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Padre Psychic, a scam? or a trusted Psychic

is padre the psychic a scam?
Is Padre the psychic, a real psychic or a scam
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:02 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 1:02 AM EDT
Is Padre the psychic, a real psychic or a scam?

Padre, Messenger Of Angels – Scam or trusted Psychic?

This week we are reviewing another psychic, called “Padre, Messenger of Angels”. You might have come across him on the internet or heard of his free readings. Similar to “Chris Voyant,” “Esmeralda,” “Maria Medium” or “Exceptional Ron,” Padre is a cleverly set-up digital persona to lure you into buying his readings. The question is: Is Padre even real?

When you enter his website, you find a link to his free readings, but also links to buy his books. The copy is slightly pushy and invites you to clearly buy from this gifted psychic without even knowing him.

The biography reads like most of the biographies from other psychics mentioned above. Padre was already gifted as a child and since he was always seen praying and on top of that dressed in black, his family gave him the name Padre. He is not an ordained priest though, but a regular person with strong psychic gifts.

This is not at all special, since most psychics do find out about their gifts early on. However, whenever a psychic has a special name, but his history can not be verified either by photos giving readings or trustworthy testimonials from clients, we get a little suspicious.


Padre’s Website

Padre´s website in contrast to other sites has a strong emphasize on buying his products. He claims to be able to solve your problems and that fate guided you to his web presence, so that he could fulfil his duty helping you.

His angel readings are free, but of course, once you sign up you are spammed with so many messages that it´s overwhelming to even read through all of them. The tone is generally quite negative, pointing out the problems and misery (be it financial, romantic or work related) that only Padre can help you with.

His biography section is not just background information though, since even here he pressures you to get  afree angel reading or buy readings from him, to release your problems at once (which you did not even tell him about yet!).

The story that we har about him sounds similar to an Italian pious man called Padre Pio, who used to wear black and pry a lot, also known as “Angel of the Highway”. Their story is so similar that it´s almost unbelievable that Padre could be indeed a true psychic.

On his website you find a blog section that speaks about angels and his connection to spirit, but instead of just giving out information it has a lot of back links in there, again pressuring you to buy.

In our case, we were even sent his mails without signing up to his services, so either someone sold our email or Padre goes on stalking people, to fish for their email and share about his great gifts with them! Either way it´s not legal and certainly not the way to convince people of his trustworthiness.

A trustworthy psychic will make sure to prove their skills on a daily basis and is usually reachable via phone or video chat. Non of them will take the liberty to reach out to you and pressure you with an avalanche of emails to buy their services. First of all, because they shouldn´t have time for that, if they are working in person with as many people as possible, and secondly it´s against ethical standards. A psychic can only access your energy field and tell you about your future, if you give them permission to do so.


Fake reviews

Looking more in-depth on the website, we found that a couple of the testimonials are actually with pictures from stock photos pulled from the internet. Given the fact that the photos are not real, it´s questionable that the reviews are.

Most of the pictures can be found in Shutterstock, one of the best known websites fro stock imagery. If you reverse search a photo you can find out which pictures is easily available for purchase. So here you go, no real people on his website, just models.


A Marketing Company representing Padre

When you read through his T & C and Privacy Policy, you´ll soon find out that Padre’s website is not owned by him, but by a marketing company. That´s always a huge red flag, since all psychics we found so far that are associated with marketing companies are all fake! Big fraud alert here.

The agency representing Padre is called Sesam Ltd and is egistered in two addresses:

Sesam Ltd, Unit 3007, 30/F Tower 2

Metroplaza 223 Hing Fond Road, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong…

…as well as at Sesam Limited, 8A Pitmans Alley, Main Street, Gibraltar


The Gibraltar address is the exact same address as for New Lotus Web Ltd and a few other companies specialized in producing fake psychics. Gibraltar is known for hosting companies that either launder their money or avoid taxes. In both cases it´s not a good sign for a reputable business to be listed there!

