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The Best Psychics on California Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/14/20 10:08 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/14/20 10:09 PM EST

Who Are the Best Psychics on California Psychics?

California Psychics is a leading online psychic platform offering various types of readings by top advisors. By going to the official website or downloading the California Psychics app on your Android or iOS device, you gain access to hundreds of talented psychics 24/7. Since California Psychics advisors specialize in a wide range of readings, you can find the right psychic with literally no effort.

Although California Psychics is a reputable platform, you still need to be attentive when searching for an advisor. We have done a very in depth review of California Psychics but in this article we will breakdown the top psychics on California psychics.The most important factor you should consider is the overall rating and customer reviews about a specific psychic. Hence, it is beneficial to know who the best psychics on California Psychics are before paying for a random reading.

In this article, I will list a couple of features that make California Psychics a trustworthy psychic network. Next, I will list the top-rated psychics working through the platform. Finally, I will cover the factors you should consider when searching for the right advisor on California Psychics.

What Makes California Psychics a Reliable Platform?

If you have ever considered consulting an online psychic, you probably know that California Psychics is one of the most reputable psychic platforms. But what makes the company so reliable?

Here are some of the factors that make California Psychics a trustworthy psychic network:

  • Leading psychic community appreciated by thousands of people;
  • The company cares about its customers and remote psychics;
  • California Psychics is exceptionally supportive to customers and team members;
  • California Psychics allows only genuine psychics to work for the platform after successfully completing the 4-step recruiting process;
  • California Psychics has tons of positive reviews from past customers;
  • Last but not least, the professionalism of psychics is what makes California Psychics so reliable.

While these were a couple of substantial reasons why you should trust California Psychics, advisors’ exceptional sets of skills and psychic abilities have the most powerful impact on the reliability of the platform. When you see psychics with high star ratings and thousands of positive reviews, it means that the company is great at finding the top-notch psychics.

The Top 10 Psychics on California Psychics

If you have decided to consult an advisor on California Psychics, here are the top 10 psychics by reviews.

1.    Taylor – Empowers you to take back control.

Taylor is a top-rated empath, clairaudient, and clairsentient who uses Tarot cards and Numerology to provide accurate readings about your life path. Taylor avoids critical approaches and tells you the truth without hurting your heart or soul. What makes her readings exceptionally reliable is that she shapes them to an individual’s energy and delivers personalized guidance. Besides, Taylor has been providing professional psychic readings for over 25 years, meaning that she knows exactly how to use particular tools to offer straight-to-the-point advice.

About Taylor:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2010
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Reviews – 1,472
  • Total Readings – 20,549
  • Rate – $10.00 per minute
  • Code – 5322
  • Topics – Destiny, Life Path, Love, Relationships, Career, Work
  • Abilities – Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
  • Tools – Tarot, Numerology, Pendulum
  • Style – Compassionate

Testimonials from past customers:

“Taylor described a woman I met recently in great detail. She was accurate about the woman’s clothes, hair and eye color, and even her position at work. I have been consulting Taylor for years now and I am impressed with her exceptional skills that never disappoint you.”

“I had some serious issues in my seven-year relationship. I was ready to give up and walk away. About 6 months ago, Taylor delivered inspiring guidance and predicted things that are happening now. I am looking forward to connecting to her again.”

“Taylor is an incredible angel. I stopped using the website for 4-5 years and she still remembered me! You should definitely trust her ratings.”

“Taylor knew things she could never have known without me having to say a word about it. She always manages to help with my anxiety. Taylor is a gifted psychic you should trust.”

“I have been saving money to receive answers to some of the mysterious questions I had. After years of getting readings from random psychics, I came across her profile and decided to give it a go. Ever since then, Taylor has been my guiding light with abilities to deliver detailed and motivational readings.”

2.    Uma – Reveals what delays your happiness.

Uma only needs your name and birth date to provide an in-depth reading and answer specific questions about love, career, money, and finances. She has 7 years of experience working as a professional psychic reader, but Uma’s supernatural power made her different from others at a very young age. She has the ability to connect to deceased loved ones and deliver their messages to the family members. Uma found her real purpose by contemplating her unique characteristics and is willing to help others find their real purpose in life.

About Uma:

  • Customer Pick Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2018
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Reviews – 3,756
  • Total Readings – 6,815
  • Rate – $7.50 per minute
  • Code – 7022
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Career, Work, Money, Finance
  • Abilities – Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Dream Analyst
  • Tools – Tarot, Oracle Cards
  • Style – Straightforward

Testimonials from past customers:

“I trusted Uma and was sure that everything she had to say would be the truth. Within a couple of minutes, she shared lots of details and was also specific with timelines. The accuracy of the reading will be revealed over time, but the details seemed to be pretty realistic. Uma is an honest and wonderful psychic.”

