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Psychic Bethea – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Psychic Bethea Scam
psychic bethea, trusted psychic or scam?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:16 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 1:16 AM EDT
Is Psychic Bethea a trusted psychic/astrologer or a scam?

Review: Psychic Bethea – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

Here comes another review about a psychic for you. We try to give you the most objective information on psychics online and our guest today is “Psychic Bethea”. You are wondering now, is she a scam or can she be trusted?

Unfortunately, like most online psychics that are only reachable via email, she doesn´t look too trustworthy. Read on and find out for yourself. “Bethea Jenner” or “Psychic Bethea” became quite famous not because she does an incredible job as a reader, but because she does a horrible job and leaves a trail of unsatisfied clients, that call her a rip-off.

By providing reviews we hope to keep you from purchasing readings with untrustworthy psychics from the internet, who oftentimes aren´t even real.

Bethea´s Background

And as unreal as some of the psychics are, so is Bethea´s website and online presence. Nothing on the site shows her background or gives you the feeling you are on a personal website of a psychic. The most important parts are left out, such as the about me page and a biographical description of her skills and talents and how she connected with her passion.

Instead of finding information about Bethea on her site, the only thing that´s being asked for is your star sign right on the landing page. There is no description of Bethea´s skills as an astrologer, nor about her other skills as a psychic. However, we also found a few more websites in her name that offer different services and give more insights into who Bethea might be. One of them offers her jewelry creations, purses and talisman to protect you from a curse, attract luck and wealth, which cost you around $100 – $160.

That´s a lot of money for items that don´t look they have been designed by an expensive expert! They seem to be rather cheap and nothing special. So asking for $100 here seems a bit unjustified. It might be her special energy that drives prices higher!

It´s not that a psychic can not sell their creations. But the question is, what do you get for what amount of money and is it actually working?

Whenever a psychic has no verifiable information about them on their website and when they ask for a lot of money for their products that otherwise can be produced cheaply, it looks like a big fraud. But let´s see what else we can find out about Psychic Bethea!


Bethea´s Biographical Information is lacking

Some of her other websites give a bit more info about her, all of them with the same blurb about Bethea Jenner. She says she co-authored a book and wrote a whole one herself. The co-authored book can´t be found online unfortunately, when you look for it, and the self-written one is on amazon, but has no reviews. You would guess that a few people leave a review at least, if Bethea is trustworthy and does a great service of helping others.

Reviews on amazon are one of the most important pieces of information for authors to be recognized, and it´s surprising that her book has absolutely none of them. As a marketing tool alone a book is crucial. Mots authors start writing to make themselves and their services more known. If Bethea´s book has no reviews at all, it´s compeltely useless as a marketing tool for Bethea, let alone for the help she would like to provide to others through writing a book.

To sound more trustworthy, Bethea Jenner states that she is part of the “Astrological Association of Great Britain”. That sounds pretty good actually, and we thought she is part of an association that lists only approved astrologers and psychics, which would give her more points. The Astrological Association is however just an umbrella association, for which anyone can pay 35 British Pounds annually and is granted access to be listed with them.

Being part of the Association gives you exclusive membership, which includes six magazines per year and the latest research on the topic of paranormal and metaphysical subjects.

Bethea supposedly also is a writer for the BBC TV and a contributor for Radio in Great Britain. However, given the fact that these two channels are easy to be researched on the internet, there is nothing to be found about Bethea in relationship to them. Unleast she uses another name in working with them.

The next thing that tripped us over was that she mentions, she studied at the “Faculty for Astrological Studies” in London, which impacted her life in big ways. However, that exact faculty does not exist, but another one called “Faculty of Astrological Studies”. It´s surprising that she forgot the name of the very school that changed her life and paved her way to her successful career!

According to her, the most important thing for Psychic Bethea is to help people through difficult life situations so they find more fulfilment, success and happiness. All of this might make sense (if your don´t research her and notice that some things are missing). But – The amount of negative reviews about her tactics and how she tries to pressure people into buying her readings is a tell-tale sign that there is something off with Bethea.


