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Some of the Most Famous Male Psychics

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  • Published: 08/07/20 1:41 AM EDT
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Who are some of the most Famous Male Psychics?

While there are numerous talented and experienced psychics, not everyone has managed to gain fame and be renowned across the globe. As a result of technological development and popularization of different social media platforms, learning more about prominent psychics and mediums is a pretty easy job. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the famous psychics from the previous centuries. On the contrary, lots of information about remarkable 21st-century psychics is available online.

Although people think that psychics and fortune-tellers are mostly females, there is a wide array of famous male psychics and spiritual advisors. For that reason, this article will explore 10 well-known male psychics from all around the world.


  1. Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American psychic specializing in clairvoyance. From an early age, Edgar claimed that he could see his deceased grandfather and even see through him if looking carefully. Cayce had also seen a woman with wings who helped him memorize the answers from various books. Cayce would just lay down and put his head on the specific book. After waking up, he knew everything that was written in the book. This was when Cayce was acknowledged as “different.”

Soon after this, Cayce found the cure for his damaged spine in his sleep. Surprisingly, the treatment that he had diagnosed ended up being successful. His father claimed that Cayce had an ability to diagnose while he was sleeping.

Cayce went to a local church frequently. He even read the Bible once every year. Despite the fact that Edgar claimed that he could feel auras around people and speak to angels, he did not know if the abilities were spiritual. For the reason that Cayce’s readings were in opposition to the biblical teachings, he decided to bring his channeling sessions to an end.

In total, Cayce gave over 22,000 readings using the abilities of astral projection, mediumship, aura reading, and prophesying. He even supported different controversial concepts about the history of life on Earth. He also advocated the possible existence of Atlantis and aliens.


  1. Daniel Dunglas Home

As a Scottish physical medium born in 1833, Daniel Dunglas Home had the ability to levitate and connect with the deceased ones. At the age of 18, Home held his first session during which the table started moving without a physical touch. Home started traveling to heal the ill and help people communicate with the dead. Although Home never asked for money, he was completely dependent on gifts and donations from wealthy supporters.

As recorded by paranormal historian Frank Podmore, Home slowly raised from the ground and reached a height of approximately 6 inches. After 10 seconds, he slowly returned to his initial position. This performance was later associated with Balducci levitation, which is a magic trick invented by an unknown person and first described by Ed Balducci.

Although Home had never been publicly accused of scamming the people, critics claim that he was caught in fraud multiple times. For instance, during one of his séances, Frederick Greenwood noticed that a “spirit-hand” was just a fake limb fastened to Home’s arm. Home was also caught in using his feet for various spirit effects. He also used phosphorus oil to create a luminous effect. Unfortunately, these allegations have never been reported in detailed descriptions of his séances.

Even though Frank Podmore, Milbourne Christopher, Trevor H. Hall, and Gordon Stein conceived Home as a fraudster, some investigations proved the validity of the phenomena demonstrated by the physical medium. For example, the report issued by William Crookes describes the results of his experiment and states that Home was a genuine psychic. Home’s abilities were proven using the Accordion experiment.

Still, some critics issued evaluations of the experiment and stated that there was no solid explanation given in the final report, meaning that Home’s abilities were not validated by the investigations.


  1. Thomas Charles Lethbridge

Thomas Charles Lethbridge was a renowned explorer, archaeologist, and parapsychologist born in Somerset, in 1901. As a student, he made friends with Louis Clarke and Cyril Fox at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Unfortunately, many of his peers considered Lethbridge’s archaeological excavations to have poor quality.

Due to the rejection of his Gog Magog claims, Lethbridge decided to resign and moved to a village in East Devon. He ended up living in a haunted house, and this was when he got really into paranormal activities. Lethbridge started to investigate the phenomena through various experiments using a pendulum.

He managed to publish about 20-25 books and academic papers. The books were about archaeology, parapsychology, paranormal events, extrasensory perception. Lethbridge also wrote about the rays of energy that were transferred from each and every object. He claimed that these rays could be detected and observed through the divinatory technique called pendulum dowsing.

In 1971, Lethbridge died from a severe heart condition. His unfinished books were collected and assembled to be published even after his death.


  1. John Edward McGee Jr.

Born in 1969, John Edward is an American TV personality and author who also claims to have psychic abilities. Besides, he states that he receives information from the deceased ones. He first appeared on “Larry King Live,” after which he even managed to produce and host the show of his own, “Crossing Over with John Edward” (2001-2004). The show featured readings answering the questions of the audience members. The audience was not required to provide any details about their lives or families. Still, they were free to add some facts if they wanted to do so.

From 2006 to 2008, Edward appeared in another show called “John Edward Cross Country.” Each episode provided readings, after which Edward would visit the people whose readings were showcased. He traveled across the US and gave public readings to larger groups of people.

While Edward might have dozens of supporters and admirers, critics doubt his psychic abilities. They argue that Edward just uses hot reading, cold reading, and mentalist techniques to retrieve information from the audience.


  1. Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry is an American clairvoyant psychic who gained fame through a reality show series “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” His clairvoyant abilities were first noticed at the age of 10 when he gave readings to his classmates and teachers. He even managed to foresee his grandmother’s death. After graduating high school early, Henry attended hospice nurse training classes. Simultaneously, Henry was offering private reading sessions.