“I felt like I had known Uma for my entire life. Her readings and predictions about every single aspect of life are extremely detailed and accurate. Uma is always truthful with whatever she has to tell. If she has to uncover heartbreaking news, she does it gently and compassionately.”

“Uma is incredible! She is so kind and tender-hearted that I cry every time I start talking about her. Just contact Uma! Her readings will make your life a better place, I promise.”

“Uma helped me clarify things when I was bewildered. She helped me reach a balance and made me feel much more lightweight. Everything was accurate and straight-to-the-point.”

“Uma is honest and her readings give you peace, hope, and the reason to move forward. She provides guidance to help you make the best decisions in life.”


3.    Ciarra – Brings you clarity and positive energy.

Ciarra is one of the veteran advisors on California Psychics with tons of loyal clients who keep connecting to her for insightful readings. Ciarra has been working on California Psychics for the last 18 years and has over 30 years of experience reading Tarot cards. She aims to promote the accumulation of positive energies and allow you to uncover your real power. Ciarra delivers psychic readings with great love and you will feel this during every single consultation.

About Ciarra:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2002
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Reviews – 776
  • Total Readings – 24,773
  • Rate – $10.00 per minute
  • Code – 8624
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Destiny, Life Path, Career, Work
  • Abilities – Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Empath
  • Tools – Tarot
  • Style – Straightforward

Testimonials from past customers:

“Ciarra has a rare gift and her psychic abilities are just incredible. She is a magnificent psychic and her Tarot reading skills are unearthly. She proved her professionalism to me and this is why I trust her.”

“This lady has been reading for me for so many years and she has not been wrong even once. I regard Ciarra as my sweet friend and I trust her with all my heart.”

“No matter if the news is good or bad, Ciarra tells the truth. She is the best psychic I have ever talked with. And if you are worried about the trustworthiness of testimonials, they are 100% accurate. Ciarra is simply the best.”

“I have been consulting Ciarra for years and she is the most accurate psychic I have ever met. She is a golden-hearted person with a truly incredible gift that allows her to answer even the mysterious questions.”

“Ciarra has helped me with a very challenging situation for me. She has been inspiriting me ever since I first connected to her. I do not know what I would do if not her readings and guidance.”

4.     Brandon – Motivates your being when he reads your energy.

By feeling your energy, Brandon can answer the questions you have not even asked yet. While Brandon can read without using tools, he usually incorporates Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology to provide even more insightful guidance. As a teenager, Brandon discovered his psychic abilities and has over 20 years of experience giving professional readings.

About Brandon:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2012
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Reviews – 1,024
  • Total Readings – 12,739
  • Rate – $13.00 per minute
  • Code – 5704
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Career, Work, Money, Finance
  • Abilities – Empath, Clairvoyant, Dream Analyst
  • Tools – Tarot, Astrology, Numerology
  • Style – Inspirational

Testimonials from past customers:

“Brandon is incredible. I told him only my name and he read my mind immediately. He even made predictions and provided specific timelines. The reading was worth every dime.”

“Brandon remembered our past conversations and every single name we have mentioned before. He is always confident about his readings and knows exactly how to alleviate my anxiety.”

“I always enjoy readings delivered by Brandon. He always remembers my situation and offers great guidance. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen.”

“I was a bit skeptical about Brandon, but after the very first reading, I can tell that he is legit. His predictions are gradually coming true and all the timeframes are accurate. I normally do not give testimonials, but Brandon really deserves to be appreciated.”

“I have talked with Brandon three times and he remembered everything. His readings are awesome and I would recommend him to anyone.”

5.    Barbie – Gives caring and perceptive readings.

Barbie has been a California Psychic since 2005 and has extensive experience in providing professional psychic readings. She is a Clairvoyant Empath with the ability to analyze dreams and use various tools to deliver motivational guidance. Barbie describes herself as a “life coach with inspiration” and she is always ready to answer every single type of question.

About Barbie:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2005
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 1,465
  • Total Readings – 24,310
  • Rate – $10.00 per minute
  • Code – 9295
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Career, Work, Destiny, Life Path
  • Abilities – Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Dream Analyst
  • Tools – Tarot, Oracle Cards, Crystals
  • Style – Inspirational

Testimonials from past customers:

“I have been reading with Barbie for many years now and her predictions have always been accurate. Barbie is my favorite psychic.”