Bethea´s emails are manipualtive and negative

Most of the online psychics we found out as fake use the same tactics. They collect your email for a free reading, start sending many emails pressuring you to buy more and get more and more negative towards you over time. Bethea Jenner follows the same routine, such as “Medium Maria”, “Celeste” or “Extraordinary Chris” – who are all fake psychics created by media companies.

The main message is that there is something bad going to happen, if the psychic is not being contacted to help you. The more you resist, the more emails you get which are becoming more and more serious over time. Either it´s a curse that´s limiting your life, a financial crisis around the corner, or trouble in the family. Whatever it is, it´s not good and if you don´t buy immediately you´ll be doomed!

In Bethea´s case there is a lot of screening questions upfront for her astro psychic reading, which obviously gives her enough information to design emails that target your weak points. She is pretty explicit in what she asks you about, compared to some other psychics, who only ask for your birthdate and name. She goes as far as to inquire about your relationship status, your financial situation and what you are looking for in a reading.

Whatever you answer will give her insight in how to draft her emails to get you to buy a reading or a talisman from her. If you are single, you might be looking for love. If your finances are in a dire situation, you are hoping to receive more money. If you are having relationship trouble, you want to know if to stay or to go.

That way, nobody needs to be a psychic to be able to pray on your vulnerabilities.

Her emails will get more and more concerned and put more and more pressure on you to buy so that you can be helped and your current misery doesn´t get any worse.

Many of her former clients report to have been told things, such as:

  • they are in great danger by external forces
  • somebody is vengeful against them
  • a curse form the past limits their life force
  • her jewelry will attract wealth for them
  • buying her trinkets helps tremendously with personal development

It´s clear by now that all of these tactics are very dodgy and that Bethea is a scam from the book. But lets see what else is there. I hope you understand that a trustworthy psychic will never use any pressure or negative content to get you to buy!

Normally you are the one who is approaching them and they answer your questions. Whenever a psychic approaches you and doesn´t let go, becoming more and more grim over time, it´s a big red flag.

Strangely enough, Bethea Jenner seems to be a real person, even though all of her tactics are the same ones used with fake psychic profiles set up by marketing companies. The question is, does Bethea have real powers, is she truly an astrologer or did she just take to marketing herself?


Horrible Reviews for Bethea: Something to worry about!

Like all of the other psychics we reviewed before, Bethea has a large amount of negative reviews about her on the internet. Most people feel completely ripped off by her, other complain about the poor quality of her readings, some bought jewelry which never arrived and others were charged multiple times for their purchase, although they only got it once.

It´s exactly the same that we have seen with other psychics before, so nothing new under the moon.

No one was able to get a refund from Jenna, and the people that bought something from her hoping that it would magically change their life, were left hanging, since their life stayed the same.

The average amount of what people pay Bethea Jenner is $137, that´s no small amount!

Is Bethea a real person?

There is in fact two addresses registered under her name, one in London and one in Connecticut. Why she needs two addresses is questionable, but you never know. Since she only operates over the internet, you can´t verify if she is actually present in person at the addresses, which might as well just a post box, like the on in the US.

There is no phone number or any way to contact Bethea Psychic via phone or video, which again is quite off-putting. Any psychic that´s not reachable in person is a big red flag, because you never know if they truly exist.

Especially for a reading it´s so important to speak to the person in real time or at least see them in a video, to know they truly took the time to tune into your case and give you the information you need.

Emails can always be generically prepared and sent out to anyone at anytime. Once the system is set up, there needs to be no psychic to write them anymore. They are just well prepared for each individual case, such as for the single mother, the person with financial trouble and the person looking to change their life!

Although Bethea Jenner seems to be a real person, she might as well be a marketing scam from a company that has not listed their company name on her website, but came up with a personal name and address.

