoor you are right. I am not going for her readings anymore. I think I am doing just fine without these readings. They are of no use to me.

  19. I am so surprised to read this review and comments on this article. I actually cannot believe all this because my experience was quite good and I believe there are more people like me who believe in Maria. I just hope whoever had a bad experience gets their money back. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to reach out to her whenever I need help.

    1. Ethan, I am happy for you. In this review, the necessary information is given to warn people about her. I don’t think she is 100% psychic. Your luck is good in this matter😃. Best regards to you.

  20. Maria Duval is the biggest scammer of all time. At first, she gains the trust of her clients. When you buy her readings, she started pressurizing you to buy more. We can call them horrible and fake women. May Allah save all of us from these fake companies.

    1. She did the same to me. Her words were so sugar coated that I believed her. But when I paid for the reading. She changed. I looked like I was talking to a completely new person.

  21. OH MY GOD! Whatever I am reading in this article has happened with me. I never contacted any psychic or shared my email on any such website but to my surprise a few days ago I received an unusual email and it was from Maria. It felt so strange because I had never subscribed to her. I continued to receive emails from her every now and then. Now I understand, she has been spamming others as well.

  22. It was so pleasant to talk to Maria Duval. Even though she sent me multiple emails and that’s how I contacted her. But once I contacted her, she was amazing and really helped me through a particular phase in life when I wasn’t even sure of anything.

    1. Are you being paid by her? How could she help you if she is a fake persona from an internet company! Did you read the article at all?

  23. Guyz I have endured terrible experience from Maria. I want to share it. In the beginning, I was feeling so lucky. But then her attitude changed, she sent readings that were too simple. Even a child can tell those things—my huge money gone waste. I am not finding any way of getting my money back. Can anybody please help me?

  24. Don’t buy readings from her. You will be scammed only. It’s my own experience with her. That’s why I am claiming this here.

  25. I bought the readings from Maria Duval. My friend insisted on me very much not to buy her readings because she knew her reality. But I did this because the sugar-coated words of Maria Duval inspired me. She hearted me because I wasted my massive money on buying her useless readings.

  26. I got three readings from Maria and I´m so frustrated that she did not send me anything related to my life and she is just a fake persona on the internet! Of course at first I did not know and I fully trusted her and I really got hooked by the first free reading from her. And then her messages kept coming and she promised me a reading with her would change my life and so I bought one, and then another one and then one more. but nothing changed! This is outrageous! The worst! And I payed her my hard earned money! I lost trust in everyone now! Never will I pay again for a service like this.

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