“Barbie was 100% accurate about my husband and my parents. Her forecasts have helped me a lot. I adore speaking to Barbie and receiving inspirational guidance that can reduce my anxiety and stress.”

“I was worried about my relationship with a person I have loved with all my heart. I needed urgent guidance and Barbie provided an uplifting reading. I am so glad I connected to her.”

“Barbie’s lovely voice might make people think that she is telling them whatever they want to hear. However, Barbie is accurate with all her readings. Her predictions have been coming true during the last 13 years.”

“It was my first reading with Barbie and I was pretty impressed with her absolutely amazing abilities. She used Tarot and clairvoyance to describe my new house and the details were accurate. I hope that the timelines are also precise.”

6.    Bridget – Provides inspirational support for life issues.

Bridget is an inspirational psychic with the ability to connect to deceased loved ones and deliver their messages to the rest of the family. She also enjoys providing readings about love and relationships. By using Astrology, Tarot, and I-Ching, Bridget can answer various questions about any aspect of life. If you are looking for a compassionate and inspirational reading, Bridget is among the best options for you.

About Bridget:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2010
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 3,736
  • Total Readings – 42,333
  • Rate – $8.50 per minute
  • Code – 5249
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Destiny, Life Path, Past Lives
  • Abilities – Dream Analyst, Clairsentient, Empath
  • Tools – Astrology, Tarot, I-Ching
  • Style – Compassionate

Testimonials from past customers:

“Bridget delivered a clear and direct message that gave me hope and peace of mind. She is a very talented psychic.”

“This was my second reading with Bridget. She was accurate about every detail and timeframe. I feel encouraged and inspired after her amazing reading.”

“I really appreciate Bridget’s psychic skills and connect to her regularly to receive clear and accurate readings. Her energy is so positive.”

“Bridget has been very patient and supportive to me. She delivered clear readings and has always been there for me. She is an honest and inspirational psychic.”

“Bridget was extremely accurate with readings about my ex-boyfriend’s feelings and intentions. She quickly delivered insightful guidance and gave specific timelines. I hope she was also right with the dates.”

7.    Cooper – Provides powerful tools for forward movement.

Cooper is a clairsentient and clairaudient empath who believes that our future depends on the choices we make on a daily basis. By reading your energy, Cooper can provide answers to specific questions and help you discover new perspectives of life. Cooper delivers guidance and helps you live your best life without judgmental talks. After connecting to Cooper, you will instantly feel peace and coherence.

About Cooper:

  • Customer Pick Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2018
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 2,813
  • Total Readings – 5,819
  • Rate – $6.50 per minute
  • Code – 6955
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Career, Work, Money, Finance
  • Abilities – Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath
  • Tools – Oracle Cards, Pendulum, Tarot
  • Style – Compassionate

Testimonials from past customers:

“I normally talk with Cooper once a week and I can tell she is phenomenal. She picks up the details that do not seem to be important and then links them with current situations. She was very accurate about events I have never mentioned to her.”

“I read with Cooper on a monthly basis and her readings are always exceptional. I am waiting for her predictions to come true in about 6 months. Cannot wait until I call her to talk about it again.”

“Cooper has always been there for me. My POI has reached out to me as you said during the session. She is always 100% accurate and never disappoints.”

“I have been consulting Cooper for over two years now and she is beyond expectations. She always calms me and tells the truth solely.”

“It is a pleasure to talk to Cooper. She knows exactly what to tell me whenever I call her. Along with delivering accurate readings, Cooper helps me handle tough situations in life.”

8.    Kosmo – Gives you insight that leads to your evolution.

Kosmo has been a California Psychic for over 2 years but has 17 years of experience working as a professional psychic reader. Without using any tools, she can answer your questions about romantic and family relationships, career, work, and money. Kosmo believes that gaining insight into your life can change it for the better.

About Kosmo:

  • Customer Pick Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2018
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 1,254
  • Total Readings – 2,353
  • Rate – $6.50 per minute
  • Code – 6981
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Money, Finance, Career, Work
  • Abilities – Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium
  • Tools – No Tools
  • Style – Straightforward

Testimonials from past customers:

“I have been trying to get in Kosmo’s queue ever since I joined California Psychics. Now I get why so many people want to connect to her. I really enjoyed the reading.”

“Kosmo is a naturally gifted woman with calming and compassionate energy. The information I received during the reading was beneficial. I will definitely consider her recommendations.”