If Bethea Jenner is using unethical tactics, manipulation, blackmailing and pressure to get you to buy her products and services, it´s a big NO.

She is not the only solution to your problems and as we found out, her magical items and readings unfortunately don´t do their job. So you´d have to find somebody else to help you.

Most likely your are not cursed, doomed or in misery and can find a solution to your problems yourself. And if you still like to receive the right guidance from a gifted psychic, you can do so by finding one that has amazing reviews about them online, belong to a trusted network and emanate warmth, compassion and depth.

Most of the psychics that can be trusted even offer a money back guarantee and are reachable in person in real time so that you can speak to them. Like that you have a direct feel for the person and will notice right away, if they are right for you.

If you want to save your money, don´t invest in Bethea Jenner! She is a scam.

Invest in a psychic that truly helps you and can shift your life for the better.


68 Replies to “Psychic Bethea – Scam or Trusted Psychic?”

  1. I bought a talisman and a reading from Bethea. And nothing changed in my life. I feel they totally scammed me, and I´m not sure if Bethea really exists. I trusted her, because she has written books, but whenever I emailed her with questions why the talisman don´t work or why my reading did not reveal anything helpful, she never replies. I´m really upset about it, because I gave her my hard earned money, and I truly believed in her!

    1. Yeah it´s all just cheap chines things they sell for 100 times the price. Don´t believe in this stuff, you are your own talisman Vandana!

  2. I found Bethea through her free readings, good that I see why they made me feel so uncomfortable now! I kind of found some truth in what she said to me in the first mail, but when she started writing excessively to me, I really wondered what was going on! It was just too much with her. So I never bought anything else from her, since her mails got darker and darker, but oh boy, what a scam! Lucky I can see this now.

    1. Yes, so right! I also received a lot of negative mails from her and never bought anything, because I could not believe she works with light!

  3. I was wondering who this Bethea is? I als checked out her book on amazon, but did not buy it in the end. I got really intrigued about her and her story, but yeah, seems like she is absolutely fake, or really bad at marketing. Either way, thank God I did not buy anything from her. I´m wondering, do you know where I can find any good psychics that do in person readings in Canada?

  4. Bethea Jenna kis a really bad person! She made me so afraid with her mails and all the spells she saw in my life (or maybe she even put them on me), my life has turned worse after I started receiving her emails. I bought her reading so she can help me, but I onyl wnet downhill from there! I did not know psychics use manipulation tactics, that´s so bad! I just unsubscribed from her mails now!

    1. Yes, I got pulled into her scam too and found her emails getting worse and worse over time. What do you think she is intending with this?

  5. I think Bethea Jenna is real. Maybe she gives readings in person in her hometown, and the online stuff is run by a marketing company? At least you see her with the whole card set-up, which non of the fake psychics have (because their pictures are from the photo stock places).

    1. To some extent I agree with you. She doesn’t really seem fake. She has a good set-up. I think it is natural that if she is giving hundreds of readings, one of them can be inaccurate. This is human error! We shouldn’t judge her lifelong work and say bad stuff about her.

  6. In my humble opinion Bethea is a scam too. It`s maybe a model posing on the photo, but sorry, I don´t think there is a real Bethea running this type of marketing, it would give her a bad reputation and hurt her business.

  7. I bought some of her items, since I like physical things and to do an invocation with them. They look slightly cheap and not according to the price she charges, so I wanted to see if anyone had a good experience with wearing her talisman and such. Couldn´t find anything, but I found your website here, so I decided to post as well.

  8. I know Bethea from years ago! I got a reading with her in person, she used to be really, really, really good! Not sure what happened and why the internet thing made her turn so …. I don´t know, but in real life she was a good person.

  9. Bethea is my personal psychich advisor and I can only recommend her. I don´t know where these stories come from, but I have only good experiences with her.

