Avoiding Psychic Scams

Tara Medium, Trusted Psychic or Scam?

Tara Medium, Psychic or Scam?
Tara Medium, Psychic or Scam?
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/09/20 1:12 AM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 1:12 AM EDT
Tara Medium, Trusted Psychic or Scam?

Review: Tara Medium – Scam or Trusted Psychic?

We came across a cohort of digitally created psychics over the months and do our best to separate the wheat from the chaff. Psychic services are a massive scam all over the internet and it´s a shame that the reputation of real gifted psychics is pulled through the dirt by media companies setting up fake profiles.

Greed turns people away from their path. Unfortunately, there is a lot of greedy businesses out there that can´t come up with a unique business idea and therefore cheaply replicate what other greedy businesses do, in order to earn a few dollars. If they consulted a real psychic, they might find their passion and be honest with themselves to go after their dreams. Until now they only create more negative karma for themselves, that´s sooner or later gonna catch up with them.

Companies that are shady businesses are New Lotus Web Ltd., Kandinksy and Partners Ltd., Internet Offers Ltd. and a few more. They are either located in Gibraltar or Hong Kong and have questionable Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions in place. Whenever a company operates out of these two hubs, it´s clear that they are only after the money and certainly don´t deliver the services that they are claiming to offer.

Some of them openly state that the psychics they create are fictional characters, others simply confirm that they run the marketing for them.


Marketing Companies in Gibraltar and Hong Kong

We always do our research to give you the full picture. One of the fake psychics we recently came across is a lady called “Tara Medium”. Similar to “ Extraordinary Chris,” “Medium Maria” and “Exceptional Ron” she has the same tactics and methods in place to pull money out of your pockets. Her marketing is run by a company called Astroway Ltd. based in Gibraltar, which is the first red flag here.

Similar to the other companies listed above, Astroway has addresses in both Hong Kong and Gibraltar. The first one being:

Astroway Ltd., Unit 2605 Island Prince Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Hong Kong

and the second one is:

Astroway Limited, 8A Pittmans Alley, Main Street, Gibraltar

Since all of the shady companies are located at the exact same address in Gibraltar and on top of that have a second address in Hong Kong, it starts to look like these are all one and the same company under the same roof. Furthermore, both cities are known for avoiding taxes and for money laundering, next to dodgy practices that by-pass the law, such as refusing refunds etc. So any company you find offering you services out of Gibraltar or Hong Kong might not operate in the most legal way.

It could, of course, also be that all astro companies are sharing an office space together, however that is unlikely. It´s the first indicator that all psychics listed with them are fake! The biographies usually reveal more about the persons ‘realness’. The farther off the story goes, the more likely it is the story is not even true.

 Tara´s Biography

As for Tara, she says she was conceived in the middle of the ocean between Brazil and the United States at only 8 months. Her psychic gifts were already with her as a newborn baby and she has the rare ability to connect with anyone without the support of tarot cards, pendulums, astrology or numerology.

As a child she started having visions and when she was five years old, her godfather went missing with a plane. Nobody knew where he was, but Tara received a vision with him with a broken arm, telling her that she would see him on Sunday. He was soon found and her family went to visit him on that Sunday in hospital!

She continues to have visions since then and sees more and more clearly every time. She can perceive the future of a person as well as their entire life path. That´s a rare gift that indeed not many psychics can promote themselves with. She goes on telling us that she learned form a great spiritual master from the West, when she was only 19 years old, and then travelled the world to share her gifts. She perfected her craft by learning from more masters and adopting tools such as tarot cards, runes, numerology and oracles. Who these masters were, she does not mention though.

What´s rad is that she first declares to not need any support to read a person’s energy, but then says she mastered all of the tools regular psychics use as well. The question is why does she need them then?

Tara further goes on telling her audience that she feels very fortunate to be working over the internet, since she can react quickly to a request of a person and read their energy instantly. She is happy about all the positive reviews she gets and that she can help as many people as possible. Scroll further down how many positive reviews there actually are about her!


