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The Top 10 Complaints About Kasamba

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 01/27/21 7:05 PM EST
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The Top 10 Complaints About Kasamba

Psychics have always been popular among different societies and the demand for spiritually guided readings has been continuously increasing since the 2000s. The Internet made it possible for us to connect with top-notch psychics remotely, meaning that we no longer have to travel long distances to reach genuine advisors. Along with making psychic services more accessible, the 21st-century developments grant us access to customer reviews about different psychic companies. By simply Googling “Company Name + Reviews,” you will see tons of customer reviews posted on either forums or specific review websites.

Considering customer feedback before purchasing particular services (especially psychic readings) is of enormous importance. Past customers let you know what to expect from the specific psychic website/app and sometimes even mention good and bad psychics based on their personal experiences. Even if you are about to consult a psychic on a trusted platform, you should still check customer reviews first.

Although Kasamba is one of the most reputable psychic companies worldwide, having a general understanding of how everything works is a huge plus. Hence, take your time to explore positive reviews and complaints to have a better experience.

To make things easier for you, I have carefully selected the top 10 complaints about Kasamba and fact-checked every single one. Prior to considering positive or negative reviews, you should always do some research and make sure they are 100% legit.

10 Customer Complaints About Kasamba

Checking customer complaints is beneficial for improving your experience with any service in general. However, it is sometimes frustrating to find reviews that you can trust. When checking negative customer reviews, you should always ensure that the complaints are authentic. While some people consider this as a challenging step, all you have to do is to do some background research and know how the platform works before reading reviews.

If you are looking for bona fide complaints about Kasamba, below are the top 10 negative Kasamba reviews from Trustpilot.

Complaint #1

“A psychic had told me that my POI was my soulmate. This “soulmate” took advantage of my trust and borrowed around 30k dollars, and guess what? He has never returned the amount, although the psychic had told me we were spiritually connected.

Kasamba offered compensation for my unpleasant experience and as they said, I would get 30% off of my next purchase on the website. How can Kasamba even think that I would get a reading on their platform again? The employees are so rude and they do not value their customers. All they care about is money! They do not offer actual solutions when you file a complaint.

The only solution to my problem was a full refund. Kasamba psychics and customer service members are cheaters. Please, do not send friendly emails and replies to demonstrate your helpfulness. My well-deserved money is already lost and you did nothing to help me.”


It seems like this customer made decisions based on what she had heard during psychic reading sessions with a particular psychic. The psychic had told her that the guy she was seeing was the right match for her. This is a pretty standard piece of information that you might hear during a reading. Love reading specialists offer compatibility sessions, but it does not mean that they are 100% accurate. Psychics might also be wrong and their predictions might change over time. Just because you took the reading too literally, it does not mean that the company is legally obliged to give you a refund.

Besides, you should try a couple of different psychics to identify the one that matches your energy and thoughts. Therefore, receiving a 30% discount on your next purchase on Kasamba is a pretty good deal.

Complaint #2

“I am not going to use Kasamba ever again! In a nutshell, you get 3 free minutes to check if the psychic is the right one for you. The first psychic I connected to was a young lady who was doing her best to artificially lengthen the session. The only thing I told her during the free minutes was my name. Overall, she gave general tips and recommendations that could apply to literally anyone on earth. Since I was not satisfied with the reading, I requested a refund and the Kasamba support team accepted my request.

I decided to have my money back on my account to try another psychic on Kasamba. I found a psychic whose rate was $7 per minute. He kept making mistakes while typing in the chat and he suggested that I should take ten 1-hour sessions to solve my issues. I tried to continue talking about myself, but he repeated the same thing at least three times. This was when I decided to end the session. Although I thought I would get 70% off my session, I paid for the entire reading. I contacted the support team and asked for a refund, but they declined my request. It seems like you only get a refund once.”


From my personal experience, I can verify that some psychics on Kasamba try to lengthen the conversation so that you pay more for the reading. However, you can end the chat as soon as you notice something similar happening. Besides, you do not get a 70% discount on every reading. It is an introductory offer for new customers. And finally, Kasamba’s refund policy is not limited to one refund per user. Customer service team reviews refund requests and makes decisions according to whether a particular customer deserves a refund for having a poor-quality reading.

