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Should I Trust Free Tarot Reading Websites?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/17/20 9:52 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/01/20 2:22 PM EST

The psychic industry is getting more and more popular through various websites and mobile apps, allowing people to connect with top psychics from any region of our planet. Online psychic services are beneficial for several reasons, including the availability of advisors, an easy-to-use interface, the ability to check customer feedback, and, most importantly, for relatively low prices. Besides, you only need a few minutes to find a really good psychic and pay much less for an online reading compared to an in-person session.

Along with that, some websites even offer specific services at no extra cost. Most commonly, the services include Tarot card reading and daily, weekly, monthly, or annual horoscopes.

In this article, we will focus on the trustworthiness of free Tarot reading websites. If you are wondering whether the readings generated by these free websites are reliable, keep reading! You will find comprehensive answers to many of the puzzling questions you might have.


How Can I Receive a Free Tarot Reading?

If you do not know how to receive a free Tarot reading, do not freak out! You do not need to do anything special. By simply going to free Tarot reading websites, you are eligible for a free reading. And you can receive readings as many times as you want.

Notwithstanding, there are online psychic websites that allow new users to receive a free Tarot reading from experienced Tarot readers. In such cases, the website notifies its customers that they are eligible for a completely free reading. You will just need to click on the notification and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  • How Can I Receive a Free Reading on Free Tarot Reading Websites?

To receive a free reading on free Tarot reading websites, you go to a specific website and follow the instructions provided below.

First, you select the type of reading you are willing to receive. Then, you fill in some general information about you (e.g., name, date/city/country of birth, gender, etc.), and you are ready to go. In some cases, you are only asked to enter your date of birth, and that’s it. And sometimes, the website might not ask you to enter any information at all.

Next, you select one or more cards from the deck and allow the website to generate the reading based on the details that you had provided earlier. To view the reading, you click on individual cards displayed on the screen.

Some of the free Tarot reading websites include Dark Tarot, Next Tarot, Trusted Tarot, Free Tarot Reading, Evatarot, 7 Tarot, and Tell Me Tarot.

  • How Can I Receive a Free Reading on Regular Psychic Websites?

As mentioned earlier, some online psychic platforms offer new customers a free reading session with top Tarot readers. These offers might pop up periodically, allowing you to get an answer to one question from experienced Tarot readers. You just wait for the notification and follow the specific instructions given by the website.

How Do Free Tarot Reading Websites Work?

You might be curious about the algorithm behind the free Tarot reading services. How such websites work is that they have definitions of individual Tarot cards that are also assigned to specific characteristics of an individual. But sometimes, the website does not consider any information and displays the meanings of Tarot cards that you choose from the deck.

After entering some details about your, the majority of free Tarot reading websites display your zodiac sign and element, along with other attributes. Unfortunately, these details are mostly rejected and not considered for deriving Tarot readings. The reading will, most probably, be based on specific Tarot cards that you had chosen from the deck.

Are Free Tarot Readings Accurate?

But are free Tarot readings even accurate? Or, should I take the readings literally?

Briefly saying, free Tarot readings are not actually accurate or trustworthy. Still, some people might find such readings relatable and even consider the predictions for various activities.

Several factors make free Tarot readings inaccurate. Some of the most important ones are discussed below.

  • Generalized and Vague Readings

You might think that the readings are personalized specifically for you since the website asked for some general information. As a matter of fact, free Tarot readings typically do not consider any of the details provided by you. And even if they do, the readings are still too vague.

As fake psychics use mentalist tricks to scam people and make them believe in their supernatural abilities, free Tarot reading websites also use quite similar techniques. Their golden rule is to provide generalized readings that can apply to almost anyone on earth. Besides, the readings might even play on your mind and emotions, making you believe in the accuracy of various predictions.

You can find some of the most widespread tricks that psychic scammers use by following the link to our article. The knowledge of these techniques will also help you determine whether the predictions and feedback provided on free Tarot reading websites are reliable.

  • No Real Psychics Behind the Screen

Another reason why the readings are not worth considering is that there are no real psychics behind the screen of your device. And you do not even know who wrote the readings. Even if you end up receiving feedback that seems to be accurate, keep in mind that you are not talking to a real human but an algorithm instead.

  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Finally, most free Tarot reading websites claim that the website is created for entertainment purposes only. If you get injured or even ruin your life as a result of considering their predictions, they will not take responsibility for any harm caused by their readings. Some of them directly tell you that you should not take the readings literally, meaning that the feedback you receive through free Tarot reading websites is not accurate by any means.


In conclusion, free Tarot reading websites do not provide accurate predictions whatsoever. And even if the results are relatable to you, keep in mind that this might be a coincidence. The meanings and feedback you see on the screen are just generalized texts with a bunch of vague statements. Since the website tells you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only, you should simply avoid relying on the predictions.

Just spend your spare time on free Tarot reading websites and have some fun while flipping cards and reading their meanings. If you are willing to receive guidance from reliable psychics without leaving home, refer to top-rated online psychic platforms instead.


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