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Spotting Fake Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/12/20 11:08 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/05/20 11:09 AM EST

How to Spot a Fake Psychic

Most of us have to suffer from ups and downs throughout life. We study, pass or fail exams, study some more, we might get what we thought was our perfect job and it turns out to be a disaster or we may struggle to find any job at all. We fall in love and out of love, some of us get married, some of us get divorced. People are born and people die. Some people can handle the ups and downs, others turn to medication while others feel the answers lie within a psychic.

What we see many times is that those who turn to psychics are in desperate need of help, it makes them the easy victim and they are often willing to believe anything they hear. It is also easier for these people to give away information unwillingly, which a fake psychic can then use to lure them further into believing. On the contrary, someone who is skeptical of psychic readings will do everything possible to not allow their body language to provide any information.

As a warning to both the believers and non-believers, ever since we started posting information on social media, we are making it far easier for fake psychics to thrive. To prove this point, google your own name and see how much information there is online about you. Even if you are the type of person who tends to only share amusing memes or posts, this can still tell a person plenty about your personality, political beliefs, etc.

Online psychic services is a $2 billion industry per year. All it takes to become a fake psychic reader is a little bit of intuition and an internet connection, perhaps some research skills and a basic knowledge of psychology will add to the con artists success. Here is a guide to some of the typical actions of a fake psychic, whether online or face to face.

  1. A fake psychic will conjure up an incredible past life

If you have been told that you were Queen Victoria or Elvis Presley in your past life, you should see this as a giant red flag. If you do believe in past lives and reincarnation it is possible that you were a significant person in another life. But the chances are much more likely that you were a normal person, leading a normal life, like billions of other people who have walked the planet. Telling you that you were a famous person is just a way to hook you.

  1. Negative, vague readings

We have seen cases of fake psychics who tell the querent that they have a curse on them and that for x amount of money, they can remove the curse. The curse gradually becomes more complex and the fraudster needs more money and materials to remove the curse. This can run into the hundreds and thousands. Whether is a curse, a spell or a dark aura around you followed by a need to hand over more money to have it removed, the chances are it’s a scam.

  1. The information that you are given is very general

Show me a person today who doesn’t need a holiday! When a psychic tells you that you are in need of a holiday of course they are going to get it right. Things like “It’s been a hard year for you”, 2020 has been a hard year for everyone so again, these types of very general sentences are going to apply to a large percentage of the population. But, it’s easy to fall for this generalism when you are in desperate need of help. A genuine psychic will be able to use their highly intuitive abilities to provide you with some specific insights. This is also known as a cold reading, “There is someone important in your life whose name starts with S”. Most people know someone whose name begins with S.

  1. You are told precisely what you want to hear

When life is going just as you want and things are positive, it’s rare that you will ask a psychic those tough questions. It’s when you are going through one of the ‘downs’ that you will have questions and, in your mind, you know the answer you want to hear. Unfortunately, without sounding stereotypical, there are statistics on age, stages of life, gender, and the types of questions people will ask in a reading. A single person who is at a certain age is statistically going to ask about whether or not they will find love (as an example). Fake psychics will be aware of these questions and they will have an answer that you want to hear. You want a glimmer of hope and they will find a way to give it to you, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

  1. Fake psychics ask a lot of questions

Don’t worry if your psychic asks a couple of questions. Sometimes this is just to help you relax and create some form of relationship. When this starts to become several questions and then a complete survey, you know you are dealing with a fake. This is because, in a real reading, it’s the querent who should be asking the questions. Each question that they ask you will give them more information than you probably realize, and this will fuel the scam even further.

  1. They will focus on your future

it, you don’t need any intuitive abilities to make suggestions about what will happen in the future. The average adult changes career 7 times throughout their life, so it’s a safe bet that you will change your career. The future is anyone’s guess and a genuine psychic will be able to provide accurate readings on both your past and your future.

It is a real shame that there are so many fakes out there and that since online reading has become increasingly popular, it’s even harder to control this. Our advice is not to let one bad experience put you off. If a psychic tells you that they need more money to remove a curse or spell, definitely don’t hand over your money. You are better off reading reviews and the experiences of other people and choosing another psychic who will give you a real reading.

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