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My First Psychic Reading with Psychic Encounters

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/10/21 10:13 AM EDT
  • Updated: 07/05/21 10:13 AM EDT

My First Psychic Reading with Psychic Encounters

Life does not get better as we grow up. We just get better at dealing with various issues as we learn how to find optimal solutions. Although face-to-face services carry lots of benefits, there might also be a drawback at times, such as time, energy, and finances you spend to receive them. Luckily, 21st-century advancements enabled companies to offer remote services at a relatively affordable price. The psychic industry is not an exception to that and there are lots of online psychic reading platforms working 24/7. Psychic Encounters is one of the psychic reading sites that has been offering remote readings since 2016.

As Psychic encounters is a pretty popular psychic reading platform, you might ask yourself: “Is Psychic Encounters scam or a reliable website?” We are here to answer that question!

As you may already know, we test and review various psychic reading websites, apps, and services in order to help you find trustworthy psychics and psychic reading platforms. As we have already reviewed Psychic Encounters about a year ago, we wanted to talk a bit more about how my first psychic reading with Psychic Encounters went and whether anything has changed after that. To make things even more explicit, we will discuss how Psychic Encounters works and what you should expect from the platform. Finally, we will tell you everything you need to know before deciding to receive a psychic reading on Psychic Encounters.

After reading this article, you should get a general idea of what Psychic Encounters is and how the platform works. You should also be able to tell whether the website suits your needs or you prefer another psychic reading platform to get psychic guidance in an uncertain time of life.

How Does Psychic Encounters Work?

If you have already seen the Psychic Encounters commercial, you probably know that it is a typical psychic website that offers different types of psychic readings by psychic advisors from all around the world. The platform provides chat readings, phone readings, and online readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Psychic Encounters also features a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices, making it much easier for customers to contact their favorite psychics, even when they are on the go.

Psychic Encounters is owned by a company called “Outlook Amusements,” the same company that owns another top psychic reading platform California Psychics. Although these two platforms are owned by the same company, they offer contrasting services and pricing is not the same whatsoever. In a nutshell, California Psychics has been around for a longer period of time and offers more advanced services, lists more psychics and mediums, and rates for psychic readings are also higher. Contrarily, Psychic Encounters is a relatively new psychic reading platform that was launched in 2016. Although there are only a couple of filtering options and just a few psychics are available at a time, the readings on Psychic Encounters are much more affordable.

This is how Psychic Encounters works:

·       Registration Process

Psychic Encounters is a user-friendly psychic reading platform and it does not require too much effort for a customer to create an account. If you are new to the website or the app, you can easily create a free account, providing your e-mail address and creating a password. You can also use Google, Apple, or Facebook as a sign-up option. To get started, you should also verify your e-mail address and add a suitable payment method if you have decided to get a psychic reading through the platform.

·       Pricing

Psychic Encounters is one of the most affordable psychic reading platforms I have ever seen. Psychic readings start at $0.99 per minute and go up to $1.99 per minute. To be more specific, psychic readings are available for either $0.99/min or $1.99/min. While it might sound crazy, you get psychic readings by top-rated advisors for only $1.99 per minute. These are the rates for a reading by phone and via live chat feature.

The duration of a typical psychic reading session is from 10 and 30 minutes, meaning that you can receive personal guidance for around $10-60. As there is a substantial price difference between services offered by Psychic Encounters and those delivered by competitor companies, it is clear that Psychic Encounters is an ideal solution for those looking for urgent guidance on a budget.

Although services offered by Psychic Encounters are pretty budget-friendly, your first transaction will be pre-authorized to verify that your selected payment method is valid. A temporary hold will be placed on your account for 3-5 business days. Depending on the rate of the chosen psychic advisor, the pre-authorization hold amount is either $29.70 (for $0.99/min services) or $59.70 (for $1.99/min services). Therefore, your first reading on the platform might be relatively expensive, but you will no longer be required to pre-authorize the following payments.

