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Psychic: How to Meet Your Spirit Guides

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/06/21 9:33 PM EDT
  • Updated: 09/08/21 6:15 AM EDT

Psychic: How to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Are you feeling lonely, facing challenges in life, and no longer know how to move forward? Then it is the perfect time to contact your spirit guides and ask for spiritual guidance. According to psychics, mediums, and spiritualists, we all have our own spirit guides and we can contact them anytime we wish. The only issue is that not everyone understands how to communicate with them. If you truly want to meet your psychic guide from the spiritual realm, we are here to help you!

Communicating with spirit guides is not that challenging. You just need to keep an open mind and follow a couple of simple steps. In this article, we will teach you how to meet different types of guides and receive divine guidance to live a life with clarity.

To make things explicit to those who do not have any experience related to spirit guides, we will provide definitions of 7 main types of guides. Then, we will explain why spirit communication is not dangerous when performed in the right way. Next, we will list and discuss 7 steps to connect with your spirit guides and ways you can receive messages from the other side of the world. Finally, we will offer some extra tips while answering frequently asked questions about spirit guides.

This is the most comprehensive guide about meeting your spirit guides that you can find online. So, take your time to carefully explore the sections to make the most of your interactions with your guides.

Who Are Spirit Guides?

By definition, a spirit guide is a discarnate entity with no physical body that acts as a guide or protector to an incarnate human being. Spirit guides have been transitioned into the afterlife and instead of reincarnating, they have been assigned specific roles, enabling them to continue their soul’s evolution. Not everyone has the option of becoming a spirit guide. These entities are selected based on their personalities and capabilities to help others.

Some experts associate spirit guides with tenured professors who guide undergraduates in the school of spiritual life. According to spiritualists, your entire life goes much smoother when you listen to the advice of your nonphysical guides.

Spirit guides’ main aim is to serve living beings on earth. Each person on our planet is paired with the specific spirit guides that best suit him/her. This is based on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. If you are not really good at social interaction, you will be paired with a  spirit guide that was a great communicator. As another option, you may be paired with a spirit guide who also struggled with social so that you overcome the challenges in tandem.

Spiritualists believe that individuals are paired with at least one spirit guide. Most of the time, people have multiple spiritual guides, each “specializing” in a particular aspect of life. For instance, a gatekeeper spirit guide helps you build a stronger connection with other spirits. Unlike a gatekeeper guide, a teacher spirit guide helps you find resources to better understand whatever you need to learn. Accordingly, there are 7 types of spirit guides that we further discuss below.

7 Types of Spirit Guides

Here are the 7 types of spirit guides that guide us through the challenges and tough times in life.

1.    Angels

The existence of angels has been mentioned in various writings, including legendary, philosophical, and religious ones. Angels are considered as superhuman entities that guide higher beings and act as intermediaries between God and human beings. While angelic encounters are pretty common during near-death experiences, people have also reported that angels are their spirit guides.

There are multiple types of angel guides:

  • Archangels – Angels of high rank that are leaders in the angel world. Archangels have ever-present energy and they are capable of working with multiple human beings at once. If you are sensitive to energy, you might feel even the slightest energy shift in the room when archangels are around. Each archangel takes on a particular significance or role and has developed a unique personality.

Accordingly, every archangel has its own specialty and divine responsibility:

  • Archangel Ariel – The Great Earth Mother
  • Archangel Azrael – The Benevolent Transformer of Mental and Emotional Anxieties
  • Archangel Barachiel – The Divine Facilitator of Miraculous Occurrences
  • Archangel Chamuel – The Divine Benefactor of Unconditional Love
  • Archangel Gabriel – The Great Messenger
  • Archangel Haniel – The Divine Healer of Families and Relationships
  • Archangel Jeremiel – The Divine Deliverer of Mercy and Grace
  • Archangel Jophiel – The Great Giver of Joy
  • Archangel Metatron – The Great Instigator of Powerful Change
  • Archangel Michael – The Great Defender and Protector
  • Archangel Raguel – The Divine Peacekeeper of Synchronicity
  • Archangel Raphael – The Divine Healer of Physical Ailments
  • Archangel Raziel – The Divine Keeper of Mysteries
  • Archangel Sandalphon – The Divine Nurturer
  • Archangel Uriel – The Divine Pillar of Solitary Strength
  • Archangel Zadkiel – The Divine Guide of Life Paths and Sexuality

You can learn more about archangels by exploring Karen T. Hluchan’s article on Patch.

