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Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/09/20 8:34 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 8:34 PM EDT
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

There is a woman bent over giving affection to a lion. The lion looks up at her as she strokes its head and under its chin. It may fear the woman as its tail is between its legs, suggesting submission. They are in the countryside with trees behind and in the background, the peak of a blue mountain protrudes on the west. The sky is golden.

Strength is full of powerful imagery, despite its simplicity. The white robe of the woman is wrapped with red roses, the symbol of magic. She has an infinity symbol above her head. The lion, the king of the jungle, represents danger because it is wild and at the top of the hierarchy. Furthermore, the long mane points to a male lion, the leader of the pride.

The woman is neither strong nor protected. She has no armor or weapons. She is strong-willed, and this is where she finds her strength. She is able to tame the beast with gentleness.

This card also represents your inner strength. It shows you are patient, restrained, and you possess stamina. You are able to move forward without fear and with calmness. You are aware that everything is temporary. You are able to gain power not by being forceful, but by staying calm.

In a tarot reading, the Strength card reminds you that it is important to win the war, not the battle. You may have experienced problems, but you will still reach your goal.

You might be guiding someone, or you may have a person who steers you along the path of calm. This person tames the lion inside you. The woman doesn’t force the lion into being submissive, it is what he wants. This suggests that you too have the inner strength to encourage amazing things to happen.

It might be necessary for you to not only stay calm but also to stay quiet in order to overcome your challenges.

When Reversed:

You could be feeling powerless, incapable, or cowardly. Your problems might be overwhelming you to the extent that you can’t cope with them and you are fearing the worst. It could be that you are trying too hard to make things happen, forcing things instead of allowing things to run their course. Doing so will only cause adverse effects.

When Strength is reversed, it could point to someone in your life that is draining your strength, an energy vampire or someone is too dependent on others and their insecurity is contagious.


There will have been a situation that you managed to take control of, and this has served you well and helped you arrive at your present situation. It’s likely that you passed an important test or got a promotion at work. Whatever it was, it certainly gave you the drive you require.


The knowledge you have in your field is booming. Things are improving and you only have to keep doing what you are doing now.


There might be things that are niggling at you right now, but they will not hold significance in the future. Think back a few months ago and the problems of your past probably have little relevance now. Time is what will help your problems.

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