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What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 1:50 AM EDT
  • Updated: 11/09/20 6:21 PM EST
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Star Tarot Card Meaning

As the 17th Major Arcana card, we immediately notice positive imagery or hope and renewal. There is a woman kneeling with one foot in a body of water. She has two jugs, one if replenishing the water reserves while the other is watering the ground causing 5 rivers to flow away from her. The Ibis bird perched in the tree on the far right is a symbol of the Egyptian god, Thor, who is the god of magic, wisdom, and writing.

Dusk is falling. There are seven small stars around a large golden star, each with eight points. The golden star is a sign of hope and new beginnings.

The woman is naked. The only thing she has is water. The water represents the soul, one’s emotions, and the inner self. She pours it onto the dry land as small seedlings start to sprout. Although the water is her only possession, she offers it to the Earth, hoping for something better to be created.

The Ibis is sat in a tree of knowledge, the woman’s hair is yellow, another symbol of knowledge. As the water flows into the ground, it points to the pouring of our souls into an amazing creation.

This is a simple card and has a very clear message. If you have nothing to lose, there is nothing to grasp onto. Hope is all that is left, and hope must be shared or invested. When you receive this card, it means that you are full of hope about a new start. You are prepared to do something that you had thought wasn’t possible. The light from the star guides you.

You are probably feeling very positive. You have made a decision to move forward with your plans and feel that there is nothing to lose. You aren’t innocent or naïve, but you have decided to stay hopeful and welcome the gifts that the universe offers.

It is possible that you are feeling a buzz of happiness, as if on cloud nine. You may start to see the beauty of life and living, like the butterflies of falling in love.

The Star might also be showing you that it is the moment when you appreciate the abilities you have and what they can do for the world. You might feel the need to do more for humanity.

When Reversed:

In this position, the Star suggests that you aren’t sure what you desire, or that you are lacking hope. You have lost touch with your instincts and your purpose in this life. You aren’t going backwards, but neither are you going forward.

It could also imply that you aren’t confident about the choices you have made. You may have decided to do something because someone else needed it or because it appeared to be a good plan.

Upturned, the Star might point to the fact that you have lost your motivation and energy for life. That you are in the process of going through the motions. If you have not been listening to your inner self, you probably won’t be able to find direction in your life.


You had a moment of great inspiration and creativity. You managed to make something from nothing, and you know that if needs must, you have the power to do it again.


You are on the edge of doing something amazing with your life. You firmly believe that things will turn out as you had hoped and that this moment will lead you to a more complete life.


Your experiences at the moment will take you to a fresh time of renewal. You will have conviction and will feel inspired to go out into the world and let others see your individual talents.

Yes/No Question:

The answer will be yes.

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