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The Top 10 Complaints about Oranum

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/19/20 6:36 PM EST
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The Top 10 Complaints About Oranum

If you have decided to receive a psychic reading, you should take your time to find a legit psychic advisor. Fake psychic consultations might have a drastic influence on the choices you make in life. The best way to avoid psychic scams is to always use a reputable psychic website or app for readings. No matter how trusted a particular psychic platform is, you still need to consider customer reviews prior to proceeding with a paid reading.

If you are looking for a reliable psychic platform for live video readings, you should definitely consider getting a psychic reading on Oranum. Although Oranum is a leading psychic website appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people, checking customer feedback about the platform would help you make your experience better.

Along with positive customer reviews, you should take a look at complaints about Oranum to get a general idea of what to expect from the website and how to receive quality readings. Unfortunately, many people leave negative reviews after having a bad reading. However, just because one was not satisfied with his/her experience, it does not mean that the psychic platform is worthless. Customer complaints usually share some common mistakes people make and you can also see how the company deals with unsatisfied clients.

To make things more explicit and straightforward for you, here are the top 10 negative reviews about Oranum and 100% accurate facts to validate them in respect of accuracy.

10 Customer Complaints About Oranum

Below you can find some of the customer objections to readings and general services offered by Oranum.

Complaint #1

“I am really upset that there are so many dishonest psychics on Oranum. One of the psychics claims to be a cosmic sister and is so rude. Besides, her readings are outrageously expensive. There is another woman who attacks and criticizes you for no reason at all. There are a few decent psychics, including Ray’s Insights, Casting Stars, Patrick Aaron, Psychic Jeter, and Taylor Black.


It seems like this customer did not enjoy her experience with a couple of psychics and she was not really fond of their pricing either. However, it is totally up to you whether you consult an expensive psychic or search for a more affordable one. Oranum psychics are considered as one of the most affordable advisors on the web in any case.

Since the customer mentions five psychics who have actually helped her, it means that the review is not about finding fault with Oranum in general. The fact that she was not satisfied with particular readings is pretty natural and this is why you need to test a couple of psychics to find the right one for you.

Complaint #2

“Oranum is literally a joke. They let everyone with a deck of cards join the website and work as psychics. They even hacked my computer and turned off my internet. The psychics are rude and they only care about your money. One of the psychics got enough courage up to send me spam emails with my deceased sister’s name on them. As soon as you enter the private chat, the website crashes and psychics act unprofessionally. You should be especially careful with angelful1982.”


The customer mentions “angelful1982,” but I could not find him/her on Oranum. It seems like he/she no longer works on the website. Overall, the review is pretty rough and I doubt its trustworthiness. First of all, many psychics on Oranum do care about how you feel and they aim to help you find the right path in life. Besides, Oranum psychics do not send emails unless you request an email reading (this feature is no longer available in 2020). Considering my personal experience, the website has never crashed upon entering the private chat.

In a nutshell, the customer is irritated and complains about services without providing legit reasons.

Complaint #3

“There is one psychic on Oranum who keeps telling people that seeing ghosts all the time is not abnormal at all. I am concerned that the psychic might have a mental disorder, and if she is not being treated by professionals, she should be considered as a potential source of harm to her clients or even herself. Psychics should never make this kind of diagnosis since they are far from being mental health therapists.”


Unfortunately, the customer does not mention a specific psychic, so I am unable to check other reviews about her. However, the issue described in the review is no laughing matter. Mental health is one of the most crucial aspects of life and you should always refer to professionals if you experience any mental health-related symptoms. Psychics you advise on similar problems should not be allowed to work on any psychic platform whatsoever.

Complaint #4

“I joined Oranum in 2011 and the money psychics have made since then is staggering. By the way, it is 2020 now. I feel like this platform does not aim to provide genuine psychic guidance. Rather, it offers readings by young female readers who are not actually into helping their clients. They just offer selected customers a free chat feature and deliver one-card readings for free.

Oftentimes, guests in the public free chat show extreme rudeness and lack of consideration for the psychics. They just randomly invade the chat room and it seems like Oranum does not protect its psychics from these incognito bullies.

Oranum mimics a more successful adult entertainment business called “LiveJasmin” and their goal is to attract customers worldwide by allowing fetching young ladies to offer psychic readings. Unfortunately, Oranum is not an authentic spiritual community.”


The review is extremely critical, however, many issues mentioned above are not legit. The only truth is that anonymous guests commonly bully the psychics and send vulgar messages. Although verbal abuse is a factual issue and I have noticed such messages in public chats before, the website does not aim to attract customers by featuring charming young women. In reality, Oranum comprises a wide range of psychics, including both women and men being in their 50s, 60s, or even 70s.

Although there is a little bit of truth in the review, it is still misleading overall.

Complaint #5

“Oranum claims that services offered on the website are for entertainment purposes only. However, we all know that people refer to psychics for some good advice to improve their lives or deal with certain problems. Besides, the readings are outrageously expensive and the majority of psychics deliver the same readings. There are much more affordable psychic platforms on the web that offer quality readings.”


This review seems to be dodgy to me and the main reason to think so is that Oranum is considered as one of the most affordable psychic websites. Along with featuring a free public chat feature, you can receive a private reading for as low as approx. $1 per minute. Hence, I do not get why the customer complains about high rates and expensive pricing.