You cannot randomly request a refund just because you were not satisfied with the session. If you do not like the psychic, you can just end the conversation in 1-2 minutes instead of spending 10+ minutes in the live chat.

Complaint #3

“Spiritual Dorothy contacted me and promised that she would help me resolve my issue. I have not heard from him again. I wasted my money and time receiving a reading on Kasamba. Do not make the same mistake. They are clearly against the transgender community.”


I tried to find the psychic on Kasamba, but none of the advisors are called Dorothy. Still, if we consider that the psychic named Dorothy actually exists, the review is not explicit enough to be trusted. Just because you had a bad experience with a given psychic, it does not mean that the entire platform is against the transgender community. On the contrary, many of Kasamba psychics advertise themselves as LGBT-friendly advisors, meaning that you can easily find the one that will guide you through challenging periods without judging you in aspect.

Complaint #4

“I have a feeling that Kasamba allows literally anyone to deliver psychic readings on their platform. I have recently issued a complaint against one of the psychics who told me that my ex was sick. The psychic even specified the sickness, which made me feel anxious and frustrated. I spend the entire day thinking that something bad would happen to my ex. I thought it was not legally allowed to offer readings about health unless you are a health professional. The psychic was fraudulent and she might even have some mental issues.”


Certainly, psychics should never give advice related to health issues because they are not health specialists. Therefore, Kasamba replied to this complaint and assured the customer that they would take the review seriously and the customer service team would handle the issue. Although the customer had a horrible experience, the company actually cares about the users and does its best to improve service quality.

Keep in mind that you should never consider health-related psychic readings. However, if a psychic just warns you about the possibility of having some type of health issue in the nearest future, make sure you see a doctor and verify the information.

Complaint #5

“I do not recommend using Kasamba. This is my experience and I am only speaking for myself. If you want to try Kasamba services, feel free to do so. The psychic I have connected to barely spoke with me and they took the credits from my account. When I complained about having a bad experience, the company accused me of being a scammer. I will continue posting negative reviews until I get my money back.”


Unfortunately, the review is not explicit enough to be trusted. Besides, the customer service team replied to the complaint and claimed that they have already offered a couple of options to solve the issue, but the user rejected them. Kasamba clearly explains how the platform works and that every customer has 3 free minutes with every new psychic to get to know the advisor before paying.

It seems like this is a toxic customer who just wants to get his/her money back without having a legit reason to receive a refund.

Complaint #6

“I was depressed and one of the Kasamba psychics just kept giving hopes. That is why I spent approximately 1,000 dollars on her readings. As I noticed that some of the basic events were not matching, I realized that I had already spent too much. I wanted to leave negative reviews about my experience with the specific psychic and also change some of the reviews I had already posted. I contacted the support team and they told me that I could not put ratings for unrated séances 30 days after completing the session. I knew they could manually correct my old reviews, so I asked them to do that. I aimed to remove all good comments about that specific advisor.

Instead of solving my issue, they offered me a 50% discount on my next purchase on the platform. The way they resolve problems Is unethical. They should allow customers to make corrections to the reviews considering their personal experiences.”


The customer claims that she has spent 1,000 dollars on reading sessions with one particular psychics. And after spending so much money, she realized that the psychic was not good enough. This sounds pretty strange, right? You do not need to pay thousands of dollars to determine whether a psychic is a right fit for you. And just because you are no longer satisfied with the service received, it does not mean that the company should allow you to change the reviews you had posted before.

Complaint #7

“Kasamba is a fake psychic platform. Their main page shows psychics charging less. However, as soon as you enter the live chat, the rate per minute increases by 3-4 dollars. I have already seen a few legit Tarot readers and I can tell that this website is not authentic. There might be a few genuine psychics but finding them is frustrating.

UPDATE: I have reached out to the customer support team and they issued a full refund. The customer service is fantastic. I am giving them 5 stars for such an amazing customer care.”


Sometimes, the main page shows discounted rates and when you go to a specific psychic’s profile, you will see the regular per-minute cost. This usually happens when you are not logged in to your account.

As you can see, the customer had some issues and Kasamba offered a refund as compensation for an unpleasant experience with one of their psychics. And this is all that matters. Based on the customer’s experience, it is clear that Kasamba truly cares about its customers.

