Avoiding Psychic Scams

The Top 8 biggest Psychic Scammers

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/17/20 7:10 PM EST
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The Top 8 biggest Psychic Scammers

We all know that psychic readings have been extremely popular in the past. People worldwide referred to fortune-tellers to gain knowledge of what would happen in the nearest future. They used psychic readings and predictions to plan rituals, ceremonies, and a wide range of events accordingly.

While people received useful information during psychic reading sessions, they were often scammed by fake psychics. And due to the rapid growth of the psychic industry and the availability of online advisors, the number of psychic scammers has significantly increased.

Reading up on psychic fraud cases worldwide helps you be more aware of what could potentially happen to you if not being attentive enough during the session. Even though learning from your own mistakes is exceptionally beneficial, it is even more helpful to consider other people’s mistakes when deciding what to do in a specific situation. And if you have been thinking about consulting a psychic advisor recently, here are the top 8 psychic scam instances you should be aware of before your psychic reading session.

The Most Famous Psychic Scammers in History

To help you understand how psychic scammers work and what they do to obtain absurd amounts of cash from their clients, this section will list 8 of the most infamous psychic scammers in history.

The most famous psychic scammers include:

  • Miss Cleo
  • Esmeralda Psychic
  • Extraordinary Chris
  • Celeste Angelic Medium
  • Exceptional Ron
  • Bethea Psychic
  • Maria Medium
  • Tara Medium

Some must-know facts about these 8 psychic fraudsters are provided in the sections below.

Miss Cleo Scam

If you have been watching TV commercials in the 90s, you should probably remember the notorious Miss Cleo ads promoting free psychic readings. While the offer was a complete swindle, the showbiz company still managed to defraud people of approximately 1 billion dollars.

Everything started when Youree Dell Harris (other names include Cleomili Harris and Youree Perris) was no longer able to pay her cast members. It is highly unlikely that this was true, but Youree claimed that she had bone cancer and her medical costs made it hard for her to pay the cast of her productions.

In hopes of a better future,  Youree began to work for the Psychic Readers Network and her stage name “Miss Cleo” was born. Although Youree Dell Harris was from Los Angeles, Miss Cleo claimed to be a Jamaican shaman with genuine psychic abilities. Even her official website highlighted the fact that Miss Cleo was born and raised in Trelawny, Jamaica.

The Psychic Readers Network started sending unsolicited emails about special Tarot readings by Miss Cleo for which recipients had to dial the specific number immediately. Besides, the TV commercials stated that Miss Cleo was offering free Tarot readings, while there was a tiny notice about receiving only the first 3 minutes for free. Although Miss Cleo claimed that the readings were accurate and straight-to-the-point, the ads mentioned that these psychic readings were for entertainment purposes only.

People soon realized that their calls were answered by actors and the readings were simply read from pre-written scripts. In addition to that, the readings were not actually for free. Instead, only the first 3 minutes were free and after that, you had to pay $4.99 per minute. Shortly after the complaints and accusations, the Federal Trade Commission charged the company owners and promoters with deceptive billing and false advertising.

For some reason, Youree was not indicted for fraud. She continued working as a voice actor and a spokeswoman. She even appeared in TV commercials to advertise used car dealership as Miss Cleo. Later, she contributed to the documentary “Hotline” and spoke about her experience working at the Psychic Readers Network. Eventually, Youree was diagnosed with colon cancer and died in 2016.

Esmeralda Psychic Scam

Esmeralda claims to be an authentic medium, Tarot reader, and an oracle of sacred magic. When going to her official website, you will only see a single photo of hers along with a pre-recorded audio file advertising her reading services. If you have experience spotting psychic scammers, you will immediately notice that Esmeralda is a typical fraudster.

On the main page, you will see Esmeralda’s bio about how she discovered her psychic power and how popular she is across the globe. The description also states that people recognize her as the most incredible psychics in the world. In addition, the website tells you that Esmeralda had been assisting celebrities and receiving substantial payments in the past. Still, she has decided to offer free readings to those who cannot afford to pay. Of course, these claims have nothing to do with what is actually going on.

As soon as you enter the site, you will see a banner with information about the number of free readings left during a specific month. There is a notice below the countdown telling you to hurry up. You will notice how fast the numbers go down from 75 to 2. As soon as number 2 is displayed, the banner freezes. While you might think that people actually request free readings, which makes the number decrease, it is not true whatsoever. After reaching number 2, refreshing the website will make the numbers go from 75 to 2 again. To make sure the countdown does not actually change, you can also browse the website from an incognito window.