Additionally, every psychic platform on earth mentions that the services are offered solely for entertainment purposes. This is because psychic readings are not always 100% accurate and you should never put faith in them without validating the information first.

Complaint #6

“It is totally unacceptable to pay for a reading when the psychic simply tells you to read a particular book to get all the answers. People refer to psychics to receive guidance and answers from them, not from spiritual books. I wonder how much she earns by referring her clients to the book.”


If a psychic simply recommends you reading a particular book, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if he/she refers to a book instead of providing answers during the reading, you should probably contact the customer support team and ask for a refund.

In the case of Oranum, the best way to avoid such experiences is to use the public live chat feature and ask the psychic how he/she delivers readings. If the technique seems to be acceptable to you, go ahead and start a paid private show. If not, just take your time to find a suitable psychic from the list.

Complaint #7

“I consulted Dr. Wayne and you should just stay away from him. He charges $9.99 per minute and the rate is tremendously high. Initially, I chatted with him in free public chat and he offered some credits. I really wanted to test the advisor and find out whether he was actually genuine. Although he managed to talk about issues that apply to me, Dr. Wayne kept asking questions and tried to flirt with me. He could not tell me anything about my POI. However, the details about my ex were accurate. Overall, Dr. Wayne was not that good and I just do not recommend consulting him.”


The review is pretty confusing. First of all, the customer complains about Dr. Wayne being an expensive psychic, but she still wants to consult him. There are tons of excellent psychics on Oranum offering readings for around $3 per minute. If you are not okay with the pricing, you can always find a more affordable one. Second of all, the customer mentions how accurate Dr. Wayne was about her ex and that he picked up details that apply to her. However, she still criticizes the advisor and alerts potential customers to avoid referring to him. Strange, right?

Complaint #8

“I randomly launched Oranum website and I saw a free demo offer, so I decided to give it a go. There was an old man and I totally respect that. He asked my age, name, and where I live. Obviously, I just improvised and did not give him legit information about me. The psychic told me he had seen me in real life and started flirting with be. He even gave me his personal phone number, email, and address. I googled the details and found out that he is a coin collector. The psychic was so fake and so was the reading.”


Since the customer has not mentioned the specific psychic, it is impossible to validate her claims. However, it is not acceptable when psychics flirt with their customers. Giving personal phone numbers is not the right thing to do either. You should always avoid such psychics and report them to the customer support team to help the company maintain the quality of the services.

Complaint #9

“Psychic Heera123 reported me to her supervisors for trolling. In reality, Heera123 talks about personal issues publicly while these details should remain PRIVATE. I have told this to the Oranum customer service team and they have not done anything. Although she claims to be your friend and promises to deliver a fast reading, she goes in circles as soon as you enter a private chat  and does her best to bilk you of as much money as possible.”


Heera123 is one of the top psychics on Oranum with a 5-star rating. It is hard to tell whether the customer has actually had a bad experience with Heera since so many clients are satisfied with her readings. If you ever decide to consult Heera, use the public chat feature first to get a general idea of how her readings work. This would be the best way to avoid undesirable outcomes like the one described in the review.

Complaint #10

“I had a demo reading yesterday and the psychic told me he could not provide a reading for me. Not a single psychic has ever told me that before. Oranum psychics are very rude and they only care about your money. I have had a couple of readings on Oranum and the psychics keep asking questions instead of delivering readings. I have also seen psychics sleeping, ugh. Just do not waste money on Oranum psychics.”


If a psychic ever tells you that he/she cannot deliver a reading for you, it might mean that the connection between you two is not strong enough for the advisor to pick up the details. Telling your customers the truth instead of providing a fake reading is an honest thing to do. Since the review is too general and does not include any specific details, it is better not to trust it.

Why Is It Essential to Check Negative Customer Reviews?

The main reason why you should always check critical reviews is that they usually talk about the common mistakes customers make. Therefore, you can easily avoid them and make your experience better.

As a matter of fact, angry customers leave negative reviews even though they do not have a legit reason to do so. This is especially true in the case of the psychic industry. Whenever customers receive unpleasant readings, they blame the psychics for being unprofessional and fake. Unfortunately, some people do not comprehend why a psychic reading might end up being inaccurate.  Reminder to read our Oranum Review

Instead of trusting star ratings, read the entire review and decide whether it seems to be logical or not. If you see a flaming review, just pay attention to details, including:

  • Specific psychic’s name;
  • Verified purchase notice;
  • If the company has responded to it.

If the review mentions a particular psychic, go ahead and explore his/her profile. The reviews that include a verified purchase badge or a response from the business, they are most certainly trustworthy. If you could not find the information listed above, it is better not to take the review too literally.

How Can I Make My Experience with Oranum More Enjoyable?

If you are about to consult a psychic on Oranum but do not know how to make your experience enjoyable without wasting too much money, here are some quick tips and tricks for you.

  1. Check every single review you can find on the web;
  2. Know how everything works before paying for a reading;
  3. Be aware of common customer mistakes and do your best to avoid them;
  4. Use a public chat feature to learn more about the psychic before starting a private show;
  5. Check the selected psychic’s bio to get an idea of how he/she delivers readings;
  6. Consult a couple of psychics to find the best fit specifically for you.

If you consider the tips provided above and stay open-minded when connecting to a remote psychic, you will definitely receive a quality reading that you can trust. Just be attentive to details and be aware of the do’s and don’ts of online psychic consultations.





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