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Top 10 California Psychics Customer Reviews

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/03/20 9:39 PM EST
  • Updated: 12/03/20 9:39 PM EST

The Top 10 Best Customer Reviews About California Psychics

California Psychics is a reputable psychic platform offering various readings by legit psychic advisors. No matter where you live, you can receive psychic guidance at literally any time. By simply browsing California Psychics official website or downloading the app, you can access the top-notch psychics and mediums 24/7. All you have to do is to create an account, provide billing information, and find the right match for you.

Although the platform is reliable itself, it is of huge importance to read customer reviews before making major decisions based on the readings. While some people think that reading reviews about individual psychics is enough, you also need to consider reviews about the platform as a whole. In this way, you get a general idea of what to expect from California Psychics and you can also explore some recommendations from the customers.

If you are looking for positive reviews about California Psychics, below are 10 of the most useful ones for you. To make sure the reviews are legit, I will fact-check every single one and accompany them with 100% accurate details.

10 Positive Customer Reviews About California Psychics

Below are the top 10 positive customer reviews about California Psychics.

California Psychics Review #1

“This is the best psychic website ever. I really love that you can filter the psychics by their skills and see if they are available. Finding a great match is straightforward since you can see what they use to derive readings. The customer support team also does an excellent job of providing help on time. Psychics Eve and Jelena are my absolute favorites. They can even see the shirt I have on even when I have my camera off.”


It seems to be an honest review and the details correspond to reality. California Psychics offers a diverse variety of filters using which you can find the desirable psychics within minutes. Besides, Eve and Jelena are top-rated psychics with over 7 years of experience working on the platform and it is no surprise that this customer is impressed with the accuracy of the readings.


California Psychics Review #2

“I had an incredibly pleasing experience with California Psychics. The psychics are so caring and honest while providing clarity into my daily life. Psychic readings are extremely personal and unique for every single individual, but I have to mention my favorite advisors: Eve, Anasela, and Chloe.”


Advisors on California Psychics are genuinely gifted and they do their best to offer top-quality services. Eve, Anasela, and Chloe have been working on California Psychics for more than 10 years and they have maintained 4.7-, 4.6-, and 4.4-star ratings respectively.


California Psychics Review #3

“I am telling you a real life story! 2014 was the year when I first tried California Psychics. Back in the day, you could receive a 10-minute reading for only $1, so I decided to give it a go. The psychic told me to ask 3 questions and I asked about my settlement, marriage, and kids. She told me she knew I would win my settlement in 2015 and in March of 2015, I got the check. She also told me that I would get married soon and it actually happened in 2016, but it did not last though. The psychic mentioned that I would have a boy and a girl and I laughed so hard about it. When I was 19, the doctor told me that I would never be able to have kids, and this is what made me skeptical about the psychic. To my surprise, I found out I was pregnant in April of 2019 and now (July 2020) I am pregnant again with my second child. Everything the lady had told me ended up happening in real life.”


Unfortunately, the lady has not mentioned the name of the specific psychic in the review. However, I have seen plenty of customer reviews and testimonials about unbelievable predictions like this. Our lives are full of surprises and psychics can sometimes predict events that seem to be unrealistic at that time.


California Psychics Review #4

“I have been regularly reading with Pilar for 8 years now and she is exceptional. Pilar’s readings are the most honest and accurate I have received in my entire life. Her predictions about my engagement, career changes, and promotion were extremely detailed and the events she had mentioned eventually came true. I have been using California Psychics for many years and other psychics I have spoken to were also incredibly gifted. However, Pilar has been the best match for me ever since my first reading with her. The only thing I would suggest is to have patience and wait for the predicted events to happen in your life.”


Pilar is one of the top-rated psychics on California Psychics and numerous review websites have also mentioned her exceptional accuracy and honesty. Being a California Psychic since 2012 enabled Pilar to deliver over 23,000 readings and maintain a 4.8-star rating. By briefly overviewing testimonials on her profile, you can tell she is a truly gifted psychic.


California Psychics Review #5

“I do not think the psychic was authentic. I had to correct him a couple of times and the overall reading was pretty vague. Although he gave me 2 timelines, I do not think the information is reliable.

EDITED: California Psychics allowed me to have another reading with a different psychic for free and I am glad I accepted their offer. I spoke with Jerry and she was excellent. I will be reading with Jerry again!”


This person was not satisfied with her initial reading and California Psychics offered a free reading with another psychic or full refund. The customer decided to consult another advisor and she was content with the free reading. Just because the first psychic could not deliver accurate reading does not necessarily mean that he was a fake one. In fact, the connection between the psychic and the customer has a significant impact on the outcome. The most important thing is that California Psychics considered the customer’s disappointment and dealt with the situation accordingly.


