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Psychics and Soulmates?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/18/20 9:24 AM EDT
  • Updated: 09/18/20 9:24 AM EDT

Can a psychic help find your soulmate?

For most people finding their soulmate is pretty high on their to-do list. But discovering true love in the digital age can be a real challenge, so it’s only natural to seek help finding your soulmate. We often invest so much time on dating apps, matchmaker services, social groups or meetups in the hope of finding that special someone only to be disappointed. But is there another way? Can a psychic help and what exactly does soulmate mean?

A soulmate is a person with whom you have more than just a physical and mental attraction; there is undeniable spiritual chemistry that creates a special bond. Your soulmate ticks more than just all the right romantic boxes, being with them is a transformative experience that brings out the best in you.

Sounds perfect right!

So how do you go about finding them? One of the difficulties in pursuing your soulmate concerns practical matters like timing, work, family commitments and personal history. Is it a good time for you to search out a soul relationship, or will it interfere with your career goals? This is where psychic advice can be a powerful aid because a reading will answer your questions about love, but more than that, it will shed light on what you could be doing to attract your soulmate.

Guided by a clairvoyant, tarot readings are a fantastic investigative tool for spiritual love connections. A soulmate reading is one of the most popular ways of using tarot to gain insight into your love life. Tarot cards reveal glimpses of unseen influences, behavioural patterns, challenges, and obstacles which might be impeding your progress.

The benefit of a reading is that it creates an overview of your present situation, allowing you to understand what steps you need to take toward meeting your soulmate. A psychic can bring clarity to any factors which may be preventing you from attracting a healthy, meaningful relationship such as a need to heal pain from the past or perhaps you are merely looking in the wrong direction.

We all have the potential to meet a soulmate, but it’s important to note that for some people, there may be more than one significant relationship in your life. Natalie Miles is a psychic, medium and spiritual guide who describes soulmates this way “Most of us have multiple soulmates in one lifetime that are brought into our lives for learning and healing, so it doesn’t matter if you’re with someone for three weeks, three months or thirty years, you were supposed to experience that special deep soul connection with them for that time frame”.

Maybe you already feel that someone special has entered your life but want to be sure if they are actually your soulmate. Psychics and mediums deal in the realm of the metaphysical, they pick up otherworldly information by reading energy fields, auras or by using tarot and oracle cards for divination. Soul questions are the specialty of clairvoyants, who’s sensitivity to psychic phenomena make them a better equipped to source answers regarding love and compatibility than algorithms.

A soulmate reading can open the door to numerous insights as the relationship is spiritual and thus operates on a frequency a psychic can easily tune into.

Here are some cards from classic tarot decks to look out for when going to a reading, these cards indicate soulmate energy is in your life!

The Lovers

This card represents unity with your soul mate, but the true meaning will depend on it’s position in the spread. The Lovers may suggest that you need to let of unrealistic expectations for your ideal partner that no person could ever reach in real life.

The King of Cups

If this card appears in a woman’s reading, it signifies a new responsible partner is entering her life soon. If you have asked a question concerning whether or not to stay in your current relationship, the King conveys the message to stay where you are.

The Heirophant

When you see the Heirophant in your spread, prepare yourself for luxury and financial stability. The partner you are attracting will be someone with great wealth and a high status.

The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups foretells harmony, balance and unity. It could be in your current relationship or one that is about to manifest.

The High Priestess

This card is not traditionally associated with finding love, but it can speak to a need to follow your intuition and inner guidance. Your soulmate could be closer than you think if you are paying attention to the signs being sent, you won’t miss your chance.

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