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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 1:45 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:50 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Page of Cups Tarot. Card Meaning

Element: Water

Function: Feelings, love, spirituality, creativity

A man is stood on the sand. He is alone with just his cup and a fish inside. It would appear that the fish is talking to the man and he is listening. He is wearing fine clothes. His elegant blue hat is the color of the spirit and the mind. To some extent, the hat also resembles a fish. He is also wearing a blue floral tunic with red flowers. The red symbolizes magic and is also seen with his red stockings. His yellow shoes are yellow, the color of intellect. It looks as if the man has the cup ready to toast, but rather than the celebration, the man is absorbed in his conversation with the fish.

The fish has always had a great significance in relation to the beginning of creation. The divine and the material meet to become something new. Nobody can claim to be creative without also being imaginative. As a sign of creativity and imagination, the fish represents what we all have inside us, and then appears every now and then, often in a flash.

We are used to the idea that our imagination and creativity comes when we least expect it and from surprising sources. On the contrary, the Page of Cups is wise and appreciates the time to listen to what the universe is communicating with him. As artists and musicians, the Page being a creative person is able to view the world differently to the rest. Many times, the rest of us will only see things one way, whereas the creative can see new ways.

The Page of Cups epitomizes imagination and creative inspiration. While we assume the fish is real, it may also be a figure in the Pages imagination. This is not an issue for the Page. Those looking in on the scene make think he is crazy or silly, but really a person may have stood apart from the rest to fulfill their vision.

This card is reminding us that inspiration will mean nothing unless it is firmly taken hold of. It requires listening, as if the Page chooses to ignore the fish, he won’t hear the inspiration. When we listen to inspiration, we need to avoid listening to those who tell us to be practical and rational.

When Reversed:

It is likely that you feel like you are going through a creative block when the Page of Cups is reversed. Remember that the value lies in turning dreams into reality, not in the actual dream itself. You might be in touch with your imagination but using it for destruction rather than production, for habits like drugs and alcohol, compulsive behavior or overeating. It is possible that love and sex have you distracted, and your creative energies are being misspent on relationships rather than fulfillment. It could be the case that you are exploiting others. You are expecting the best from them but not giving anything in return.


You have probably experienced a recent moment when you had the curiosity of a child, maybe even a little bit naïve. You may have completely misunderstood the situation. It is likely that you had a wave of inspiration that has carried you here today.


For parents, you can look forward to a significant moment in your child’s life, perhaps walking or talking. For those without children, it is likely that you will meet someone younger than you and they will be able to give you a new perspective on life.


You may not fully understand what you are doing at the moment but there is no need to worry, in the future, you will. You might be able to enjoy a period of relaxation, or you may even have a visit from an old mentor who will offer you new advice.

Yes/No Question:

The answer to your question is going to be yes.

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