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Seven of Cups

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 1:46 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:49 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Water

Function: Feelings, love, spirituality, creativity

The silhouette of a person stands in front of a large cloud with 7 cups. Each cup has a different offering. Rather than making a choice on which cup to take, the person just appears to be in shock, thrown off balance by the decision they have to make, whether that is just one cup or even none.

Each cup has a different symbol, a sign of the possibilities that lay ahead. The female head represents love and dedication to a partner, if he is able to find one. There is a person who is completely covered, only showing their hands and the bright illumination that flows from them, this is a sign of spiritual enlightenment and supremacy. The cup at the top right-hand sign has a snake crawling out of it. The snake is golden and shows its power over people as well as sex appeal. The cup underneath the snake has a dragon perched on top, a symbol of the power of intelligence and education. Next to the dragon you can see the sign of triumph and holding others in high regards- the laurel wreath. There is the face of a skull on this cup telling us that it is only after death that we can experience glory. Next, we see a cup brimming with gold and jewels, pointing to wealth and prosperity. Finally, the seventh cup has a tower symbolizing permanent stability and political power.

There are clear choices with some of the cups, but others send mixed messages. The love is transparent, love hasn’t been fulfilled yet. The snake possesses venom and it is not content with remaining in the cup. The perched position of the dragon makes it seem like it is about to attack the person, similar to the relentless environment of learning. Glory coming after death suggests that one has passed through life being ignored. You would need two hands to carry the cup laden with riches. The tower, though sturdy, could still fall out of the cup. The offerings in the cups are not merely girts but more a gamble. No one knows what will happen when they choose a cup, just like nobody knows what to expect when they achieve enlightenment. There are good things and bad things with every choice.

This card shows that you have so many options you really are spoilt for choice, but you still aren’t fully aware of what each choice entails. It could also suggest that you desire certain things, but you aren’t sure how to obtain them, or the implications of having them.

When Reversed:

If you receive this card upturned, it means that you are absorbed in the illusion of your choices, regardless of whether they are really available to you or if you are going to follow through with them. It is likely that you think you have more available to you than is true. This could be the same for talent and skills.

You could be going after a dream or objectives just to make others happy, but you won’t be. It is also possible that you are unsure of what you honestly want to do.


You have had moments when there have been many choices for you, but you may have wasted time trying to make your mind up. You can use what you learnt from the past to help you make choices today.


You are probably faced with many options, each leading you to a different life. Because you are not sure what each option really means, it is best if you try and narrow down your options before you make a final decision.


You are leading up. To a difficult decision. Understand exactly what you don’t want and remember that you might have to make a sacrifice if you want to get just what you want.

Yes/No Question:

The Seven of Cups means the answer will be no.

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