Free Psychic Readings

Like many other psychics Tara offers her readings for free, at first. The follow up request is to give her $49 for an in-depth reading on your life path and what awaits you. A lot of her advertising is similar to “Exceptional Ron”, including the extraordinary life story with a birth between countries and a month to early, visions, and learning from masters.

Similar to other mediums she also has an online store that offers e-books for incredibly high prices such as $49. For a digital book that can be slapped together in no time, that´s a high price to ask for! Her books are called Mental Power, Astro Force and The 7 Secrets of True Happiness. Considering the fact that these books can be purchased with similar content on amazon for a lower price, it´s questionable what exactly she talks about in her writings.

Tara is, like any of the other psychics, not reachable via phone or video chat. The only way to contact her is by leaving your email and receiving a free reading. This she uses as a hook to keep sending you messages with links to buy her pricey readings.

Any psychic that´s only communicating via email, with no trace of them as a real person, is a big red flag for us. Since most media companies operate in the same way, we can see similarities quickly.

A true psychic should be able to do in-person readings in which they respond to your questions and are there for you in real time, either face to face, by phone or video chat.

The problem with email readings is that they can be generically written and you can´t confirm if the psychic actually channeled the message for you, or if it´s the same for everyone. If the content of the message is very broad and open, it’s most of the time a good indicator that you are not dealing with a real psychic here. Especially if the marketing company sends out automated emails that´s praying on people’s vulnerabilities.


Fake Psychics – Common Signs

Tara is nothing new under the moon. Having researched fake psychics over the past months and years, the stories are very similar. They all have an astonishing biography, that´s a little too crazy to be true.

They are only reachable via email, but they are the ones reaching out, not you. They offer free readings as a hook to get you to buy a more expensive reading. They are managed by a media company that´s located in Gibraltar or Hong Kong, or both.

They have a main picture on their website and in their ads, which often can be traced back to be a stock photo. If you dig deeper, you find out that a lot of people got scammed and utterly unsatisfied with the service they bought. Even if the website has a money back guarantee, it´s often impossible to get the money back for a fraudulent reading.


Reviews about Tara Medium

The reviews speak for themselves. Tara Medium is a real bummer, for someone looking to find a genuine psychic. 312 reviews from a total of 400 rate hear with a single star only and call her a scam. Most of them are upset about being ripped off. Most of them didn´t get their refund and were left with a generic reading that could apply to anyone.

Several people even bought a reading and never got it delivered. Which is even worse. You could get a reading with a highly gifted person for less of the price and a real transformative experience. Also, some people had money taken out of their account although they did not give her permission for that. It might be that by requesting a free reading or the $49 one that you automatically sign up for a monthly reading delivered to you. Something to watch out for.

Some people on the other hand were charged twice for booking the $49 reading in two instalments.There was one review, however, that stood out and could twist the story a bit. One testimonial mentioned that Tara Medium indeed existed before, but passed away. Her name was eventually adopted by the media company that is now selling services in her name. If that´s the case, it´s even worse than just creating fake personas online and selling fake services.

I don´t even want to know how much bad karma is gonna catch with that media company soon.

In retrospect nothing of what we found out confirms Tara as a genuine psychic offering you genuine services.

If you want a reading, keep your hands away from Astroway and from “Tara Medium” and consult a psychic that has a track record of positive reviews!

65 Replies to “Tara Medium, Trusted Psychic or Scam?”

  1. I found Tara Medium via the internet and found her story so fascinating! I truly believed her. Started with a free reading first, which was good, and then thought I will continue with a payed reading just to see in-depth what she can tell me, if she has powers she can surely help me to see what I can not. So I bought a reading but never got it send. I wrote many emails, and it took a long time until finally somebody noticed and then I got my reading. but it was very lofty and not really in-depth and I don´t understand why it cost so much then. Also, lateron Tara took money from my bank account two ore month. I did not notice first, but all of a sudden the money was missing, I wondered why, because I did not buy again from her after my first experience! I emailed again and got no response, at first. After three weeks or so somebody finally responded and they sent my money back, but had I not insisted, that might have not happened. Stay away from Tara!

    1. Oh no, is that true? What did you do about the money to get it back? Was it a specific email that got them to respond? Just curious to know.

