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Seven of Pentacles

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/08/20 10:28 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/08/20 10:28 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Earth

Function: Belongings, wealth, tangible objects, practicality

We see a man in the countryside looking at a vine with seven pentacles of it. The man looks down on what he has grown but perhaps he isn’t sure if they are ready to harvest or if they need more time to grow. He is wearing blue and orange and rests his hands and chin on his hoe.

The land behind this young man is quite bare and it is quite miraculous that the has managed to grow anything in the harsh conditions. Further away, there is a mountain which a sign of strength, but mountains don’t grow. In fact, the only thing growing is the vine with the pentacles. Perhaps this is all that matters. The vines seem to be grapes, no coincidence as wine symbolizes blood, transformation, and plenty.

He watches over his pentacles, but he isn’t doing anything. His orange clothes represent enthusiasm, and the blue show serenity, complete opposites of the color wheel. He is excited about his crop; however, he is still calm about it. It could be that he is waiting for the right time, but does he know when that will be? Perhaps better circumstances will present themselves, perhaps if he continues to do nothing, he will miss his chance.

The Seven of Pentacles highlights the importance of patience and long-term investment, the need to wait for the right moment. The moment to celebrate will come, but it will be delayed. If you consider that good things come to those who wait, amazing things will come to those who have worked hard and even alone to make things happen.

It is necessary to recognize that the man is by himself. You don’t need to be surrounded by people to do what has to be done and this card highlights this. Think about the process of a plant growing. Only the person who planted it know where to find it, only fruit will appear when the plant matures. In the right situation, one seed has the power to grow into a provider of fruit.

It may also imply that waiting isn’t the best option, particularly if you run the risk of missing out. The pentacles may be ripe today, but they could also be ripe tomorrow. On the other hand, the man may wake up to find his crop rotten.

When Reversed:

In the reversed position, the Seven of Pentacles frequently points to impatience and a lack of hard work and so things don’t develop as hoped. You may be spreading your focus too thin and therefore nothing pans out. It usually means that you need more focus and self-control is you want to see things grow or to reach the end of something. You could be relying too heavily on the recognition of others to bring about your own fortune.

It can also be a sign that opportunities pass by you because you are afraid to take them. Be careful not to assume there are better moments than now. Your hard work may just go to waste.


You may have dedicated time and effort in the past to arrive at this point and now you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work. It is possible that you have gained expertise along your way and now you are in a position to share this with others.


In this position, slow and steady wins the race. You were sensible in the past and this is paying off. Now it is time to start preparing for the future. Whatever this implies, be careful. If you receive this card and you feel like you are stuck in a rut, this may continue for a bit longer. Make the most of what you do have now.


If you have just started something new, it will probably become an integrated part of your life. This may be anything from a new relationship, friendship, hobby, or job. If you can dedicate yourself to this as you are now, good things will occur.

Yes/No Question:

The answer is unclear and like the crops on the vine, you might be asking the question too early.

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