  10. For me these emails were really annoying and after I received her free reading and all of the other emails, I let it go. I was thinking of buying her items from the shop, but the emails convinced me otherwise. A genuine psychic will transmit positive energy to you and you should feel invited to find out more about them and their readings. But Bethea made it in such a way that I did not want to know more about her.

    1. Yes, I totally get that! I also received all these emails and did not like them at all! I was wondering where she receives her information from and how she does it, but now I see that all of it is fake! I really thought she was just a slightly evil psychic, but it seems she does not even exist. Shame on this scam, it really confuses people and then they even spend money on it, because they believe what is written in the mails!

  11. I`m wearing Bethea´s amulet and I´m loving it! It gives me such a good feeling. In my opinion Bethea is doing a good job and maybe it´s just the marketing company behind her that´s not good?!

  12. Bethea was really well known in my area back then, I think, if it is the same person. She looks like her, so I think she is a real person. Maybe the company took her photo from the internet and is selling her services not on her behalf?

  13. Full power scam this one. She looks nice and real, but nothing of her messages is real unfortunately. I bought a reading from her and it was the worst I ever got. I thought she is a real person taking time for her clients, but she is not. It´s all fake, for real. The article is true.

    1. I love Bethea! Don´t understand how everyone is bashing on her and not taking her seriously! I got many wonderful readings from her!

    1. Which one did you read? Can you tell its name and what was it really about? Also, when you got her book from amazon, did he have any reviews at that time?

  14. Thanks so much for giving us so much information! I have been seeing the advertisement for bethea everywhere, on websites and in apps, and all that time have been wondering if she is good or not. She looks so nice and has such a gentle nature to her! But now I understand, why the marketing is so aggressive and that she does not even exist, as it seems. Shame on her!

    1. I find this website so valuable, it´s amazing! Thank God I googled and found this place to enlighten me and all the fake psychics out there.

  15. Dont get fooled by her words and image. Once you get into her trap she will show you her real colors and then you will know how much trouble you have got yourself into.

    1. Is she fake or not? I did not understand the article fully and I think maybe she is real? I would like to know this! I mean some psychics have websites and give readings over the internet and they are absolutely real in person. But what I understand from this website is that a lot of them don´t exist, so how do I know who is who?

      1. Matrina! Don’t be so confused. The line in the article: “If you want to save your money, don’t invest in Bethea Jenner! She is a scam” clears that don’t to buy her readings. You need to think deeply if she exists or not when you are not buying her readings: more research, more information. As you research more, you will get more suitable and real psychic for you.

  16. I have been following her through different sources and was about to buy her reading but you saved my big time. Thankyou so much for putting out this much effort.

  17. I have such a bad experience with her. Can’t believe there are some people shouting for her. No, she dont worth your money or your time.

    1. Dear Ihson! I am so sorry to hear about your experience. You don’t need to be upset about it. Refresh your self and consult a psychic that will deal with you in a relax manner and bring you to the positive side of life.

  18. Just had a reading from bethea. At first I thought it’s accurate but nothing like that happened all of my money went into vain. Save yourself from her scam.

  19. Thankyou for such an eyeopening review. I had been negotiating with bethea but all of sudden I got referred to your website by my friend and I am so glad that I did visit you. Otherwise I would have been repenting rightnow.

  20. She is just a scammer. I have been fooled ny her. Dont yourself get fooled by her, sher doesnt care about your money. All she wants is your money.

  21. It’s sad how these people are feeding us lies. Back in the days, I used to believe her words but now I’m not so sure.

    1. Yes, it´s all a set-up unfortunately and you can´t trust these online psychics these days. It´s so sad to see where we have come to. Psychis used to give valuable information to the community, to help families, couples, and people searching for their purpose! But these days all this has become watered down and nothing seems to be real anymore.

    1. I´d love to hear more about that! I feel she is a genuine psychic and I like her image and the pictures seem very real. Can you tell me more how she started and who she was working with at that time?