Fake psychics, who all are listed at the same addresses are “Angela Guardian Angel,” “Celeste,” “Maria Medium,” “Exceptional Ron” and “Extraordinary Chris”.

We could find out though that Sesam Ltd did operate out of Great Britain for two years but then switched to their new addresses from 2011 onwards. Probably to have more liberty in how they treat their customers and how to handle refund policies.

Promotional Pressure Mails

Whenever we hear about a psychic offering a free reading, we assume right of the bat that there is some shady business going on. No real psychic will offer you free readings if they do what they do for a living. It´s ok to ask for money in exchange for a reading, so why should a well-known psychic offer free readings? With what amount of time?

Once you sign up for the free the psychic starts emailing you a lot of messages about your problems. Based on if your are female or male, country of residence or anything else they might find out about you, they can then come up with emails that fit to you and convince you to buy.

What is really bothersome are the messages he sends out, all of them filled with worry and a doomed sense of the future to make your aware of how bad your situation actually is, or could be soon. This is once of the worst tactics psychics use to pressure you to buy their fake readings. They are downright spammy and nobody should ever buy from them.


Negative Reviews

The massive amoutn of negative reviews about the fake persona of Padre is astonishing! If you do some research on the internet you soon find out tons of negative comments about him and his services. Most f the clients are unsatisfied because the readings did not deliver (of course, if there is no real psychic channeling for them!) and they found them way to scary.

Refunds were difficult to get and most people were scammed for a lot of money. Some enetered into a subscription model (as we mentioned with some other psychics), where they were automatically debited and others payed a one-time fee. Either way it´s money lost, because there was no value in return.

If it´s $69,99 or hundreds, it´s lost money. A bad move from Sesam Ltd. They should remember that the Universe is based on the law of reciprocity. Whatever they give out will come back to them. And if they consistently scam honest people, they´ll have to pay a big bill at some point, either emotionally, physically or mentally.

It´s sad to see that some people are so disconnected from themselves that they even use services that help people to connect with themselves, as a way of deceit and fraud!


Fake Persona Padre: A Scam

 As you can see, it´s questionable that Padre truly exists. Everything on his website screams fake, fraud and scam. The comments on the internet are the last drop on the bucket. The readings are very likely generically created and are the same for everyone. There is no psychic connecting with the angels for you, nor are they giving you accurate information about your person or your future or past.

Padre is a fake psychic set up by a marketing company with no Soul, to gain passive income, because they are so passive about their own life, they don´t even know what their Soul´s path is!

It´s ridiculous to be honest.

If you are looking for guidance from a real psychic, that actually has a gift and can connect to forgotten aspects of you to help your step into your power, find a person you can connect with personally 1:1 either via phone, video or chat.


61 Replies to “Padre Psychic, a scam? or a trusted Psychic”

  1. I was impressed at Padre when I first found him online. He has such a soothing calming presence. But his emails! They are so negative and they got me really worried! I just wanted to have a reading about my future, but he made me believe for a minute I was totally out of wack and had to change my whole lfie to be happy. It felt real at first, but at some point I realized my life is not so bad at all and he must be simply lying! I bought a reading with him at the beginning, but it was total crap. Nothing of it made any sense and nothing of it came true. So I´m not sure at all if he is truly reading my energy or not and where he gathers his information from. The tone of his emails is really annoying also, and once I received a whole lot of messages from, and had already ordered a reading with him, I just blocked him, because enough is enough!

  2. I got attracted to Padre because of his connection to spirit and the angels, which I like a lot. I went for the free reading and was really thinking about getting a full reading with him, since his story is so remarkable. But to be honest, after the free reading I got so many messages from him that put so much pressure on me, I started to distrust him. I can´t have it if I´m pressured into buying especially when it comes to spiritual services. Reading this article now clarifies a lot.

    1. He is a fake persona, even his story is not real. There is no Padre, even if his picture looks convincing! Shame in the companies that run thsese psychic profiles!