After selecting the type of reading you want to receive, you will be asked to enter your name, DOB, and email. The next step will ask you to provide your address and phone number. The website claims that Esmeralda might reach out to you using this information if she has an urgent vision about you. This is ridiculous!

Even the Terms of Use section mention that the readings should never be considered while making decisions. After doing some research, I managed to find the organization that offers the service called “ESMERALDA.” And the organizer of the service is New Lotus Web Limited. This digital marketing company owns a couple of “psychics,” including Esmeralda and Extraordinary Chris. And it seems like the same exact company is connected to various psychic scams and has nothing to do with digital marketing strategies or copywriting.

Extraordinary Chris Scam

As mentioned in the previous section, Esmeralda psychic is owned by New Lotus Web Limited. And guess what? Extraordinary Chris (using other similar names) is another fake psychic owned by the same organization. Hence, it is no surprise why these two psychics have the same exact address in Gibraltar. The main reason for this is that Gibraltar rules are not that strict, so fraudsters can easily escape without being accused of participating in scams.

When looking at the URL of his official website you will notice the word “free,” and most probably, you will assume that Extraordinary Chris offers free psychic readings. Before thinking so, take a look at the three psychic reading offers. None of them are free, NONE! And this is definitely a scam alert.

Another thing that makes me dumbfounded is the trustworthiness of the readings. While the main page has tons of claims about the readings being accurate and that you can use the information to make decisions, the Terms of Use section is the complete opposite. It says that the readings are for recreational purposes and should not be used for making important decisions. Strange, right?

Summing up, readings by Extraordinary Chris are a total scam and you should avoid consulting him unless you want to spend your hard-earned money on fraudulent psychic readings.

Celeste Angelic Medium Scam

If your inbox is being spammed by tons of emails luring you to buy psychic stuff or order additional readings after a single free reading, you should know that you have been scammed. And this is exactly how Celeste Angelic Medium operates.

After going to her official website, you will be greeted with a lovely lady with white hair and electric blue eyes. While you might think that this adorable woman is Celeste, she is just a model and her photos are found on stock image websites, such as Adobe Stock. If you do not believe me, check it yourself here. It is clear that the website is fake, but how they can get away with using someone else’s identity to promote their fraudulent readings is not explicit for me.

As Celeste calls herself, she is a “princess of light” offering psychic readings guided by angels. This half-angel Celeste provides free readings and then sends you tons of emails to make you purchase her services. To make things more convincing, she might even talk about adverse events that are going to happen in your life and tell you that she is capable of making your future brighter.

DO NOT TRUST HER! Nothing bad is going to happen and you need to escape from her “angelic” influence ASAP. Even the Terms of Use section says that the services are offered for enjoyment purposes, so there is no logical reason to believe in her psychic abilities.

Exceptional Ron Scam

Although the “Terms of Use” says that the content is created for entertainment purposes only, you still need to pay specific amounts of money for a fake psychic reading. On the contrary, Exceptional Ron’s official website claims that his readings and recommendations are incredibly accurate. And this is the hugest reason why you should never trust scammer Ron. Even the photos displayed on the website are not likely to be his. Instead, the platform owners might have found the images on stock platforms and used them to make things more realistic.

Besides, there is no specific information about the readings provided on the website. To learn about the services and pricing, you have to email Ron. This is how Ron gets information on how to contact you and send you tons and tons of spam messages. It is no surprise since this is how most psychic scammers work. By sending intriguing emails, they convince you to purchase a reading or order some of their products.

Even Ron’s bio page is too suspicious. If you have come across other psychic scammers before, you probably know how unbelievable their stories sound. So is Ron’s. Overall, Exceptional Ron simply does not exist. He is a fictional persona using which the company scams people, delivers fake readings, and obtains money from those who are unaware of how fraudulent the website is.

Psychic Bethea Scam

While some fake psychics are simply non-existent, Bethea Jenner is a real person claiming to be a prominent astrologer, writer, and lecturer. She has co-authored an astrological guide in 1998 and wrote another book about revealing your destiny and desires in 2003. The books are only available on Amazon and there is not a single review. It is already suspicious, right?