  • Guardian Angels – Angels that protect and guide a particular person. This is a type of angel that acts as your exclusive guardian guide. Each individual typically has more than one guardian angel offering immediate assistance. Guardian angels have dedicated their lives to helping specifically you. They give you unconditional and infinite love. You can call in your guardian angels whenever you need physical, emotional, energetical, or spiritual protection.
  • Helper Angels – Angels that are looking for human beings to help in specific situations. Helper angels are often described as “freelance angels” as they help you solve a given problem in the shortest time. Helper angels are roaming around with the hope that someone will hire them. This is your friend guide that is an expert in anything and everything you could possibly think of.
  • Flower Angels – Angels that are concerned about conserving and protecting our planet. You should invite in flower angels if you believe that a particular area is in danger of destruction. Flower angels will diligently convince humans to do the right thing for the environment.
  • Star Angels – Angels that allow you to manifest the dreams of your soul and the goals of your divine higher self. Star angels are especially good at bringing various resources into your life so that you easily accomplish your goals.
  • Peace Angels – Angels that guide you through the challenges and offer peace in life. You and your peace angels can get through tough times and difficulties together. Calling in your peace angels will make you feel much calmer and you will be able to see the bigger picture of the world around you.
  • Healing Angels – Angels that accompany you on your healing journeys. Whenever you are in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, your Healing Angels are with you. They either assist specifically you or guide your healthcare professionals.
  • Power Angels – Angels that remind you to defend yourself and that you are powerful no matter what. They guide you when someone tries to disrespect or take advantage of you. They tell you what action step to take to acknowledge your capabilities and boost confidence.
  • Angels of Mercy – Angels that support people when they are hopeless and unable to move forward. They bring mercy and miracles into your life while showing you a path to carry on. Angels of mercy are typically found in hospitals, on battlefields, or even at prisons.
  • Messenger Angels – Angels that specialize in exchanging messages between heaven and earth. They travel at light speed and deliver enlightening ideas to human beings. You just need to be open to them and accept what messenger angels have to tell you.
  • Abundance Angels – Angels that bring joy and prosperity to humans’ lives. They might bring more money, job opportunities, or friends, depending on what a particular person needs at the moment. These angels help you whenever you experience a lack of abundance in any aspect of your life.

Check out the article by Tanya Carroll Richardson to get further information on different types of angel guides.

2.    Departed Loved Ones

Your ancestors may also choose to be one of your spirit guides. Departed loved ones who have decided to actively support you from the spirit world will help you in multiple ways. While angel guides have specific roles, deceased loved ones can be responsible for different duties. They can send you more friends, various career opportunities, help you financially, or simply guide you through tough crossroads of life.

The good thing is that your ancestors can become your spirit guides, whether you knew them well in life or not. For instance, your grandmother that you have never met in person can still become your spiritual guide.

While your ancestors are more likely to choose to be your spirit guides, any human who has passed away can also become your spiritual guide.  It can be someone with the same profession as you. If you are a teacher, you could have a spirit guide who was once a teacher just like you. Or, you may get a spirit guide who faced the same problems and challenges in life.

3.    Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master, or Mahatma, are entities who were ordinary humans in past incarnations but have undergone various spiritual transformations, AKA initiations. These spiritually enlightened beings have taken the Sixth Initiation, or the Ascension. This is what makes them capable of dwelling in the 6th dimension.

Ascended Masters are Jesus, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Confucius, Lord Lanto, Lady Master Nada, Enoch, Saint Germain, Enoch, and others. You can see the complete list of Ascended Masters HERE.

Since Ascended Masters’ devoted their lives to spiritual growth and enlightenment, now they have a special place in the spirit world. They serve as guides to living human beings and teach them life lessons to make their future more spiritual and enjoyable. Many experts believe that Ascended Masters work together, despite the culture or religion they were part of in the past.

4.    Deities

By definition, a deity is a god, goddess, or supernatural entity that has been considered as divine or sacred. Religions worship one or more deities, and therefore, they are called monotheistic or polytheistic. If a religion worships a single deity but does not deny the existence of other deities, it would be called a henotheistic religion.