  3. I came here just by chance looking for reviews about psychics. Thank you for putting in the work to show us who is real and who not! I hope more and more of the good ones are stepping forward and are becoming more visible in the online space! They so deserve it!

    1. I´m so glad I found this website, it is just so informative to read about all of this and I´m thankful to the guys as well, that put in the work!

  4. I´m one of the ones that got scammed big time! Got the free reading, the full reading and somehow the subscription, but I don´t remember that I ever signed up for that! I think it was something on one of the websites when I got the other reading! I sent them many emails to get my money back, and finally had my bank cancel the subscription for me, explaining my situation. I never heard back from Padre, or his team, and they still owe me a lot of money!

    1. Oh gosh, is that true? Did you manage to get your money back in the end or not? I think this is downright not legal and there should be ays to sue them, especially if their website lists an address. I would consult and internet lawyer for that.

  5. I trusted Padre fully, I think I have thing for people that say they have a background and belong to some organization. However, after the free reading and more mails, I sensed there is something off about him. I couldn´t put my finger on it, maybe because it was many messages or so, I thought he should be working and doing other things than writing to me. I still bought one reading from him, but after that I could see that he must be a scam or simply so busy that someone else is writing the readings and then they are less accurate. It´s a little disheartening to see that so many of the psychics seem to be fake.

    1. Very inaccurate readings, i also found that to be true. Nothing matched my situation and it was so random, it could have been for anyone, who wanted to believe this sh**. Don´t put your money into Padrés hands!

  6. Where does he come from? Shame on him or the company behind him, to pull such a scam to people who really need help and are ready to invest in their help!

  7. Padre is one of these fake ones, like Celeste and Angela Medium. Unfortunately there is many of them and the real psychics are hard to be found online. Although, if you every come a across a real psychic that can truly read your energy, I can highly recommend to book a reading. It´s delighting and eye opening, a truly magical experience.

  8. Padre seems to be nice and his story is fascinating, it seems to be real I must say, but once you receive his emails, you can spot the deceit very soon. Don´t buy from him, there is nothing to be learned from the person. Rather the opposite.

  9. Padre has such a loving and kind nature and his background is truly unique. I can´t imagine that this is a scam. Just trust in the light and he will protect you!

  10. Padre´s emails are very bad vibes and negative. I mean for some people it might be true, but for the majority probably not. He´ll pull you in a downward spiral of manipulation and pressure to buy and doesn´t let loose until you unsubscribe or buy from him. He makes you believe that your life is not ok as it is, and that you need his services to have a better life! Let Padre be and find happiness somewhere else!

  11. I know some of these old Brotherhoods and don´t really know if they do psychic readings or healing, I thought it was always just a secret thing for themselves. Never heard of anyone promoting themselves so heavily from a monk status.

    1. It does not match to be honest. No brother would do that,. he might invite people to come visit the abbey and spend quiet time there, but a big deal on the internet seems like a big thing that doesn´t seem to be real!

  12. All of the free readings from Padre are to say the least, really flakey. I mean there is nothing in there that would interest you, really. Put your money elsewhere, or better don´t buy psychic readings but trust yourself.

    1. Yes, trust yourself, that´s the way! I also got into Padre´s readings but noticed quickly that that wasn´t it. Unsubscribed pretty quickly.

  13. After finding a Padre on a website, I got a reading from him just to give it a try. But the reading is nothing just basic it tells how negative he is, he just concentrates on the negativity. He scared me so much that I fell into his scam and now repenting on why I even email her. DO NOT FELL INTO HIS SCAM.

  14. Just booked a first reading with him. Won’t lie but a first, I was impressed and then he showed his real colors. His mails are full of negativity and even curse you if you don’t buy from him

  15. Can’t believe my eyes that they are so many fake psychics out there who are fooling vulnerable people just for the sake of money.

    1. Yes, Zati rani! These fake people get money from innocent people by fraud. I am thankful to this website for telling us about these scams.

  16. Dont get fooled by his looks. His messages are full of filth, negative energy. He just wants your money and don’t concern a little about your problems.

