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Medium Maria, Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Medium Maria
Medium Maria, Scam or Trusted Psychic
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 07/27/20 9:55 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:36 PM EST
Medium Maria

Medium Maria Review – Is Maria Medium A Scam?

In our journey to expose the greatest con artists in the world of psychics, we found a lot of  personas that either don´t exist or are simply good at selling their services without delivering real value. Most of them use scare tactics, emotional manipulation and pressure to convince people to buy. In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, we expose scam and fake psychics one after the other, so that you know who to trust and who to steer away from. One of our latest findings is “Medium Maria”, also known as “Maria Medium”.

Maria claims that she has developed her gifts over fifteen years and that her services include tarot readings, clairvoyant readings and numerology. The connection to the Divine runs supposedly through her family, which makes it easy for her to predict past, present and future. She also claims that her great grannie was well-known for her clairvoyant and clairsentient services and that she gave readings to Royals on a regular basis. Just as Maria´s mother.

Coming from such a highly valued background it was clear that Maria would walk the same path. She was initiated by her family into the mystery of esoteric teachings and practices. Her intention is to further develop her skills and provide high class readings of world standard to people who seek her help.

So far so good. What seems to be a little off though is that Maria doesn´t mention the names of her ancestors, nor the Royals they worked with, the country they resided in or the client base she has worked so far with. Its´difficult to verify, if that story is even real.

When you want to work with “Medium Maria” you subscribe to her free offering, which is a general reading per month mailed to your inbox. If you want to go further, you can book a personalized reading with her, which should be sent to you in 48h. The free reading is of course a way to keep her clients engaged and offer them in-depth readings along the way, which are to be payed.

In and of itself, this is not a problem, since a lot people market their services this way. If the free reading gives value to the people, why should Maria not send it and offer personalized readings too, for the ones that wish to go deeper. However, it´s the way that she speaks in these mails, that´s a little off-putting.

Like some of the other psychics we dismantled here on our website, she uses manipulative tactics to get people to buy. This will only rear in the more vulnerable among the readers, but nonetheless, it´s not a high vibrational way of doing business. In fact it´s going against the ethics a psychic with a strong spiritual connection should have. A real psychic can offer their services, but never pressure people to do anything, since they need to rely on their own intuition to decide what´s right or wrong for them. If you pressure someone into buying, you don´t encourage them to step into their power, but rather to give in to their weaknesses.

Maria makes people believe that they are under a spell, are being cursed or have a string of bad luck coming their way, so that they are ready to spend money on her. It`s one of the oldest tactics of magicians, fake psychics and tarot readers to pull money out of the pockets of the people. The question is: Why so much pressure and manipulation, if she is genuinely gifted?

For further esoteric knowledge, such as learning about auras and energy, you can find a range of e-books in her shop on the website. The prices start at $29,99 and go up to $49,99, which is a lot more than any book on amazon or your local bookstore would cost.

Another thing about online psychics is that you can never speak to them in person and get a real-time reading. Same as with Chris Voyant or Esmeralda, Maria is not reachable via phone or via chat, she only emails her readings to you. Since she also does not record videos, it´s not clear if she even exists. A range of trusted psychics on the internet are actually reachable via phone or send recorded readings as video to you, if they are too booked out to speak directly to you.

And even if she simply prefers to channel her information in written form or is too busy with clients that she can´t record a video for each of them, it´s still highly suspicious that her privacy policy lists two companies that are both located in places, where businesses go to launder their money and avoid taxes.

The first one is:

Mediaweb Limited, Room 1004, 10/F Railway Plaza, 39 Chatham Road South

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


And the second is:

Mediaweb Limited, 8A Pitmans Alley, Main Street, Gibraltar


First of all, why would “Psychic Maria” need two media companies to represent her, if the business is hers. Secondly, both companies are situated in questionable places to do business, which seems to be very dodgy. We had the same case with “Esmeralda Psychic”, “Chris Voyant” and “William the Guardian Angel”, all of whom have used manipulation and pressure to get people´s money, don´t respond to refund requests and simply don´t deliver the service they claim to be giving. Big red flag here!