On her official website, Bethea also states that she is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. Anyone would agree that this sounds pretty fancy until you realize what being a member of this association means. And it is not about being an astrologer. Any mortal on earth could become a member upon paying anywhere between £32.00 and £59.00. As a member, you will simply receive 6 copies of the Astrological Journal per year and gain access to archived papers and out-of-print books.

Another thing that makes Bethea a fake psychic is her emails being written using the same tactics that any other psychic scammer. Bethea warns you about a bad thing that is going to happen in the nearest future and forces you to buy a reading to uncover more details. Any message you send to Bethea lets her make the fake readings even more convincing.

Finally, although there is such a person called Bethea Jenner, we cannot be sure that the person operating through the website is the same Bethea. This is because Psychic Bethea delivers readings by sending emails and you cannot really verify whether she writes these texts or someone else uses her name to promote fraudulent services. In any case, Bethea Jenner is a scammer psychic and you should do your best to avoid supplying her with any type of information.

Medium Maria Scam

Medium Maria, AKA Maria Medium, claims to be an online numerologist and psychic reader with 15 years of experience working as a medium. Through her website, Maria offers a free psychic reading for individuals doubting her credibility. By providing your gender, name, birthdate, location, and email address, you request a free reading, and this is when things get tricky. As soon as Medium Maria obtains your email address, you will start receiving spam messages pressuring you to purchase paid readings.

Medium Maria works using the same tactics as other psychic scammers. Besides, it is not even clear whether Maria is a real person or a fictional character. I doubt her existence since the website belongs to Mediaweb Limited Hong Kong and its partner Mediaweb Limited Gibraltar. And here we see Gibraltar once again. It is evident that the company registers its branch in two different countries while offering fake psychic readings. The fact that Maria is registered under the name of a suspicious country makes our assumption even more legit.

In conclusion, Medium Maria is explicitly a scammer. She lies about being a world-famous psychic and her bio is also full of fraudulent texts. Plus, the readings might not even be written by her, meaning that you pay for computer-generated recommendations and predictions. Do not let a company using images from Shutterstock.com fool you by a totally fake Medium Maria.

Tara Medium Scam

Last but not least, we have Tara Medium on the list of top 8 psychic scammers. By going to her official website, you will immediately notice how unprofessional and trashy the platform is. The image on the left-hand corner is just a stock image found on a particular website. The bio is too dramatic and unrealistic to be true. This is a common technique used by other psychic scammers to trap people and convince them in their genuine psychic abilities.

If we take a closer look at the General Terms of Use, we will notice that the website is owned by Astroway Ltd. with branches in Hong Kong and Gibraltar. This also sounds pretty familiar, right? The majority of fake psychics also register their names under certain companies in these two countries so that they avoid any charges for dishonest and fraudulent activities.

And finally, Tara Medium also sends spam messages as soon as she obtains your email address. The nature of these messages is usually threatening and might also talk about dark energy and curses surrounding you. Just avoid this psychic and never trust any of her claims. It is obvious that Tara Medium does not even exist and you have no solid reason to believe in her abilities.

How to Spot a Fraudster and Avoid Psychic Scams?

While this article provided some information about the most ill-famed psychic scammers, it is imperative to know how to spot a fraudster and avoid being a victim of a well-organized psychic scam. To make things easier for you, below is the list of factors you should pay attention to when coming across an online psychic advisor. Before you request a free reading or consider receiving a paid one, look for the following clues.

  • A single name without a surname;
  • Unrealistic bios with dramatic and theatrical details;
  • The use of stock images instead of real ones;
  • Registration under a company (typically a marketing agency) based in Hong Kong or Gibraltar;
  • Threatening and scary readings;
  • Readings mentioning dark energy or curses;
  • Readings offering curse removal;
  • Messages asking you to act immediately so that you do not have enough time to think twice;
  • Receiving spam messages after requesting a free reading and providing your email address;
  • Psychics asking you to provide your email or phone number in case if they have urgent visions;
  • Psychics having online stores and charging too much for regular products;
  • Psychics claiming to offer free readings just because they enjoy helping people.

While these are some of the most apparent clues you should be seeking when trying to spot a fake psychic, there are a lot more aspects that you should consider. In any case, being attentive and detail-oriented is what would help you the most. To protect yourself from psychic fraudsters, check out my ultimate guide on how to avoid psychic reading scams.

The Most Reliable and Trustworthy Online Psychic – Cedric Grant Bouchard

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