  17. Padre use different tactics just to buy her reading. His emails are full og negativity that make you feel like your life is in hell. But don’t believe him because he is fake.

    1. Padre is a fake person that has been set up by company that does digital marketing. He is not even real and unfortunately non of his emails make any sense at all. Please stay away from him!

  18. I bought a reading from padre. But nothing like that happened in real life. I waited 6 months for something to happen but all in vain. Then I realized he was just wanting money and fooled me.

  19. How can someone use innocent people vulnerabilities to make money. Its all rubbish. Thankyou for saving us from such people.

    1. That´s the problem with all these online companies and I really don´t like it. It´s so bad that we literally have to protect ourselves from these frauds.

  20. I emailed padre out of my curousity and since then he is emailing me all sort of rubbish that I am under black magic, someone has casted a spell on him. This made me suspicious because no real psychic force you to buy reading.

  21. Thankyou for saving me. I was about to send him money untill I discovered your website. It’s hard to believe what they are doing but deep down it is reality they are fooling you.

    1. Yes most welcome, I hope there is more people exposing fake psychics! Thank God, this is being lifted right now right here!

  22. Padre’s story did spoke to me for some time but then I think my eyes saw the truth and I just completely got over his words.

  23. Padre seems nice and sweet but to be honest, she seemed fake when I got a reading from him. Before I continued with them. I found this article and I am glad I did. I am not going to get another reading from him at all!

  24. Padre’s connection to spirits is AMAZING! I don’t know how I can put my experience into words but it was awesome. I am so satisfied by his service that I will definitely continue to ask his helps on the issues I face. I really hope things can work out for you all as well.

    1. Yes, I also got a reading from him and found him very connected and very trustworthy! He saw everything that´s going on in my family and wow, did he blow the roof of my head the understanding I had about our issues so far.

  25. I became really sad after reading that ‘Padre is a fake psychic set up by a marketing company with no Soul,’ How these cheap people spoil the lives of people only for getting money.

    1. True, Maryam. Their stories are so heart warming but in reality all these people are cold blooded thieves, who are just here to steal the money from naïve people. This website is doing a great job to warn people!

  26. Padre’s story inspired me and he seemed such a humble and nice person so I contacted him. but DAMN! his emails were literally opposite to his online calming presence. It felt like those emails were coming from a completely different person. I feel like Padre’s name and picture is just for the camera and there is someone else who is sending those emails.

    1. Yes there is! he is not a real person! Probably even the picture is from a database! Just don’t rely on these online psychics that you never see in person, not even in a video. It´s the worst.

  27. I watched a YouTube video about Padre. It was so inspiring to listen to his story. He attracted me and so I reached him. He accurately told me what was wrong in my life and Why was I experiencing severe anxiety. I must say he was 99% correct. So I kept on talking to him for a couple of days and found his service soothing. As of now, I am as happy as ever. All thanks to Padre.

    1. This sounds so lovely and divine! but it does contradict what a lot of other people are saying here, so how can this be? I´d love to find someone who is soothing and gives me perspective, but I doubt this will be Padre for me 🙂

  28. Padre is not how he appears to be. He is just another fake psychic who appears to be genuine. I am been scammer by his sugar coated words that turned out to be snake venom. Never again will I ever trust psychics. I have completely lost trust in them.

  29. Padre Psychic is the biggest fraud. I cannot even tell how he hurt me. My huge money gone wasted. I bore that. But the negative Emails that he sends me daily are unbearable.

    1. You should stop his emails friend! You don´t need to keep listening to him, if you don´t like what you read! Just unsubscribe and walk away from that negative stuff. You can do better and there is much more love, light and happiness out there waiting for you!

  30. My experience with Padre was so heart-breaking. My huge money went in vain. There was nothing special with her readings. Very disgusting!!!

  31. I found Padre and was immediately into him and his readings and I really wanted to experience his magical powers! So I subscribed the free reading and I felt it was very good energy and then I bought a reading and he really changed my life. I feel so much better since I found him and it´s amazing!

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