In 2015, Henry gave a reading to one of the Kardashians onKeeping Up with the Kardashians.” Soon after that, he appeared on “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” In the series “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry,” Henry demonstrates his paranormal abilities and communicates with the other side. Tyler has helped dozens of celebrities, including Megan Fox, Chrissy Mets, Jim Parsons, RuPaul, Becky G, Maddie Ziegler, Jaleel White, and many more.

Although Tyler’s popularity has been rising ever since he first appeared on TV, critics claim that Henry uses hot reading and cold reading techniques to obtain as much information from the clients as possible. You can check out a YouTube video by Nicki Swift to get a better idea of why Tyler’s readings might be totally fake.


  1. Uri Geller

Along with being an illusionist, magician, and TV personality, Uri Geller is also a self-styled psychic. Geller started his career with photographic modeling and later worked as a nightclub entertainer. As a result of Geller’s performances in theatres, universities, public halls, and military bases in Israel, he became pretty famous in not only Europe but also in the US.

In the 1970s, Geller started appearing in various TV programs and demonstrated his psychic abilities. Uri claimed to have supernatural power to perform psychokinesis, telepathy, and dowsing. Although he explained his feats by the presence of willpower and reported that his paranormal abilities were gifted to him by extraterrestrials, skeptics have caught him cheating during the performances. Critics explained his tricks by the techniques of stage magic.

The fact is that Geller could not perform many of his tricks in front of the investigators. Besides, his predictions simply ended up being inaccurate.


  1. Gary Spivey

Gary Spivey is a well-known psychic and spiritual healer with a dense silver afro wig. Along with the unique hairstyle, Gary is renowned for his calm and cheerful character traits. Ever since Spivey was born, he saw and felt things that no one else could.

With the aim to enlighten people and make them feel good, Gary turned his psychic abilities into entertainment. Spivey performs on radio programs, TV shows, and offers personal reading sessions, workshops, and seminars. What Gary does is that he entertainingly explains various issues. He believes that everyone on this planet is connected and we are all a part of God.

You can find more information about his webinars, spiritual retreats, seminars, workshops, and live casino shows by following the link to his official website. Gary also owns his personal YouTube channel through which he streams videos called “Tapping In with Gary Spivey Livecast.”


  1. Derek Francis Johnson, AKA Derek Acorah

Derek Francis Johnson, also known as Derek Acorah, was a self-proclaimed psychic and spiritual medium which has passed away recently, in January 2020. As Acorah claimed, he first felt the presence of the spirit of his deceased grandfather at the age of 6. This was when Acorah decided to become a psychic and the choice was supported by his psychic grandmother.

At the age of 46, he first appeared on TV channel, “Granada Breeze.” He was featured in various shows, including “Livetime,” “Psychic Livetime,” and “Predictions.” The latter one was later renamed to “Predictions with Derek Acorah.” In 2001, Acorah joined a TV program called “Haunting Truths,” and this is when he really gained fame. He even wrote a book full of useful tips and tricks for a successful ghost hunting. The kindle version of the book called “Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah can be purchased on Amazon.

Despite the fact that critics doubt Acorah’s psychic abilities, his supporters claim that his credibility should not be brought into question just because he could not get everything 100% right and made several mistakes.


  1. James Allen Hydrick

James Allen Hydrick is a leading purported psychic and a former stage performer who has been declared guilty of child sexual abuse. He was even arrested several times for crimes, such as burglary and assault. Despite this, Hydrick gained fame through his karate and sleight-of-hand tricks. Claiming to have psychic abilities of psychokinesis, Hydrick appeared on different TV shows. Although he demonstrated his supernatural power on the reality show “That’s Incredible!”, he could not prove his skills on another show called “That’s My Line.”

Later, investigative journalist and experienced magician Dan Korem proved that Hydrick’s psychic abilities were fake and all he used was simple stage magic tricks. Finally, Hydrick confessed and said that his primary goal was to see how dumb the world was.

If you are intrigued by the case of James Allen Hydrick, do not forget to check out the YouTube video about his psychic confession.


  1. Simon Scott Turnbull

Last but not list, Simon Scott Turnbull was yet another self-proclaimed psychic and an entrepreneur interested in parapsychology, telepathy, and other paranormal issues. It all began when he visited a psychic called Brian Zodemsky, who gave accurate readings using Tarot cards. Turnbull was impressed with the results and wanted to know more about the techniques Zodemsky used to interpret the reading. Turnbull even went to a spiritualist church to explore mediumship and master some other methods of divination.

Shortly after that, Simon started offering psychic readings along with developing his musical career. Turnbull appeared on TV shows where he demonstrated his supernatural abilities to feel the energy and read the life of the owner of the specific object.

In 2003, he began a research experiment with psychic researcher Charles Scarf. They used the techniques of predictive remote viewing (PRV) to determine whether the method was useful for predicting the stock market.

From 2004 to 2013, Turnbull received four awards, including Australian Psychic of the Year (National), Australian Psychic Hall of Fame, Australian Psychic of the Year (NSW), and Australian Psychic Ambassador awards.

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