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Seven of Swords

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/08/20 10:22 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/08/20 10:22 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Air

Function: Intelligence, the mind, sincerity, fairness

The man holding five swords is running away as he looks back at the two he appears to have dropped. It also seems that he is running from a military camp so he may have even stolen the swords from there. He looks both happy and confident. He is wearing a tall red hat and a dark yellow tunic, the color of the mind and his thoughts. This man is thinking that he has escaped with the swords.

He thinks nobody has seen him and hasn’t noticed the three soldiers on a hill further away. One soldier seems to have spotted him and has his sword raised in the air. The thieving man is only looking to the right, if he had only looked to the left, he would have seen them. Despite his high hopes, he may not get away with it after all.

The land and the sky are both yellow, which might suggest that the image is just a thought as nothing has happened just yet. It could also represent a plan, albeit a badly thought out one considering he may get caught. What he does seem to be aware of it that this is his plan, either way, and he is proud of it. As he is thinking only of himself, he isn’t able to think of the soldiers could see him.

The Seven of Swords is a symbol of determination and selfishness, especially when it comes to thinking you have outsmarted others around you. It is a warning against cutting corners and assuming that nobody will notice. It could be a sign not to forget your values in order to experience a cheap thrill.

This card could also be related to betrayal. It is likely that this man is also a soldier and so he is only betraying his own. He has disregarded his commitment to the army and broken the trust of his companions. He could have left with dignity or finished out his duty, instead, he steals and runs away. Finally, this card tells us that no one is able to get away with this, not least those who are cocky about it.

When Reversed:

In this position, you are probably being passive-aggressive but not in the same manner as the man in the card. You aren’t going anywhere but you are making a mess of things so that people can see how unhappy you are. You and others are hoping that you go but still, you stay in the same position. Maybe you feel like it’s your duty.

You might also want to stop being indirect and be honest about something. You are right in thinking that there may be some conflict waiting ahead for you and that someone will get hurt. In the upturned position, it is unclear whether you get hurt, or someone else. It is unlikely that you will be making peace at the end.


There will have been some conflict in your past but more likely, someone betrayed you by going behind your back. This person may have been trying to hurt you or spite you. It changed your thoughts and feelings, but you are begging to learn how to trust again.


Someone could be planning something that will not be in your favor. Be careful of those trying to encourage you to do something that you know you will regret. You need to be proactive to stop this thing from happening.


The road you have taken may not be the wrong one, but it will irritate some people. You might want to adjust your plans slightly to give yourself an easier life. Think of other alternatives for the future, particularly options that won’t hurt anyone.

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