Complaint #8

“Kasamba is a total scam. They gave me 3 free minutes and the website said that the reading would stop after these free minutes and I would not be charged automatically. That was a lie. I have not authorized the additional four minutes, but they still charged me over $100. The website clearly said that they would notify me after these free minutes were expired and that they would ask me whether I wanted to continue the session. I have not seen any notifications like this and the reading was not accurate at all.

After requesting a refund, they returned about half of the spent money and I am waiting for a full refund. I am filing a complaint against a fraudulent activity with my bank and I need information about your corporate office.”


Kasamba has replied to the review and explained everything in great detail. Considering my personal experience with Kasamba, I can verify everything mentioned in their response.

First of all, the session does not end after the free minutes are expired. You can see the timer when you connect to a psychic in a live chat and you can terminate the session whenever you want. The website notifies you that the paid session is being started, but it does not ask you for verification to proceed.

Kasamba offered a partial refund and since the customer was still unsatisfied, they decided to offer credits equal to 70% of the paid amount.

I cannot get the legit reason why the customer is so angry with Kasamba’s services and policies.

Complaint #9

“Avoid using Kasamba if you do not want to waste your time and money. I consulted more than 30 different psychics on Kasamba and all of them were wrong. I wanted to test them, so I asked about a man who does not even exist and provided a fake birth date. The psychics described him as a great man. Funny, right? The man does not exist!

I feel like they use psychology to deliver readings and some of them even have more than one account. They use one account to get information about you and then talk to you through another account and pretend that they already know everything about you.

If they notice that you do not like their answers, they tell you that there is no connection between you two and end the session. They just avoid getting negative reviews and low ratings. They only care about your money and play on your emotions. If you feel stuck, refer to professionals instead.”


This review seems to be totally fake to me. First of all, why would anyone pay so much money to test 30 different psychics by providing counterfeit details about a man that does not even exist? So, a customer complains about fake psychics while he/she has been giving phony information the entire time? It is strange, is not it?

Besides, there is no way a Kasamba psychic could have more than one account. The fact is that Kasamba recruiting team carefully selects psychics and only allows them to work on the platform after completing the verification process. And even if they did, psychics do not contact you; you are the one who initiates psychic sessions. How would they get the information about you and then use the details when speaking with you through another account?

Finally, you should never complain about receiving an inaccurate reading when the details provided by you were fake. When you tell a psychic that your POI is John who was born on December 13, 1987, there might be someone on earth called John, who is also born on the same exact date. Therefore, just because you improvised, it does not mean that the person with the same name and DOB does not exist.

In a nutshell, the review is not authentic and you should be extremely careful when reading similar complaints.

Complaint #10

“I had a reading with Insights by Mukesh and he harassed me just because I posted a negative review about him. The reading he delivered was too general and lacked details. He cursed me for the rest of my life and sent a couple of abusive messages. I have screenshotted every single message, but I am unable to upload the evidence here. Kasamba allows the psychic to work on the platform and they have not even issued a refund. I will never use the platform again.

UPDATE: The psychic has changed his name to “Spiritual Quest” due to the complaint I posted on Trustpilot.”


I searched for the psychic using the two names mentioned in the review and I still could not find him. He might have changed the name again, or he just no longer works on Kasamba. Still, the Kasamba customer service team has managed to identify the customer, meaning that the review is legit.

Unfortunately, many psychics frighten their customers with fake curses and negative energies. It seems like this customer was just another victim of an ill-mannered psychic. The good thing is that Kasamba assured the customer that they would handle the issue accordingly.

You should always keep in mind that not every psychic will offer authentic psychic readings. No matter how reputable a psychic platform is, there are lots of rude psychics. You just need to make sure that the company offers a satisfaction guarantee in the case of such instances.


Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

Many people never check customer reviews before purchasing particular services and then complain about having a bad experience. To avoid something unpleasant from happening, you can just use Google to find relevant positive and negative reviews about a specific business.

Customer reviews are especially useful in the case of psychic services. Since psychic readings are mysterious and it is hardly possible to tell whether the predictions are accurate or not, you should always consider tips and recommendations from past customers to make your experience enjoyable.