Spiritualists believe that deities can also become our spirit guides. This form of guidance is pretty similar to what we have already discussed above. Inviting in deities can help you with your spirituality and health. They can also show you the right path and beautiful steps to follow in life.

5.    Spirit Animals

While it may seem quite ridiculous, animals can also become our spirit guides. It can be a deceased pet you truly loved or an animal that you have never seen before. Spirit animals appear in your life when they have something to teach you. Power animals may show up in your dreams, in a book you are currently reading, or right in your backyard.

Below are some of the most common spirit animals and their meanings.

  • Ant – Diligence, prosperity, good luck, discipline, unity, patience, hard work, loyalty, honesty, self-control.
  • Buffalo – Strength, power, safety, wealth, balance, gratefulness, firmness, durability, sacredness.
  • Bear – Power, bravery, authority, courage, protection, peace, compassion.
  • Bee – Communication, hard work, strength, wisdom, industriousness, success, wealth, protection, diligence.
  • Black Swan – Empathy, joy, love, freedom, loyalty.
  • Butterfly – Transformation, hope, rebirth, romance, creativity, peace, celebration.
  • Bull – Fertility, courage, stability, confidence, determination, patience, stamina.
  • Camel – Obedience, endurance, durability, stamina, self-sufficiency, commitment, patience, determination, humility.
  • Cat – Curiosity, observation, mystery, magic, supernatural, rebirth, healing.
  • Crow – Transformation, change, powerful foresight, fearlessness, manipulation, wisdom, adaptability.
  • Deer – Compassion, generosity, safety, elegance, grace, spiritual authority, piety, devotion.
  • Dove – Purity, devotion, beauty, gentleness, faith, hope, peace, sacrifice, communication.
  • Dog – Loyalty, friendship, affection, unconditional love, protection, bravery, patience, devotion, fidelity, strong faith.
  • Eagle – Inspiration, victory, longevity, speed, royalty, focus, resilience, vision, power, freedom.
  • Elephant – Loyalty, strength, confidence, dignity, good luck, wisdom, fertility, protection.
  • Fox – Cleverness, wisdom, cunning, trickster, navigation, creation, afterlife, luck, curiosity, playfulness, adaptability.
  • Frog – Transformation, sensitivity, rebirth, power, fertility, peace, potential, purity, prosperity, good luck.
  • Goat – Independence, faith, lust, vitality, health, reproduction, abundance, firmness, isolation, vigor, self-reliance, alert.
  • Goose – Joy, guidance, vigilance, wisdom, fertility, bravery, reliability, loyalty, courage, devotion, fearlessness.
  • Horse – Courage, freedom, power, independence, endurance, triumph, competition, nobleness, mobility, friendship.
  • Lion – Pride, power, leadership, authority, dignity, wisdom, courage, majesty, justice, protection.
  • Monkey – Entertainment, joyfulness, trickster, intelligence, deep understanding, energy, confidence, compassion, creativity, rebelliousness.
  • Mosquito – Femininity, agility, self-confidence, survival, persistence, perception.
  • Owl – Wisdom, freedom, protection, secret-keeping, stealth, vision, silence, magic, endurance.
  • Penguin – Loyalty, devotion, parental love, sociability, adaptability, friendship, grace, discipline, sacrifice.
  • Rabbit – Creativity, imagination, intensity, compassion, sensitivity, harmony, prosperity, abundance, fertility, good luck. Devotion, self-improvement.
  • Rat – Resourcefulness, survival, success, abundance, intelligence, fertility, stealth, power.
  • Snake – Impulsiveness, transformation, fear, wisdom, magic, healing, fertility, creativity, rebirth, immortality, eternity.
  • Spider – Creativity, patience, protection, networking, wisdom, balance.
  • Sheep – Peacefulness, compassion, purity, courage, humble, progress.
  • Squirrel – Playfulness, social, passion, trust, resourcefulness, balance, abundance, preparedness, hard work.
  • Tiger – Power, courage, ambition, justice, integrity, leadership, pride, royalty, devotion, fearlessness.
  • Turtle – Longevity, steadfastness, tranquility, patience, protection, endurance, fertility, wisdom.
  • Unicorn – Compassion, vision, purity, grace, magic, faith, freedom, virginity, innocence, divinity, good luck, happiness.
  • Wolf – Loyalty, guardianship, firmness, trust, protection, compassion, power, partnership, spirituality.