Gibraltar is known as a money laundering place, while Hong Kong has it´s own set of rules, where the Chinese law has nothing to interfere, so that any legal claims might get lost in the jungle of Hong Kong´s burocracy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a service and want to claim a refund, you might simply be ignored.

If Maria was a real psychic with a family history of success, she would be registered in her respective country, whichever that one is. It´s questionable that Maria lives either in Hong Kong or in Gibraltar.

As mentioned before, Maria claims to be world-renowned coming from a long line of psychics. However, she can´t be traced back and there is nothing to back up that claim either. In the case of a real psychic there should be newspaper articles, family pictures and photos of events with the Royals visible. If her fame was that big, there ought to be more evidence than questions to prove her status.

Nothing on Maria´s website shows her actually giving readings, sitting with clients, let alone with famous names. Being world-class or -renowned seems to be a title she has given herself, but not a title she earned through her work.

Back to the actual readings she does. Since her website is managed by the two media companies mentioned before, there is a disclaimer which states that her services, originally customized to her audience, had to transform and follow the increased demand for readings, so that her services are now electronic.

It´s not exactly clear what that means, but it sounds like generic readings which are automized to send to the audience. Since Maria does not have the time to respond to every single person, it´s done electronically for her. That´s a big red flag. How can a personalized reading by a psychic who taps into energies be electronic?

A real psychic with world-renowned fame usually starts to train students, which over time become so good that they can take over part of the business and support the psychic with an increased demand for readings.

If this part is done by a computer programme, it´s by definition not a psychic reading, since there is no psychic doing the reading. Which also means there is either no real Maria or not enough demand for the readings. It´s a scam either way and nothing you want to spend money on.

Which leads us to the next point. “Medium Maria´s” picture on the website is a photo from an image marketplace, such as Shutterstock. It´s not a photo of a real person doing respected business, if it can be sold to anyone. We did a reverse image search, which helps you to trace the source of the images. The photos you see of her are readily available to buy on the internet. It´s questionable that Maria sells her images as a side-job, if the images are part of her business identity. It looks like Mediaweb pulled the picture from the web and created a fake persona giving fake readings.


The next thing that ties into that is that her readings are very general. Anyone could come up with the content given in the free readings and the payed ones. Nothing is overly personal, direct, specific nor fitting to the current life situation. However, all of them are based on tactics to sell more and make vulnerable people believe that if they don´t invest, their life is going to take a wrong turn.


Similar to the other psychics based out of Gibraltar, Maria sends a lot of mails and pressures you to buy more readings with her to prevent what´s going to come. A real psychic will not use pressure or scare tactics to help you to buy. It´s always your choice and you intuition that leads you to them, and free will should be the highest goal for all.

A trustworthy psychic will act with warmth, open heart and understanding, knowing that vulnerable people that come to them need to be heard and seen in order to heal. If the clients are being scared instead, no healing can take place. A good person will try their best to support you in your growth and help you to move forward in life, instead of keeping you bound to their services.


How to find a real psychic?

In the vast ocean of the internet it can be difficult to know, who is genuine and who is a scam, especially when it comes to psychics. Some of the reasons listed above are tell tale signs that the person saying they are psychic, are actually fake. But how do you know who to trust?

A trustworthy psychic will tell you good and bad outcomes in your life. They are not all about the positives, nor are they only about the negatives. They give an objective perspective on the situation at hand, the possible outcomes, your best actions that can change the situation, reminding you of the power within. A good psychic hands you a road map of your Soul, so that you can navigate any challenging situation with trust and clarity.

Good psychics are found offline but also online. Most of the time you find a trusted psychic on a website that lists several of them, where you contact them live via phone or chat and leave a review right after the reading. They will not harass you with emails nor try to pressure you into buying more.