    2. Her story reaches catches you for a moment. But her practice is the worst. I agree, stay away from Tara. She is a scammer.

  2. I bought her book from the website, truly believing she is an extraordinary psychic! The book was very basic and nothing in it has helped me so far. I did not like and I think it is immensely overpriced.

    1. Yes, Dora. It’s a bitter truth that her books are much expensive and useless. How about consulting
      another sensible psychic?

  3. I think I´m just too good hearted. I really believed her story and what she told me in the free reading! But then I thought, before I invest in a full psychic reading or buy one of her books, I better research what others have to say about her. Oh my goodness, I had no idea these things are run like this!

    1. Yes don´t let your heart be broken by people who are not worth it! Not a psychic and not anyone else. Check people, not everyone is a good person, unfortunately!

  4. I was researching on the web about Tara, since I had never heard about her and wanted to find out if it was worth to invest in a reading with her. Thank you for writing this informative article about her or well the company behind her!

  5. Tara is a full-on scam! I got the free reading and got blinded because I was bellieving more in her skills, then reading what was written in my free reading. The free reading is very superficial and can apply to anyone. Same problems everywhere. Then I bought the reading with her and found this one also kind of superficial, I thought maybe she works this way, some psychics don´t give you clear directions, they let you figure out everything yourself, but even then, why would I pay for this. I found you, because I wanted to know if I only misinterpret her or if there is more to these superficial readings. I can see now, why!

    1. Right on, why would you pay for vague readings. If it´s vague, you can figure it out yourself and don´t need to consult a psychic right? I so hate this. Some psychics are simply giving you future possibilities, but that´s not what a reading is all about.

    2. Thank you sharing your story here to enlighten more people about the nature of tara! Nobody should pay her money anymore!

  6. Yes, I feel you! I got into it as well, the reading, the book, the mails! Too much after a while. It took me awhile to understand what I bought into, but it finally made click! Only then I started researching and found your wonderful website. Thank you for sharing this information so openly!

    1. Did you manage to get your money back? I´m in the same position and just wondering what works to get payed back the cash I invested! There must be a way for sure and I guess someone was already successful with it?

  7. I think Tara is wonderful! I received a reading and it was awesome! I don´t have much experience, but at least for me it made sense!

  8. My heart goes out to all of you, who booked a reading and never got what you expected and what you deserve! Know that these people will get their karma back one day.

  9. Tara Medium has fascinated me for a while and I fully trusted her. I order a reading with her too and found it ok, not amazing but ok. Thee were a few things which are true for me and a few which don´t make sense yet, maybe later. You never know!

    1. Its true! I can say the same. I bought some readings and this is exactly how it happened with me. Some where really accurate and I cannot root for the others up until now but let’s see maybe in the future.

  10. I´ve been following Tara for a while and truly believe in her. Her gentle manner and her free readings always seem to be very truthful to me. I don´t think this can be true, all that is written here.

  11. Tara is a fake persona and a scam. Don´t buy from her, don´t take the free reading and don´t fall into the same trap as so many others!!! She is just sending you lots of emails to buy, but never believe in what she says in these emails. She is not reading your energy and certainly not personalizing the emails. Stay away from her!

    1. Exactly! She tries to trap you with the free reading to make you buy readings from her. In fact, the free reading is just fake.

    1. Yes, totally, Tara is the Female Buddha, but this tara here is not a female Buddha at all! Haha, gotta wait for enlightenment to find the female Buddha!

  12. Huh, I just ordered her free reading! Received it in no time and got a bit worried, why it came so quick, she needs to take time to read my energy first, right?

    1. Yes she does! Nobody can send a reading so fast, they need to tune into your field first, otherwise they are not reading you and you don´t get a reading but just an email with some info that can´t be energy based.

  13. Tara is a scam like all the others. She offers a free reading and then wants you to buy more of her other offerings. I highly doubt she does any in person readings and let alone is reading the energy of a person to give a reading. She is a fake persona from the internet. Better find a real person that gives you a reading, it´s more enjoyable anyways.