You can see the complete list of spirit animals and their meanings in the article by Nathalie Carden.

6.    Nature Spirits

Nature spirits are mythological creatures or deities that are composed of etheric matter. They work together with devas and elementals to construct and maintain the plant kingdom on our planet. They are often considered as deities that control specific natural phenomena. Nature spirits can also be gods and goddesses associated with a variety of natural forces.

Elementals are also nature spirits and they often help those who are worried about the environment around them. Four main elementals include:

  • Gnomes – Earth Elementals
  • Undines – Water Elementals
  • Sylphs – Air Elementals
  • Salamanders – Fire Elementals

Nature spirits are believed to be in plants, rocks, water, wind, and other natural components. This is why psychics and mediums love spending time in nature. They can easily communicate with their nature spirits and ask for protection or guidance.

7.    Devas

Devas are star beings that can also become our spirit guides from the other side of the world. These celestial entities are associated with multiple aspects of the cosmos. Devas share god-like characteristics and are supposed to be more powerful and happier than living human beings.

There are three main types of devas based on the realms they were born in:

  • The Devas of the Arupyadhatu – Have no physical form or location.
  • The Devas of the Rupadhatu – Have physical forms but no sex and passion.
  • The Devas of the Kamadhatu – Have physical forms similar to those of humans.

Although devas are invisible to the human eye, they can still be detected through the divine eye. Individuals with supernatural abilities can also hear their voices and interact with them. You can invite in your deva guides through meditation, as this is the most effective way to communicate with them.

Is It Dangerous to Communicate with Spirit Guides?

Many people think that interacting with spirit guides can be pretty dangerous. The truth is that your spirit guides do not intend to harm you in any possible way. Instead, their main goal is to guide people through various challenges in life and make the overall human experience more enjoyable. Besides, they can improve living human beings’ physical health, emotional health, financial well-being, and social relationships. This is an ever-present guidance system, ensuring that humans live a joyful and prosperous life.

To make the interactions with your spirit guides totally safe and successful, you should simply learn how to communicate with them. You can meet them as long as you relax your conscious mind, but there are a couple of additional factors you should consider. Inviting in the right spirit guides is key to receiving needed guidance. This is why you should always give clear instructions and set particular intentions.

People are afraid of calling in spirit guides that were not needed at the moment. They think that these spirit guides might get angry and deal damage to them. The truth is that spirit guides will not enter your personal space without your permission. As long as you give the right spirit guides the permission to appear in your life, there is nothing you should worry about.

In addition to that, safe communication with your spirit guides involves properly ending the “session” and returning back to earth. Otherwise, you may experience unpleasant physical and emotional feelings. Grounding can help you reconnect to the planet while positively affecting your body and mental state.

In the following two sections, we will teach you how to connect with your spirit guides and what steps to follow for a safe and strong connection with them.

7 Steps to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

If you genuinely want to meet your spirit guides and receive divine guidance, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 essential steps you should complete to successfully connect with your spirit guides and start receiving guidance and blessing from the spirit world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Techniques for meeting spirit guides may vary in different cultures and religions. The main goal is to relax your consciousness and focus your mind on connecting with your spirit guides. There are some universal tips and recommendations that work for pretty much everyone on earth. If you do not find the following technique useful, it does not necessarily mean that you are not capable of communicating with your spirit guides. The truth is that meeting them takes time and not everyone is lucky enough to connect with them in just a couple of tries. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and keep trying!

1.    Prepare Yourself and Space Around You

Before you actually call in your spirit guides, you should prepare yourself and the environment around you. The goal is to create a calm and sacred place that will enable you to relax and keep calm throughout the ritual.

You can do this by finding a quiet spot and lighting a candle. You can also get objects that hold significance. Crystals, stones, or other sacred items. It could be literally anything that means a lot to you. Take your time to form your ritual space and make sure you feel calm there.

After creating the perfect spot, you should take a couple of deep breaths and relax. This is when you should set clear and specific intentions. You are also encouraged to ask for protection before you move on to the next step. You can also use chanting to decrease stress and anxiety. This will help you increase your positive mood and allow you to focus your attention to guidance.