  22. At times her emails look genuine, but really I gotta open my eyes now. I have been scammed a lot of times. Thank you for posting these reviews.

  23. Even though her photos may not seem real but her readings are. I got a few readings from her and they were great. We all have our own unique experiences and I guess my luck was good enough to get be a great personalized reading. I am forever thankful to Bethea.

  24. So glad to finally find out the worth-trusting website. It’s highly beneficial in recognizing real and fake psychics. Psychic Bethea has a totally fake online presence. I urge everyone to save yourself from Psychic Bethea Scams! Buy readings of real psychic that has a track record of positive reviews.

  25. Story time! I have to share my experience. I want to let out my heart or I’m gonna explode. So a few days ago, I bought Bethea’s book. I started reading them hoping it would magically change my life or that I would start feeling happy and contended with life. I waited for a month. But trust me, not even a single word in her book spoke to me. It was so general that even a kid could write it.

    1. Ah that´s so bad to hear! I hope you´ll find the right books that inspire you to follow our path regardless. Bethea is maybe a scam, but not everybody is and there are amazing inspiring books out there, as well as psychics.

  26. I got a reading from Bethea and LOL. It was miserable. It put me in so much uneasiness that It took me weeks to pull myself out of that terrible and horrible phase of my life. Not worth the money! Do not go for her. Do not trust her sugar coated lies.

    1. Julie F. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. How much money did you pay her?
      Don’t be sad. Increase your will power and find the trust-worthy psychic for you.

  27. I feel like after I got reading from Bethea, I have never been at ease. There is this discomfort always disturbing me. Peace has next me. Can anyone suggest me a great psychic that can help me?

  28. I want a female psychic for my wife. I buy the readings of Bethea for her. But my wife is more upset now. Nothing happens positive in her life; also, her mind is moving towards negativity. My wife emailed her, but she didn’t reply. What can I do?

    1. There is a lot of wonderful psyhics online and I highly recommend checking te psychic websites that offer many psychics in one place, and read their reviews and find out for yourself who is the right one for you. These websites make sure that the service is good, so you should find someone there easily.

  29. Stay away from this fake woman. She will only harass you and compel you to buy her readings. Moreover, her readings will not change anything.

  30. Bethea is only a scam. She will only depress you. Never buy readings from her. Find a true psychcic that will treat you better.

    1. Her messages are super negative and manipulative. I bought a reading from her and there was nothing in there that has faintly to do with my life. Horrible. It´s a total setup and I can´t believe I fell into it! I wanna get my money back, but of course if this is an online company, how am I going to get it back?

  31. I bought a Lunar Cosmic Energizer Pendant a month ago. She emailed stating that she know I received it and that by now I’m really enjoying what it is doing for me well flash news it is doing nothing for me. She is nothing but fake Astrology who is scamming people out of money they don’t really have to waste. She kept emailing me telling me why I’m not contacting Another fake name Bernard nothing but scary things what’s going to happen to me and I keep reading to the end and there’s something else she want you to order oh my gosh ridiculous. Unfortunately I’m a victim like most of you. Thank God I only paid one monthly fee and I promise she won’t be getting the remainder three more payments from me I closed that Visa card. The sad thing is I know where my help comes from and that’s God. So I pray that God will stop this phony woman who is getting rich off of us. I know that God will bless each and everyone of us cause that is what He do and you all know it is FREE of charge and nothing can beat that. I had to ask God for forgiveness believing in such of thing of this. PLEASE people don’t give this ungodly woman no more money.

  32. I knew there was something about Bethea, yeah something that was not write. Which was total darkness, I just didn’t feel right, I never ever bought her readings or jewelry. It was the pressure she was putting on me but I was strong minded enough to not fall for her trap, she kept sending me multiple emails after emails. One… to name a few, was that she was telling me that I was going to get a big settlement and that my suffering is behind me. Well… I didn’t fall for it, I just knew it was a big scam.

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