Note that every new payment method you add to your account will be pre-authorized before receiving a psychic reading. Hence, you should consider using the same payment method for all the payments you make through the platform. In this way, you will easily avoid receiving temporary holds. Also, keep in mind that the final amount you pay for a service will be based on the duration of the session.

·       Psychic Advisors

Psychic Encounters features experienced psychics and mediums from all around the world. Although there are over 200 advisors registered on the platform, only a couple of them are available at the same time. Based on my experience, there have not been more than 10-15 psychics available at a time. At any time of day, there are just a couple of online psychics and some of them do not respond to your requests. The fact that not many psychics are available simultaneously makes it quite tricky to find the right advisor and receive a quick psychic reading on Psychic Encounters. And this is exactly what I hate the most about Psychic Encounters.

Although advisors might specialize in a variety of reading techniques, there are only 4 psychic reading categories on Psychic Encounters. These categories include Love Psychics, Departed Loved Ones Psychics, Money Psychics, and Life Path Psychics. To find the right psychic for you, you might have to check individual psychics’ bios, which makes the selection process not as straightforward as in the case of other psychic reading platforms.

This Is How My First Psychic Reading with Psychic Encounters Went

Back in 2020, we reviewed Psychic Encounters and tested one of the psychic advisors working on the platform. To determine how accurate and effective Psychic Encounters advisors were, I decided to read with highly rated but affordable psychics. As all psychics on Psychic Encounters are affordable, finding the one on my budget was as easy as pie. The only issue was that there were only a couple of psychics available at the moment and the majority of them did not respond to my request.

I spent quite a bit of time to find a psychic and check the accuracy of the resulting reading. Finally, I selected a top-rated psychic specializing in love and relationships. I decided to go with a love reading as this is one of the most popular psychic reading categories worldwide. Since this was my first payment on Psychic Encounters, my payment method was pre-authorized and the hold in the amount of $59.70 was placed on my account.

Upon starting our live chat reading session, I told the psychic I wanted to receive a love reading. She asked me to provide the names and birth dates of the person of interest and me. It took the psychic a couple of minutes to get back to me and deliver the reading. As the advisor had a Top Psychic badge on her profile, I was expecting to receive an accurate reading.

To my surprise, the reading was too general and the topics mentioned were ill-defined. Instead of answering my specific questions, the psychic explained various terms she used during the reading. One might think that she tried to make things explicit, but I have not even asked her to define ANYTHING. Instead of delivering a specific and accurate reading, I received the text full of vague descriptions and things that had nothing to do with my initial question.

I felt pretty deceived as I noticed that the psychic was just trying to artificially increase the duration of our session. She did her best to lengthen the séance so that I would pay more. Why would a psychic who is supposed to guide people through challenges ever do that?!

Overall, my first psychic reading with Psychic Encounters was a massive fail. Maybe I did something wrong, but I doubt that. I have already consulted tons of psychics and I am aware of how things work. I know how to ask questions and what to do to receive a reliable psychic reading. It seems like my experience was not enough to find the right psychic advisor on Psychic Encounters.

Even though I was not satisfied with the quality of my reading on Psychic Encounters, I am not saying that the platform is not good enough for you to spend time and money. This is a clear example that you might not always find a suitable psychic advisor for you on the first try. You might have to consult a couple of psychics in order to get accurate readings eventually. Psychic Encounters is an incredibly easy-to-use and budget-friendly psychic reading platform, so be sure to give it a whirl!

Check our complete Psychic Encounters review for additional details.

What Has Changed After My First Psychic Reading with Psychic Encounters?

The very first thing I noticed as I entered the website is that the overall design has been slightly changed. Nothing special, but there are some additional icons on the landing page. They help you easily navigate through the platform and find whatever you are looking for. Other than that, everything seems to be pretty much the same as in 2020. The website is fully functional and you should not face any difficulties while creating an account, contacting psychics, or submitting payments.