A good psychic will always remind you of the positive when connecting with the Divine and that there is a solutions to every problem.

If you get constantly pressured into buying, scared by being reminded of how doomed your life is (without the psychic) and reminded of your weaknesses instead of your strength, stay away.

Remember that a psychic is here to show the way to love, harmony and peace, not the opposite.

Our opinion on “Medium Maria”

After all the points listed above it’s obvious that Maria is a scam. The email tactics, the media company based in Gibraltar and Hong Kong, the stock photo picture of her and the unverified family history with the Royals, of which no track record exists, are big red flags.

If you want to invest your money into a genuine psychic, follow a trusted source that shows positive reviews, people with a real picture of them and a history with clients that can be traced back to the source.

A real reading can change your life for the better! But in order to receive that gift, you want to get it from a psychic that is trustworthy, loving, open-hearted and considered amazing by their clients.

66 Replies to “Medium Maria, Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. I was trying to find out if she is legid or not! Can´t be sure, I kind of found her trustworthy, but reading this now makes me really wonder, if it makes sense to get a reading from her. Such a shame that there is so many scams out there!

    1. Yeah, just read again, You will not get a trustworthy reading from her like ever. She is a fake persona, a company runs her sh**, so please invest your money somewhere else…

  2. I got a free reading from her and didn´t like it, so unsubscribed immediately. Thank God, from what I´m reading now!

  3. I found her and gut pulled in. I was in such a vulnerable space and really needed assistence, so I bought a reading with her. Needless to say, the reading didn´t clarify anything, nor did it seem very personal. I still receive her emails, telling me I need to buy more, but I think I will just unsuscribe now.

  4. If even her is not a real one, where do I find a psychic that comes from a long line of psychics? Are there any real ones on the internet, or just in person in small shops?

    1. I´d suggest you to go to small shops or find a psychic that does in-person readings. It´s more personal and they can read your energy better when you are with them in the same room.

  5. Horrible! I can´t believe what I´m reading here! I received a free reading from Maria and many other mails, but then I felt strange and wanted to know more about her, and found this site. I can´t believe what I´m reading here!

  6. I got a few things from her online store, but to be honest, it´s not worth the money! Buy yourself a guide on crystals and auras on amazon, you get more from it. Also her emails seem to be very so-so, I don´t think she writes them herself! Definitely not tuning into my energy at least.

  7. Medium Maria is a scam, just subscribe to the free reading and see the messages she sends. Pure entertainment. Nothing good about it in there, really, it´s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

    1. Hahah same! When I read about her, all of it seemed fake and funny. I’d never trust her words. and after reading this review, I am glad I never believed her words because she is fake.

  8. I tried sending mails to her directly, just to get a 1:1 session with her, but in person! Impossible to get through. Not even if you pay more, there really seems to be no Maria Medium, and the company behind her does a bad job in running the business.

    1. Read the article again, it´s quite long but it explains well how the industry of fake psychics on the internet works! She is a fake too, a scam from an internet company, so better keep your hands of her, and also check the other articles on this website, where you find more information on fake psychics.

  9. Free reading here, and then left immediately. She did not convince me obviously. More work needed here to give good customer service and actually retain customers.

  10. It´s a scam, don´t buy from her! She is fake from a media company created, nothing real about her here! Find a real person for a real reading, better is better.

    1. Exactly Larissa. She is nothing but a big scam. I highly appreciate this website for exposing the real faces of these frauds.
      On which base you are saying this?How was your experience with her?

  11. There is no Medium Maria, she is a scam like all the other online psychics. It´s so hard to find a real person these days! I think I´ll look for spiritual shops in my neighbourhood to be sure to get a deep reading!

  12. I have gave this lady a lot of money. I have asked for refunds but have never gotten a response back. Glad I finally researched her.

    1. Reuban, if you are looking for a trustworthy psychic medium for you, then no website is better than this website. I have read many articles and found useful information in it. Keep on searching; I hope you will find the best one.