Keep in mind that you should not set expectations, especially if this is your very first attempt to meet your spirit guides. There is no guarantee that you will be able to notice them right away. It may take a couple of tries for you to actually interact with your spirit guides. Even if you have encountered your guides before, it does not mean that you will easily communicate with them this time. Just be patient and trust yourself. Keep practicing in order to learn how to meet and interact with your spirit guides.

2.    Imagine That You Are Walking into a Sacred Place

After preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to meet your spirit guides, you should imagine that you are walking into a sacred place. It can be a beautiful garden, a magical forest, a moon gate that leads you into another dimension, or anything that seems to be divine to you. Some people also find it helpful to imagine golden energy beams of light coming from the sky.

After entering the sacred place, you will notice infinite space around you. Observe the environment around you and make sure you feel totally calm. If a particular site does not make you feel comfortable, you should avoid inviting in your spirit guides there. As you breathe slowly, you will turn your light body on and attract your spirit guides.

3.    Call in the Spirit Guides

As you have already gone through the “magical door,” now it is time to invite in your spirit guides. Spiritualists recommend calling in the guides of the highest truth and compassion. In this way, you will avoid seeing random guides that cannot actually help you. Since you meet specific spirit guides when you face certain difficulties in life, you do not want to invite every single spirit guide at once. Instead, you ask specific guides to provide spiritual insights and blessings.

To ensure that the right spirit guides enter your sacred space, you should set specific intentions. Be clear about what kind of spirit guides you are inviting in. Give them permission so that they know you truly want to meet them. Do not worry about other spirit guides since they cannot come into your sacred space without your permission.

4.    Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

After calling in your spirit guides, it is essential to become acquainted with them. Start by observing their visual appearance. Keep in mind that not every spirit guide looks like a human being. Some may have wings and others may even be animals. In some cases, spirit guides visit us in the forms of shadows. Regardless of how they look, you should explore them and try to detect as many details as possible.

Before asking specific questions, you can even ask them to tell you their names. In fact, not every spirit guide has its own name. If this is the case, you can assign names yourself. This will make the connection between you and your spirit guides even stronger.

You can also ask your spirit guides to tell you more about their lives. They will introduce themselves and you will get a better idea of who they are and why they decided to become your spirit guides. Ask whatever you really want to know as this will make you feel even more relaxed.

Do not forget to ask your spirit guides for signs. Getting playful would strengthen your connection with them. Besides, you will know how they express their presence and it will be much easier for you to detect your spirit guides when they are around.

5.    Ask for Guidance or Blessing

As your spirit guides have already introduced themselves, now it is time to ask for guidance or blessing. As this step is too personal, there is not much we can discuss. You should be specific about what your challenges are and why you invited them into your sacred space.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to ask for guidance. You can also ask for healing or blessing, even if you are not facing any difficulties at the moment. This will help you build a particularly strong connection with your spirit guides.

6.    Thank Your Spirit Guides

After receiving guidance or blessing, you should always thank your spirit guides before terminating the “session.” This will make it clear for your spirit guides that you genuinely believe in them and you are grateful for everything that you have received from them. They will feel the energy of gratitude and be more present in your everyday life. More importantly, thanking your spirit guides after receiving spiritual guidance will establish a good rapport.

Here are some examples:

  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for guiding me through the challenges in my romantic relationship.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing solutions to the problems I am having in my career.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for healing and blessing me.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for giving me the power of forgiveness.”

As you can see, you are thanking your spirit guides for whatever they did to help you in a particular situation.

7.    Return Back to Your Physical Body

Returning back to earth and to your physical body after interacting with your spiritual guides is one of the most important steps in spirit communication. As we mentioned earlier, you should carefully observe the sacred dimensions while walking through the magical doors. This is because you must return in the same way you entered the sacred place. To do so, imagine yourself leaving through the same door you initially walked through.

This will prevent soul fragmentation, as it occurs when you leave the pieces of yourself behind. Allow yourself enough time to fully return into your physical body. Consider taking a shower or a nap to get back on track. You can also spend some time in nature to bring “you” back to yourself.

How Do We Receive Messages from Our Spirit Guides?