Along with gaining a general understanding of how a specific psychic platform works, you can review some of the most common mistakes customers make daily. By considering customers’ experiences, you can get a successful psychic reading on any platform.

Besides, companies usually respond to customer complaints, allowing you to see how the business deals with discontented customers. Things happen and you should always use platforms that offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. This will help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on fake psychic readings.


Should I Always Trust Customer Complaints?

There is no specific answer to whether you should or should not trust customer reviews. The fact is that it all depends on a couple of factors. In a nutshell, not every positive review or customer complaint is authentic. Therefore, you need to think twice before taking the information too literally.

If you are not sure about which customer complaint is legit and which is fake, I will quickly teach you how to differentiate those two.

Why Do Customers Leave Negative Reviews?

First of all, let us talk a bit about why customers might leave negative reviews. This will help you identify fake complaints and those that are 100% authentic.

Some of the most common reasons for issuing complaints against psychic platforms include:

  1. A customer received an inaccurate reading

The most common issue that leads to customer complaints is linked with inaccurate or vague psychic readings. However, receiving an imprecise reading does not necessarily mean that you are talking to a fake psychic. In fact, there should be a connection between you and the advisor for him/her to deliver a detailed reading. This is why you should always test a couple of psychics and then stick to the one that seems to be the best match for you.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize this and think that receiving an inaccurate reading means that they have been scammed. Keep in mind that even highly experienced psychics might be wrong sometimes and this does not give you a reason to issue complaints. Try to solve your problem by contacting customer support instead.

  1. A customer had an overall bad experience

Sometimes, customers are not satisfied with the overall functionality of the platform or have payment issues. And these two are also reasons for leaving negative reviews on Trustpilot or similar review websites.

The reviews talking about how the platform works and mentioning possible flaws that customers might face are constructive, so take your time to explore those.

  1. A customer did not like what he/she had heard during the reading session

In the case of psychic platform reviews, many customers leave complaints just because the psychic did not tell them what they wanted to hear. Some people connect to psychics to gain insights into positive aspects of their lives and ignore the opposing side. Although it might seem ridiculous, people are too afraid to talk about negative perspectives and they just blame psychics for being fake.

Keep in mind that you should be ready to hear both good and bad. Our lives are not all roses.

  1. Competitor companies have hired people to issue fake complaints

Believe it or not, some companies hire people to post negative reviews about competitor businesses. This is especially common when two companies have the same target audience. Whenever you see a review criticizing a specific psychic platform and praising another one (commonly less popular), think twice before believing in whatever the complaint says. It might be a fake review posted by a competitor business.


While these are some of the most common reasons people post negative reviews, there might be some other motives as well. Be careful when checking customer reviews and never trust them without having strong evidence.

How Can I Tell If a Complaint Is Legit?

Last but not least, we should consider a couple of factors that can help us determine whether a complaint is fake or authentic. Although some people think the process is too frustrating, it is not the case. Still, you cannot always be 100% sure that the given complaint is based on facts.

If you want to learn how to distinguish fake complaints from legit ones, below are a couple of tips for you!

  1. Check if a customer was invited to post a review

In the case of reviews posted on Trustpilot (and some other review websites), a small icon below the customer’s name tells you that the customer had been invited by the business to leave feedback. This icon indicates that the customer has actually purchased a service from that particular company and is now sharing his/her experience. Such reviews should typically be considered as trustworthy, but you still need to double-check the information provided in the review. We have plenty of Kasamba Reviews on Psychic Reviews

If there is no “Invited” icon, it means that the customer decided to post a review on his/her own. Such reviews can also be trusted since not every business sends invitations to its customers.

  1. Check if the company’s response (if any)

Oftentimes, companies reply to customer complaints and their responses are of huge importance. While you cannot really see if a customer has provided his/her purchase ID, the company can check the details and verify that the user has actually purchased one of the services on their platform. If the company could not find the account associated with a specific customer posting a complaint, you should probably ignore the review and find another one.

  1. Verify the details shared in the complaint

And finally, you should fact-check the complaints to ensure that they are legit. In the case of psychic platform reviews, customers usually mention specific psychics. This allows you to search for the psychic on a corresponding platform and check his/her customer feedback there.

Besides, you should also do some research to get an idea of how the platform operates to determine whether the customers are telling the truth.


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