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Negative Stereotypes of Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 10/18/20 1:02 PM EDT
  • Updated: 10/03/20 1:04 PM EDT

What are some negative stereotypes of psychics?

For those who have never experienced a reading or worked with a psychic before the image that comes into their mind of what happens and who delivers the session is often a reflection of stereotypes that exist in popular media. It is not uncommon for the uninitiated to perceive psychics as their movie counterpart, a crystal ball gazing, mysterious old gypsy.

The picture of psychics as fortune tellers in darkroom shrouded with incense is far away from what they are really about. Spiritually talented individuals are in fact, just like everyone else, they live in a regular house, have families and rarely gaze into crystals!

Unlike fables and movies, psychics conduct their readings thoughtfully, with consideration for the client’s needs. Their image is exaggerated in stories to create drama, but in reality, a clairvoyant takes what they do seriously and is as professional as any therapist.

What people think psychics are:

  • Fortune tellers who know the future.
  • All psychics can communicate with the dead.
  • All do the same thing, read tarot cards, palms, tea leaves, crystal balls, and speak with spirits.
  • Eccentric and mysterious.

What psychics actually are:

  • Ordinary people with extrasensory gifts.

There are many types of intuitives who specialise in different areas of supernatural guidance. Some may work predominately with divination using tarot and angel cards while others specialise in astrology or numerology. Some mediums channel messages from spirits or loved ones who’ve passed. There are even those who read auras and give energy readings.

All psychics fall into one or more of the following categories;


Derived from the french words; clair – clear, voyant -seeing clairvoyant means literally clear seeing. These individuals are able to ‘see’ energy with their third eye. A clairvoyant can use their gift to interpret energy fields around people, receiving information about the past, present and potential future outcomes. The data is transmitted as visions, symbols, mental flashes of places, scenes, objects, colours or people. They can also have the power to see and interpret auras.


This is the gift of ‘clear hearing’ communications are received from the spirit world directly into the mind. Much like tuning into a radio station clairaudients dial in to pick up auditory messages.


Clairsentience is the most common trait among psychics as it relates to intuition and extra sensitive gut instincts. That means they can sense human and spirit emotions, the transmission manifests as a spontaneous feeling of elation when something positive is about to occur or warnings in the form of a sudden feeling of danger.


A medium might describe themselves as a spirit medium, intuitive or psychic medium, but regardless of the title, the work they do is ultimately the same. All mediums are able to connect with angels, guides and the spirits of loved ones who have transitioned from this life to the next.


The term ‘psychic’ refers to anyone who is sensitive to the vibrations of people or objects. Their sensitivity grants them access to energetic information about the past, present or future. A medium can be psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics are one or more of the elements listed above.

Psychics work in a variety of ways, they chose their profession based on their natural gifts and talents much the same as anyone else. For example, a clairvoyant who reads palms may not be as skilled in astrology or understanding auras.


Types of readings psychics offer

  • Tarot or angel card. This is one of the most well known and commonly used art forms. Psychics use tarot and angel cards as tools for divination, they help with questions relating to your life path.
  • Spirit or medium readings. These are conducted by a medium either in a group or one to one. They focus on connecting to spirit guides, loved ones who have passed or angels who may wish to share a message. Generally, people attend these readings for healing after loss.
  • Another well-known reading, although you might only be familiar with the horoscopes in the local paper. Astrology is, however, a complex art that seeks to understand cosmic influences on your life, behavior patterns, personality traits, health and how wealth manifests in your life by creating your natal chart.
  • Energy reading. This type of reading can be conducted remotely or in person. The psychic senses your energy to get a picture of what’s going on in your life, if done in face to face they may ask for a personal item to hold as it makes it easier to cannel the energy.

The best way to release stereotypes is to actually try out a psychic reading for yourself. Spend some time beforehand, meditating and relaxing your body with yoga so that you enter with an open mind.

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