  13. I found Maria by coincidence and found her quite fascinating. I decided to give her a try and take her free reading that is offered. It was ok but not outstanding, But the avalanche of emails that followed was truly unexpected. It was a mass of negative emails, which got worse and worse and I really felt worse reading her stuff than I actually felt before finding her! Luckily I noticed, so simply signed out! No more.

    1. I also believed her a lot in the beginning, because her story is so enticing! But after a while I felt a bit creeped out by her readings and what can I say, I said good bye and no more.

  14. Maria readings are not even real. Just basic day to day life. After a lot of research, No I understand her tactics that she follows. Being basic she grasps your attention and then starts scamming you with her negative emails.

  15. Maria is one the worst psychic I tell you, she uses such tactics that you don’t even believe and all of a sudden you fell into her trap. It’s all rubbish.

  16. I had a reading from maria but let me tell you it was all basic. Anyone can come up with type of tactic. She is not even real just a part of big scammer company.

    1. Her readings are the same for everyone, there is no distinction between you and someone else. I highly recommend to find real life psychics, because the online ones seem to be all be fake these days.

  17. Can’t tell you how much thankful I am for this article. Reading this enables me to be rational about buying a reading from any psychic and how many people are out there to scam you.

    1. Yes, you can find amazing readings that help you live a life more aligned with the divine, but not find them on the internet, try to find a real person that gives you a great reading that will blow your mind1

  18. I had a reading from medium maria. But it was just a random pieces that didn’t get along with my real life. And when I asked to pay back my money she is not even responding.

    1. Did you get your money back by now? I´d like to know if they ever respond if you send them many emails and demand the money back, since this is obviously a full on scam! Man, so sad to see this.

    1. Yes, it´s the worst, when they go after innocent, and good believing people. These companies that set up online profiles are simply horrible.

  19. I was going through a rough time and got a reading from her. The first one was okay. But when I continued, I thought they were worth the money I was paying. I saw minimal results.

    1. What did the readings say? I´d like to know what content she puts in there and if any of it makes sense or can be applied in real life. I´d love to hear more from you, you can also contact me in private, as I´m making a study about psychics and their healing methods.

  20. I found Medium Maria trust worthy. I got readings from her as well. Overall, my experience was good enough to write this comment about her. However, this review had made be think of so many things but I really hope what I got from her was true. Because I really do believe in Medium Maria.

    1. I had a similar experience Harry. I got a reading and I was happy with it but after reading these reviews and comments I feel they might be just things that I wanted to hear and that’s why I found them satisfyingly. Not sure what is happening here.

  21. True Psychic is always kind towards its clients.How these cheap people spoil live of other people for their benefit. Very disgusting. I urge everyone to find a psychic that have a lot of positive reviews.

    1. Yes, that´s what I´m saying! Good psychics are really kind and supportive, these fake personas are super manipualtive and radically masculine in there approach. Let´s start a new revolution of love!

  22. Its so sad to read all this and I would just like to say this website is doing a great job at exposing these fake psychics. I searched Maria Medium reviews online and that’s how I came across this article. Thank you because you have saved my money. I won’t be replying to her spamming emails and won’t buy a useless reading.

    1. Glad you pulled yourself out of this scam. I would recommend you to go for an in-person psychic. Also, you can check some genuine websites that offer services. This website has a section for website reviews as well. It helped me find a psychic so maybe check it out.

  23. I had a pleasant experience with maria initially. She helped me with several issues but when I continued, her help didn’t seem much genuine. I think she knew I was a customer so the quality of her service for me decreased.

  24. Medium Maria is a part of a big scammer company. I buy the readings from her. That was simple reading applicable to anyone, not anything special in it. Such type of people should shame because of this type of behaviour.

  25. Thanks, Sarah Abramson, for this useful article. I was going to buy the readings from Maria. You have saved my money.

  26. Medium Maria is the worst psychic ever. Don’t buy readings from her. even not contact her. She will trap you by her sugar-coated words.

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