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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 3:27 PM EDT
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What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Fire

Function: Function: Will, activity, Imagination, Beginnings

The Queen of Wands is a beautiful, majestic figure who sits on her throne with a wand in her right hand and a sunflower in her left. She is wearing a long yellow robe, the color of intelligence and a higher mind while her clock is white, that of purity. The gold crown on her head is a sign of not only royalty but also success and alchemy.

The sunflower is a representation of the proliferation of life. The wand has three buds sprouting from the top. Behind the Queen, there are two images of sunflowers, another sign of the rapid growth of life. This woman is creative.

There are also two lions embroidered onto her throne, just above the sunflowers. They are a symbol of passion and power. This symbolization continues with one lion next to each of her open legs. Her power goes beyond the mind, she is sexually powerful and comfortable with this. But does not abuse this with seducing glances towards the reader, instead, she looks to one side. One of her feet appears from beneath the long robe, a sign that she is grounded.

The black cat that also sits at her feet does, however, look straight at the reader. The cat is guarding the Queen. There is no coincidence that black cats are a sign of sexier and intimidating magic and that this particular cat sits between the Queen’s open legs. While her clothes emit brightness, the black cat tells us that the Queen has a dark side, which she accepts and pulls it towards her and the light.

The Queen of Wands is the whole package, so to speak.  She is intelligent, beautiful and charming. She is skilled, bold and yet cautious. Her toe coming out from under the robe is a sign that she is in everything. Because the Queen lives her life to the full, one could almost say she is the dream coming to life. If you need or want anything, she has it.

The Queen of Wands has earnt her position, she has been chosen by others to sit on the throne because of her greatness. She is both a powerful woman and the power of femininity.

When Reversed:

If you receive the Queen of Wands reversed, it could mean that you no longer have confidence in your true self. You may not feel confident with your femininity or the female energy that you contain.

It might imply that you lack confidence in your capabilities to get things done. Perhaps you get a sense that other people don’t accept you or that they are intentionally trying to block your path. You may be overwhelmed with all that you are trying to juggle or what might be in store for you. It is also possible that you fear using your creative powers, your wit, or your charm to achieve things.


You probably had a childhood full of warmth and love. It is likely that your mother or female caregiver also had a career which makes you more focused on your own. You might have had an untraditional upbringing and that has given you different ways to live your life.


Your career is going well, and you will find your life full of energy, time, and prosperity. There is very little stress. There might be an influential female in your life and this person will be able to offer you advice.


This is a sign of a comfortable life in the future. Keep an open mind as this will help you to work well with others. Make sure you have some clearly defined long-term goals and not just about your career. You may find one of your goals will be related to helping other people.

Yes/No Question:

Your yes/no question will have a yes answer.

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