“Kosmo was very accurate with her forecasts about my harassing neighbor. It seems like he is really going to go quiet during the following months.”

“Kosmo described my current situation and personality precisely. All she needed was a name and she delivered an immediate reading along with some advice on how to move forward.”

“Her readings and predictions have been helping me stay on track. Her remote viewing skills are just incredible.”

9.    Devyn – Renews hope by removing doubts and fears.

Devyn needs a couple of seconds to feel your energy for her guides to share detailed information about you. She can uncover events and details linked with your past, present, and future. She can even answer some of the most challenging questions you might have. Although Devyn has been reading for the last 20 years, she could always feel psychic abilities.

About Devyn:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2010
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 3,875
  • Total Readings – 31,317
  • Rate – $15.00 per minute
  • Code – 5303
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Money, Finance, Destiny, Life Path
  • Abilities – Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairsentient
  • Tools – No Tools, Oracle Cards Upon Request
  • Style – Compassionate

Testimonials from past customers:

“I had already consulted another psychic and wanted to make things more explicit. This is why I connected to Devyn and she made everything clear. Her reading was accurate and I also received some advice that will definitely help me move forward.”

“Devyn always cares about her customers. Although timelines are a little bit off sometimes, the predictions are still accurate. Consulting Devyn is worth waiting.”

“Her predictions came true and it is no surprise that Devyn feels confident about everything she sees.”

“The reading, predictions, and advice I received from Devyn were on point. I feel like she is one of my best friends since she has been there for me exactly when I needed some guidance.”

“Devyn is truly a gifted psychic. I have definitely found my best match here. After receiving her readings, I learned how to distinguish people’s intentions and even shift my energies.”

10. Peyton – Benefits your spirit by enlightening your heart.

Peyton is a compassionate psychic reader with over 10 years of experience working as a professional advisor. After building a house on a civil war site, spirits started to visit her and this was exactly when she discovered psychic abilities. Peyton enjoys delivering readings about general issues and she can dive into the topic as soon as you tell her your first name.

About Peyton:

  • Premier Psychic on California Psychics
  • California Psychic Since 2010
  • Star Rating – 4.9
  • Number of Reviews – 3,173
  • Total Readings – 30,216
  • Rate – $15.00 per minute
  • Code – 5312
  • Topics – Love, Relationships, Career, Work, Deceased Loved Ones
  • Abilities – Clairvoyant, Empath, Medium
  • Tools – Tarot, Pendulum, Crystals
  • Style – Compassionate

Testimonials from past customers:

“Peyton is one of the best psychics here. I almost burst into tears, but she calmed me and provided and inspiring reading. Now I cannot stop smiling.”

“I wanted some advice about my relationship, but Peyton mentioned extra cash coming my way. I was pretty confused at that time, but now I get what she meant. Shortly after talking to her, I received a substantial pay increase from my employer.”

 “This was my first conversation with Peyton and I adore her. She delivered tons of useful information and she was extremely accurate. Peyton makes things explicit and gives you clarity.”

“Unlike many other psychics, Peyton really listens to you during the session. She is a very positive and professional psychic with incredible supernatural power.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot afford to speak with Peyton weekly and that is the only reason I consult her once in a while. The quality of her readings is consistent and predictions end up happening.”

How Can I Find the Right Psychic on California Psychics?

While the article listed the top 10 psychics on California Psychics, they might not always be available. And even if they are, there are people in the queue waiting for their return. If you are in an emergency and are looking for an immediate response for a reliable psychic, you do not really have to consult top-rated advisors only. Instead, consider consulting other psychics with relatively high rating scores and positive customer feedback. If you are new to The California Psychics Platform, we recommend you reading our review about their psychic website here.

The following are some of the factors you should consider for finding a reliable psychic on California Psychics:

  • Pay attention to the star rating. It does not have to be 5.0 for a psychic to be trustworthy. Just try to find the one with a relatively high rating score;
  • Look at a specific psychic’s customer reviews. This is even more helpful than the numbers indicating his/her star rating;
  • Do not forget to review the bio. Learn more about his/her experience working as a psychic;
  • Also, check the tools the psychic uses for delivering readings. Make sure particular techniques are acceptable for you;
  • Never assume that psychics providing readings at lower rates are not reliable. Affordable readings can also be accurate and helpful.

Just keep in mind that not only top-rated psychics can provide authentic readings. Advisors with slightly lower star ratings can also be talented and professional. Since California Psychics carefully selects advisors and allows only legit psychics to work for the platform, it is not that hard to find the right one.

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