California Psychics Review #6

“Although I am not a huge fan of psychic readings and I have always been skeptical about the existence of real psychic abilities, the reading on California Psychics made me change my mind. As soon as I connected to the advisor, she started describing items and mentioning specific details about the POI. Everything was so accurate… She also predicted various events and I am seeing those forecasts occurring already.”


Although the review does not mention the specific psychic, the customer’s experience is pretty similar to what others have posted on various review platforms. Many California Psychics advisors have managed to impress their clients by delivering incredibly detailed and accurate readings and predictions. The review seems to be pretty legit to me.


California Psychics Review #7

“Recently, I had my first reading on California Psychics and it gave me a whole new perspective on the issues I have been struggling with. The psychic taught me how to connect to my intuition to enhance my life and the advice really helped. I have always been rather dubious about psychic readings, but the psychic proved me wrong. I am glad that I can share my problem without anyone judging and making me feel insecure about my life.”


While many people think that psychic readings are all about predictions, the claim is not 100% accurate. Indeed, psychics can also help their customers find the purpose of life and see the world from a different perspective. Whether you are feeling stuck in life or want to gain insights into your future, psychic advisors can uncover even the greatest secrets and guide you through challenging periods of life.


California Psychics Review #8

“This is, without a doubt, my favorite company. I really like how California Psychics offers many special deals and their Karma Rewards program is for sure the best. I keep track of whose predictions end up being accurate and everyone I have spoken with has got things right. Sooner or later, the forecasts come true. Eve, Chastity, Devyn, Jelena, and Zariya are some of my preferred psychics on the platform. Being skilled in remote viewing allows them to read the letters or even sentences on my T-shirt.”


What make California Psychics so affordable to so many people are their excellent offers and Karma Rewards. By joining the program, you will be eligible for $20 credit upon registration, a detailed birth chart, and quarterly special reports. Besides, you will earn points as you top up your balance.

After checking the psychics mentioned in the review, I can verify that they all are top-rated advisors with tons of positive reviews and testimonials from past customers. Hence, this is another honest review of California Psychics.


California Psychics Review #9

“During the last couple of years, I have been consulting Gina Rose on California Psychics and she has always left me wowed. Her readings are sincere and straightforward, and more importantly, her predictions and timelines are extremely accurate. This is why Gina Rose is the only psychic I will connect with.”


Gina Rose has been a California Psychic since 2006 and is among the top-rated psychics with a 4.8-star rating. She has delivered over 33,000 readings and her customers are simply amazed by how accurate Gina’s readings are.


California Psychics Review #10

“I have been going through a very tough period of my life and California Psychics is what helped me and my mental health. I spoke to advisors almost daily and all the psychics were incredibly patient and warm-hearted. They did their best to help me discover my true self and I am really grateful to them, especially to Stevie.”


California Psychics features a wide variety of psychics, making it easier for you to find the right one. Psychics are available to provide guidance 24/7, so you can connect to a specific psychic within minutes. Besides, Stevie is yet another top-rated psychic who has been working on California Psychics since 2012. If you go over the testimonials from Stevie’s past customers, you will see how talented she actually is.


Why Is It Important to Always Check Customer Reviews?

Unfortunately, people typically ignore customer reviews and prefer testing certain websites or services themselves. While one might not want to spend time checking reviews, this is one of the most crucial steps every single individual should take for a better experience.  This is why we do an indepth psychic review of California Psychics. If you still wonder why customer reviews are so valuable, below are a couple of reasons you should contemplate.

  • Customer reviews let you get an idea of what to expect from the platform;
  • By checking reviews beforehand, you can make sure it is not a scam;
  • You can consider customer’s mistakes and make your experience even better;
  • Customers might have shared some recommendations for potential users;
  • Customers typically mention their favorite psychics on the platform;
  • Honest thoughts can just help you make the right choice.

Should I Also Check Customer Reviews About Individual Psychics?


Platform reviews are beneficial for learning more about the quality of services provided by a particular company. Although the majority of reviews mention specific psychics, it is still not enough for finding the right advisor for you. Therefore, you should always check customer reviews and testimonials about individual psychics to make sure their services meet your needs and expectations.

Unfortunately, not every psychic platform allows you to see unfiltered customer feedback. Some websites only share positive reviews and testimonials and California Psychics is among those. However, you can still see the overall star rating of a given psychic that can also help you decide whether the advisor is acceptable to you. Nevertheless, you should always check the reviews and learn more about how a specific psychic can help you, based on the experience of his/her past customers.

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