  14. Tara is one of the worst psychics I have ever encountered, her recommendations are B***S*** and She just tries to scare people to an extent, that they buy a reading or a spell or a ritual or something else out of their fear. She is just manipulative and pressuring everyone, so I warn people to please be aware of her evil. 

  15. Its hard to believe these psychics who posed to be most concern about your insecurities, but in reality they are the one who take advantage of them.

    1. Yes all of them are truly manipulative and not worth your time. Non of them is understanding and helpful, let alone healing for you. So better stay away from them. If you want to find a psychic to help you, go and see a real shaman, a Reiki Master or a studied NLP practitioner, a person who is clairvoyant and such. These people can truly help you with your issues, but with a more grounded and actionable approach. Although after years of doing this, I find Coaching is the most sure-short solution to everything! Because you are in charge of your own life.

  16. I just ordered a reading from Tara. But all she did was emailing me to buy more readings otherwise a big curse will come to me. I was left with no other option but just to unsubscribe her.

  17. I wish I could have reached to this post much earlier. But I have been already scammed by Tara but i urger everyone to believe this guys because I have wasted my money on these fake psychics.

  18. Tara seem to be sweetest of all but reality is pretty harsh. She is sweetest because she is trapping you. Once you fell into her trap there is no way going back.

    1. Exactly Aisha! This is same as you described. She is rude in her profession. She charges a lot of money and doesn’t give accurate readings.

  19. I had a reading from tara. But it was too small and basic and when I asked for more she said for full reading. I have to pay her and they were charging hell lot of money. And kept on mailing me to pressurize, this got me suspicious as none of true psychic will come after you. There work speaks for themselve.

    1. Misha, I can understand your condition. Instead of getting upset, find a great psychic that will bring your life to happiness. Keep trying.

  20. They all are fake. Sometimes I wonder they dont even exist. It just fake companies who are making money out of innocent people.

    1. Yes, one more, next to all the other ones that you find presented on this website here. It´s a shame to see what these companies set up! There is so many business ideas that could be put into practice, what a waste to do something that generates bad karma and does not help people at all.

  21. Tara’s story is great and it did speak to me back in the days. But now I think I was just naïve to believe her words.

  22. While I was browsing the internet, I found Tara Medium. I was inspired by her story so I bought her book. The book was quite good and helpful. It had some significant information and it really showed how much he knows about this stuff. I am convinced to go for her readings now and soon I will share my experience. Up till now, I am satisfied from her.

    1. So interesting! Everyone is saying she is a scam, but you seem to really like her. I would like to know what you get out of the reading. Please com back and reply here!

  23. Thanks, Sara Ambrason, for exposing the real faces of these innocent-looking fake psychics.
    Best regards to you. You are doing great work.

  24. I can really agree to everything that is written in this article because really Tara Medium appears too good to be true. I even went for her free reading but ahh, I wish I had not. It just wasted minutes of my life that I could have spent doing something else productive. So guys save your money, DO NOT GO FOR THESE FAKE PSYCHICS.

  25. I found Tara Medium and yes, she uses a stock photo. OMG! She is as fake as a plastic doll. Guys do not go for her. She is just there to steal your money.

  26. Tara Medium’s story is an inspiring one but her work is NOT. She is trust worthy at all. Also, she is very very very expensive and a normal person cannot afford to buy from her. Stay away from her and find a psychic that is actually worthy of that much money.

    1. Yes, Maria! It’s like that! She is a big fraud. Thank God I found this article; otherwise, I was going to buy her readings. I am happy that my money is saved now.

  27. Seriously guys stay away from Tara Medium if you want a happy life. She is a big fraud. Thanks, Sara Ambrason, for this useful article. You are helping many people in saving their time and money. Good job.

  28. I bought the two readings from Tara Medium. I found her genuine and favorable. There was nothing special in readings. Even a child can tell those things. Very disgusting.

  29. Be attentive!!! Stay away from the Tara Medium. Find out a genuine and intelligent psychic and buy his readings to get satisfaction.

  30. What is your opinion about Mr.Padre and ms.christina both from hongkong claims to be psychic readers and chage around Rs2000/-

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