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Psychic and inperson Up-sell items

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/18/20 11:32 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/20/20 11:38 AM EST

What Products Do In-Person Psychics Try to Upsell You On and Why?

Upselling is a bit of a sneaky business but one that doesn’t only occur in psychic readings. For centuries sellers have tried to reinvent ways to increase their revenue per client. It’s only normal that psychics will try to do the same. Should we fall for it? Are these upsells really going to help? Before we answer those questions, let’s get a better understanding of upsells.

What Is an Upsell?

Essentially, an upsell is like upgrading your customer from one product to a more expensive one. Look at cloud storage providers or in fact, practically any of the package subscriptions today. There will be a basic offer followed by more expensive packages, each with additional advantages. Amazon made 35% of its 2006 revenue just from upsells.

In many ways, it’s not just the company that gains. If a customer just needs to spend an extra $20 to receive a larger discount on their overall purchase, it is often worth it. So, despite being a technique to increase revenues, it’s not a bad one.


What Products Do In-Person Psychics Try to Upsell You On?


Candles are often used throughout a reading and can be used for healing and protection. Certain colored candles are used for different reasons. White or blue candles can help with good blessings. Red, pink, and orange candles have connections with love, passion and friendship. Brown candles are best used for legal issues and green candles are linked to growth, peace, and finances.

For those who are religious, there are candles with images of deities or saints. When burned, the user will say a prayer for better results. If you are looking to become more successful, you may want to burn yellow or purple candles.

It is not the burning candle that will improve a psychics intuition. It is actually the energy that is emitted from the color of the candle. With this in mind, though candles do encourage a relaxing environment, they won’t help your readings any more than another object of the same color.


Incense sticks and herbs

This one interests me a little more on two levels. There are certain scents that stimulate the smell receptors in our noses which then sends messages to our brain. Many people will smell freshly cut grass or the ocean and feel instantly calmer. It makes sense that some herbs can have specific impacts on our brains.

Bay leaves, Frankincense, Jasmine and Rose can stimulate psychic abilities. Peppermint is often used to increase spiritual energy along with sage. Lemon and lemongrass may improve concentration and provide clearer thoughts.

The other interesting connection between herbs and psychic abilities is with the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is the energy wheel located around our forehead and is related to our mental abilities and psychological skills. Bay leaves, sage, and Frankincense may all help create balance in your Third Eye Chakra.


Essential Oils

Similarly to incense and herbs, essential oils may stimulate the brain in a way that helps with energies and intuition. Bergamot smells like sweet oranges and Earl Grey tea. If you inhale it or rub a small amount on your forehead it may help increase your levels of perception. Be careful because it is photosensitive and shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight. If you buy Bergamot essential oil, only use it at night.



If you have ever had an in-person physic reading it is possible that you have seen one or more crystals on the table or around the room. Crystals are another tool that have been used in healing and divination for many years and like aromatherapy, there are numerous options.

Labradorite is a beautiful blue/green stone with hues of gray and thin stripes. It is used for protection and also to enhance intuition. Amethyst is purple and helps increase intuition with its links to the Crown Chakra and spirituality. Others also feel that sodalite can help to activate a person’s intuition.

Crystals are one of the most common upsells in psychic readings because the reader can carry them around with them and therefore have a more continuous form of healing. Also, like candles, they are more frequently seen on TV and in movies, so it is easier for people to feel a need for them.


Spell/curse removal

There may be a psychic who carries out a reading and then begins to tell you that you have a spell cast on you or a curse. You might feel that the insights the psychic tells you match some of your experiences and in this case, you are willing to agree to the upsell to remove the curse or spell. This is a very personal decision that will often depend on how extreme your problems are.


Should You Go for Psychic Upsells?

The best way to answer this with a set of rules that we like to keep in mind.


  1. Are you intending to work on your own psychic abilities or are you happy just to go for your regular readings? You may hear a psychic telling you that if you buy the upsells your readings will be clearer. We would doubt this. It is more important that you are mentally open to the reading and feeling positive. If you had psychic abilities, you wouldn’t need a psychic reader.
  2. Do you believe in the benefits of crystal healing? Some may not realize that crystals need to be cleansed and charged before the benefits can be obtained. It’s not just a case of buying one and putting it in your pocket. If you don’t feel that it is going to work or you aren’t going to care for your crystals, the upsell is only benefitting the physic reader.
  3. Can you find the upsell cheaper elsewhere? A candle is a candle. It becomes meaningful when you make it so. If you like the idea of candles, incense sticks, herbs or crystals but feel that the psychic reader is overcharging, you can look elsewhere.
  4. Can you financially afford it? Let’s say a candle or a crystal sets you back $10-$20. No major harm there. But the psychic know knows that you are susceptible to upsells and in your next reading, they will have another tool that you “absolutely must have”. Again, if it’s only a little here or there then there may not be a big problem. But there are illegitimate, unethical psychics who have managed to con thousands of dollars out of people in an upsell that doesn’t exist.
  5. Is your psychic pushy? Genuine psychics also need to earn a living, but they will never compromise your well-being in the process. A good psychic will explain what products they have available and let you decide if you want to make an additional purchase. If you visit a psychic who insists you pay ridiculous money to have a curse removed, leave and don’t go back. The is a strong possibility that they will continue to ask for more money.


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