Learning how to meet your spirit guides is not enough for you to interact with them. You should also be aware of how to receive messages from the spirit world. Some of the most common ways humans receive messages, guidance, and blessing from their spirit guides are discussed below.

·       Inner Knowing

Most people experience the presence of a spirit guide as an inner knowing. They just sense or hear that their spirit guides are around. This can also be explained by strong intuitive flashes or gut feelings. Therefore, receiving messages from the spirit guides is often associated with various psychic powers, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. This is why developing your psychic abilities and intuitive powers makes it much easier for you to detect and communicate with your spirit guides.

·       Automatic Writing

Some people refer to automatic writing whenever they want to receive messages from their spirit guides. This is a technique that involves unconscious writing after meeting spirit guides in a sacred place. Spiritualists believe that this enables your spirit guides to work through you. You just need to allow them to provide guidance and deliver messages.

·       Through Random Signs and Numbers

Some spirit guides try to communicate with you through random signs or numbers you see on a daily basis. For instance, they might give you an indication that you should accept the new job offer by showing you your lucky number. Contrarily, you might see the number you hate the most at the entrance of your office. This can be a way of your spirit guides communicating with you and warning you about possible dangers.

·       Through Musical Messages

Spirit guides often try to communicate with humans through music lyrics. These musical messages are pretty random. You may hear lyrics while shopping at the mall and if you feel like there is a strong connection between the text and your current situation, it can be your spirit guide giving you a sign.

·       Through Dreams

Spirit guides can also communicate with you through dreams. This is why psychics and mediums pay attention to their dreams and visions. Every single detail can be extremely important and insightful. Your dreams have specific meanings and this is how some spirit guides warn you about various aspects of life. Maintaining a dream journal will help you keep track of your dreams and better understand your spiritual guides.

·       Through Divination Tools

Another way to receive messages from your spirit guides is by using different divination tools. It can be Oracle or Tarot cards, crystals, tea leaves, or anything that you can use to gain clarity in life. You will just need to ask specific questions and your spirit guides will provide guidance through the divination tools.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Although we have already explained how to meet and communicate with your spirit guides, there are a couple of additional factors you need to consider to successfully receive guidance from the spirit world. In this section, we will answer FAQs about spirit guides and share further details that will make your experience more enjoyable.

·       Spirit Guides Around Us

Many people want to know if spirit guides are present with us at all times. The truth is that we have spirit guides during our whole life and there is no limit to how many of them we receive. Most people have multiple spirit guides without even knowing about it. While some spirit guides are always with us, others appear only for specific moments in life. They may visit us when we face particular challenges or difficulties.

As we mentioned earlier, guardian angels are our exclusive spirit guides and they are with us all the time. Contrarily, helper angels are with us only when we are in trouble and want to solve certain issues. They randomly help people and do not stay with specific individuals forever. Helper angels’ true power lies in being with us only when we need assistance.

·       Learning More About Spirit Guides

Believe it or not, learning more about spirit guides, in general, will make it much easier for you to connect with them. Simply researching spirit guides and gaining knowledge of how different types of guides work will significantly improve the quality of your communication with them.

To learn more about spirit guides, you can use online educational resources or even refer to experts in spiritualism. You can also attend workshops, webinars, or online classes. As soon as your guides notice that you are actually enthusiastic about getting to know them, they will be much happier to guide you through the challenges in life.

·       Referring to Your Spirit Guides

Some people believe that spirit guides are only supposed to help them in difficult periods of life. While this may also be true, spirit guides are there to offer healing and blessing, even if you do not face any problems at the moment. Therefore, you should not refer to your spirit guides only when you need help. Instead, call them in occasionally and recognize their presence as a part of your reality.

The more time you spend with your spirit guides, the deeper the connection will get. Sharing your blessings with your spirit guides lets them know that their efforts are praised and appreciated. This will make it much easier for you to connect and interact with them. Besides, spirit communication requires practice and you should try to interact with them as frequently as possible.

·       Spirit Guide Names

Spirit guides do not always have specific names. Therefore, it is highly recommended to give your guardians names so that they seem more real. Besides, this will encourage you to connect with them even more often. If you have decided to give your spiritual guides names, you can either get creative or trust your intuition.