Unfortunately, the availability of psychics is still a huge drawback of Psychic Encounters. Similarly to what I experienced in 2020, there are only a few online psychics at the same time. In some cases, there are either only English or Spanish-speaking psychics, making it challenging to find the one that you can understand. In addition to that, it gets trickier to consult a psychic specializing in the field of your interest.

The platform still pre-authorizes payment methods and the hold amount has not changed. I personally think that holding at least $30 for verification purposes is too much. Maybe Psychic Encounters will change the policy as they grow and gain more customers.

What You Really Need to Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading on Psychic Encounters

To make your experience with Psychic Encounters more enjoyable, I will share some tips and recommendations based on my personal experience. As we are all unique, things that work for me might not be suitable for you. Still, the information I provide below will enable you to make the most of your psychic reading on Psychic Encounters. These tips will also improve your psychic reading experience in general.

·       If you are looking for an affordable psychic reading platform, Psychic Encounters is for you!

First of all, we should highlight the fact that Psychic Encounters is among the most budget-friendly psychic reading platforms in 2021. Whether you want to receive spiritual guidance or get some answers to love-related questions, Psychic Encounters advisors offer services for $0.99 or $1.99 per minute. Yes, you got it right! There are two price options and even the most experienced psychics on the platform provide readings for a maximum of $1.99/min. So, be sure to check Psychic Encounters if you are looking for a psychic reading on a budget!

·       Psychic Encounters does not offer advanced filtering options

Top psychic reading platforms, including Kasamba, California Psychics, Keen, and Oranum, offer advanced filtering options that make it much more straightforward for customers to find desired advisors and services. Although Psychic Encounters is owned by the same company that owns California Psychics, there are not as many filtering features on PE as on CP. You can only choose psychics from 4 primary categories or browse all psychics simultaneously. You can also filter these psychics by price, language, and availability. However, you might need to carefully read bios to determine whether a particular psychic is the right one for you.

·       It might take hours for you to find an available psychic matching your needs

As there are only a couple of psychic advisors available simultaneously, you will probably have to wait to find the one that can deliver the reading you have been looking for. Although psychics’ prices are fantastic, you might not always be able to receive an instant psychic reading and uncomplicated guidance. If there is an emergency and you really need to talk to a psychic, Psychic Encounters might not be the right platform for you.

·       Psychics specialize in a couple of reading types

Although there are only 4 psychic reading categories on Psychic Encounters, advisors specialize in a couple of additional reading techniques. However, the areas of expertise are still narrower than in the case of other popular psychic reading platforms. If you are willing to receive a love reading, you can easily get one on Psychic Encounters. On the other hand, communicating with your deceased loved ones is not as easy since there might not be that many mediums available on the website. Besides, finding a palm reader or a tea leaf reader can be even more challenging. Overall, Psychic Encounters offers only a couple of specific reading types and is not suitable for those looking for a variety of psychic services.

·       Always check customer reviews before using a platform or consulting a psychic

To make sure you receive a trustworthy psychic reading, you should always check customer reviews of a given psychic reading platform or a specific psychic advisor. You should check Psychic Encounters reviews before paying for a service to ensure that the platform meets your expectations.

You should also check specific psychic advisor reviews to determine how accurate and successful his/her readings can actually be. While some people believe that checking an advisor’s star rating is enough to identify his/her credibility, it is not the case whatsoever. Although customer ratings are also important, you should always read user reviews as they share their personal experiences and give some tips to improve your overall experience. Keep in mind that negative customer reviews are as influential as positive reviews, so make sure you check them both.

·       Know what type of questions to ask during a psychic reading session

While advisors offer guidance and do their best to fill the lives of their customers with peace, clients also play an essential role in the outcome of a reading session. Believe it or not, the way you formulate your questions influences the accuracy of the resulting reading. Depending on the type of reading you have decided to receive, you should ask either open-ended questions or basic questions with Yes or No response. The mixture of these two question types would also work well. Note that open-ended questions enable psychics to deliver more insightful readings, but they can be less accurate sometimes.

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