·       Calling in a New Guide

If you feel like your current spirit guide is not quite suitable for your needs, you can call in a new guide to receive better guidance. There are specific rules that ensure that the relationship between humans and spirit guides is healthy and respectful. This is why human beings have all the power to continue or complete a “contract” with their current spirit guides.

To invite in a new spiritual guide, you should complete the same steps we have discussed above and ask for a “replacement.” It is still totally up to you whether you follow their guidance or not.

·       Meditation for Communication with Spirit Guides

Meditation is the best way to meet and interact with your spirit guides. This is because communicating with spirit guides requires an individual to relax his/her consciousness and focus on the spiritual realm. Clearly, meditation is the number-one way to connect to your higher self and dive deep into your consciousness.

However, there are no specific guidelines on how to connect with your spirit guides through meditation. It is all about finding the way that works best for you. While some people prefer meditation in nature, others find it much more convenient to meditate at home. You can interact with your spirit guides as long as you find a quiet place that helps you relax.

·       Developing Regular Spiritual Practices

Developing regular spiritual practices is key to mastering the ways to interact with your spirit guides. While it may be slightly challenging to communicate with your guides on a daily basis, you should meet them at least a couple of times a week.

You do not have to spend hours speaking with them. Instead, considering drawing an Oracle or Tarot card every morning. This will inspire you and guide you through your spiritual growth journey. You can also attend meditation or yoga classes once a week to create intimacy between you and your spirit guides and strengthen your interactions.

·       Sending Spirit Guides Messages in Your Thoughts

Believe it or not, you do not have to spend hours communicating with your spirit guides. To keep connecting with your guides, you should consider sending daily messages in your thoughts. Depending on your current situation, you can briefly ask for healing, blessing, or guidance. Just share a couple of sentences and your spirit guides will do their job. Although this tip seems to be quick and easy, it is 100% valid.

·       Journaling About Your Spirit Guide Communication Experiences

Journaling your experience with spirit guides enables you to gain even more clarity in life. After communicating with your guides, you should consider taking notes and describing everything that you saw or felt. This will help you visualize the sacred space and your spirit guides, enabling you to build an even stronger connection with them.

Here is what you should include in your journal:

  • Describe the sacred place you visited. How did it look? Were there any trees? Was there water? Did you see animals or other living beings? What did the area smell like? Was it cold, warm, or hot?
  • Describe your spirit guide(s). What did your spirit guide(s) look like? Did your spirit guide(s) have a name? Did you feel your spirit guide’s energy? What did you feel as you interacted with your spirit guide?
  • Journal the messages and answers you received from your spirit guides.

You can also share your thoughts and impressions. Journal everything that could possibly help you establish a good rapport with your spirit guides.

·       Grounding After Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

Grounding, AKA earthing, is a therapeutic technique that enables you to reconnect to the earth through electrical means. Those who are doing lots of spiritual work are more likely to become ungrounded. The same applies to individuals you interact with their spirit guides. To ensure that you do not develop any serious health problems, you should perform spiritual grounding on a regular basis. This will also grant you psychic protection and make it much safer to communicate with entities from the spiritual realm.

Some of the most effective ways to practice spiritual grounding include:

  • In the early morning sunshine
  • Heart-spotting in nature
  • A mindful barefoot walk
  • Lying on the ground
  • Submersing in water
  • Using grounding equipment (mats, sheets, socks, bands, patches)
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Summer healing meditation

You can find further information on spiritual grounding techniques HERE.

·       Feeling Disconnected from Your Spirit Guides

If you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual guides, there is nothing to worry about. Your connection with your guides is infinite and they are always with you. However, some people disconnect with the spirits during the most arduous periods of life or through big changes.

You can easily reconnect with your spirit guides as long as you try to have a closer relationship with them. Consider watching spiritual movies, listening to spiritual experts, and reading books with spiritual themes. Keep an open mind and let the spirits guide you!

·       Challenges with Meeting Your Spirit Guides

People often face some challenges when they attempt to meet their spirit guides. In some cases, they think that interacting with their guides is an easy task and can be completed overnight. The truth is that learning how to detect and communicate with your spiritual guides requires time. Instead of setting expectations, keep practicing and never give up. Keep in mind that building a relationship with your guides takes time and you should be patient throughout the process.

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