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Top 10 Customer Complaints about California Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/07/20 11:06 PM EST
  • Updated: 12/07/20 11:06 PM EST

The Top 10 Complaints About California Psychics

It is no surprise that some people find it challenging to find the right psychic and then complain about having an inaccurate reading or a lousy experience overall. Oftentimes, they make a very common mistake. People connect to psychics on various platforms without doing some research prior to speaking with them. This means that they do not check the psychics’ customer feedback or reviews about the platform itself. In fact, customer reviews are of immense importance since they let you know what to expect from a particular website/app or a specific psychic working there.

Another essential step is to find a reputable and trustworthy psychic platform for honest and reliable readings. California Psychics is a leading psychic platform offering tons of psychic services by highly experienced advisors. Although the platform has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, you still need to check customer reviews to make your experience even better.

While positive reviews tell you how awesome the platform is and sometimes even feature some of the customers’ favorite psychics, complaints about psychic platforms are equally important. By checking some of the negative comments about California Psychics, you will get a general idea of what mistakes to avoid when consulting a psychic and how to get a desirable reading that you can trust.

Since not every customer review is reliable, I will provide the top 10 negative reviews about California psychics and fact-check every single one of them.

10 Customer Complaints about California Psychics

Below you can find the top 10 negative customer reviews about California Psychics posted on Trustpilot.

Complaint #1

“Avoid consulting Zahara, a new psychic that everyone wants to try out. She keeps coming back to the same issue and you just end up receiving NOTHING. If you are not satisfied with your reading, California Psychics only allows you to reconnect with another psychic once a month. Not every psychic will be thoughtful about customers’ time and there is not much we can do about the wasted time with negligent advisors.”


First of all, I checked Zahara’s profile on California Psychics and she does not seem to be a bad advisor whatsoever. Zahara has been providing readings on CP since 2020 and she has maintained a 4.7-star rating since then. Unfortunately, CP does not share negative customer reviews, so it is not that easy to tell whether the customers are actually satisfied. However, I could find 67 testimonials talking about how incredibly talented Zahara is. Besides, Zahara had 6 people waiting in the queue, meaning that customers are willing to receive guidance specifically from her.

The Customer Care team made it clear that they would provide feedback to those responsible for such issues. They also offered the customer to reach out to the team and discuss her experience in a greater detail to address the problem more effectively.

It seems like Zahara was not the right fit for the customer and the connection between them was not strong enough to lead to an accurate reading.

Complaint #2

“Lillian is a fake psychic who keeps skipping people waiting in the queue. She skipped me in line three times already. Last time, I was first in the queue and my sister in law who got in the line after me was fourth. She skipped me again! I still have not spoken to her because she is fake. I will report this issue to the business bureau since Lillian should be fired. I will never use this psychic again and I do not know my customer ID number.”


This complaint seems to be extremely fraudulent. First and foremost, psychics cannot pick customers from the queue or skip them. They cannot choose who to connect with and who to ignore. Secondly, the customer has not provided her customer ID number, meaning that she might not be real at all. And finally, the above-mentioned psychic Lillian has been working on California Psychics since 2012 and has a 4.7-star rating with over 300 testimonials praising her psychic abilities.

The Customer Care team explained that skipping is not a thing on California Psychics and there might have been something else going on. Since the customer had not provided details for the CP team to locate her account, they could not do anything else to offer assistance.

Complaint #3

“First, Emily from customer service is rude! She does not allow people to talk and hangs up the phone instead. Regarding advisors, I have spoken to almost every psychic on California Psychics and you should see my review before you connect to them.

Warren told me I would marry my POI in about 5 months and we do not even talk anymore!

Pilar told me I would have a job about a year ago, but it never happened. She is false and fake. Pilar plays with your emotions and tells you lies until you believe her. She even does background research to know more about you before you call.

Although the majority of things Kosmo tells you happen, she talks based on what you tell her during the reading.

Chasity gave me the same exact reading about two of my family members. She is just a liar.

Caleb is just another fake psychic.

None of William’s predictions has happened in my life.”


This might be the most negative review of California Psychics I have ever seen. There are a couple of psychics mentioned and the customer only talks about how fake they are. After checking every single psychic’s profile on California Psychics, I found out that these are some of the top-rated advisors on the platform. In fact, I have read lots of positive posts about Warren, Pilar, and Chasity on various forums.

Besides, the Customer Care team replied to the complaint and mentioned that they could not find an account linked with the reference number provided by the customer. Most likely, the customer does not even exist.

Complaint #4

“I would give them zero stars if I could. A very nice man recommended me to contact one of the California Psychics advisors called Ramona and decided to call her. She only asked my name and whether I had a specific question for her. After providing the details, Ramona told me that she did not have a connection with me and she ended the session. I have never had such a bad experience in my entire life. Ramona is not a real psychic and she does not know how psychic readings work. When I reached out to the rep who referred me to Ramona, they offered me a refund, but it would take 5-7 days. Do not waste your money. Ramona is a psycho!”


Instances when the connection between a psychic and a customer is not strong enough to lead to an effective reading are common. And this is why you need to be attentive when selecting the right advisor for you. The rationale behind Ramona’s refusal to derive a reading is pretty lucid. It is not that easy to provide an accurate reading when you do not have a strong connection with your customer. Therefore, Ramona’s decision seems to be honorable to me.

Additionally, California Psychics offered the customer a full refund and it is a standard procedure that takes 5-7 days. This has absolutely nothing to do with California Psychics.

Complaint #5

“The advisors on California Psychics take notes as they deliver a reading, so that they know who you are if you call them again in the future. If you create a new account, they will know absolutely nothing about you. And if the psychics are truly gifted, they should not even ask you for your date of birth. A reading for more than $5/minute? The services are absurdly expensive.”


First of all, many psychics deliver their readings based on the principles of astrology, meaning that they DO need your date of birth. Second of all, writing down the details about the session is a normal thing to do. This helps the psychics save up time and allows you to pay much less during further consultations. And finally, California Psychics offers services for less than $5 as well. If you do not want to pay $15 per minute, you can select affordable psychics from the list instead.

Although I do not see a legit problem in this complaint, California Psychics still offered the customer to give his/her time back to try another advisor on the platform.

Complaint #6

“Psychics are not required to post schedules, and some only work a single day per week. When you wait in the queue, you have to reset your position once every two days. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the line. In the case of a particular advisor, I have been fifth in the queue for three weeks. Since I forgot to reset my position, I was kicked out of the line and now the queue is full. What should I do to return to the line again? Maybe California Psychics should stop hiring psychics who do not have enough time to work more than one day a week.”


The review seems to be reliable since this is the issue many customers have complained about. Some psychics rarely log in to their accounts and waiting in the queue might last forever, ugh! Resetting your position in the line every two days might be frustrating, but this is how California Psychics ensures that you still need a specific psychic’s guidance.

Although there are many other psychics online, you might want to receive a reading from a psychic you have spoken with before. If you do not mind consulting a different advisor, go ahead and select another psychic from the list.

Complaint #7

“Today, I called a psychic to talk about what had happened in my life after our initial conversation. I wanted to give an update, but I also had a few more questions to ask. After I connected to her, she asked me about the reading she had delivered before. As soon as I started talking, she stopped me and said that she would not deliver another reading because she did not want to deal with negative energy. I was bewildered and did not know what to do at the moment. I am not sure if I will ever call California Psychics again since I do not want to feel that disappointment and embarrassment one more time.”


Unfortunately, the customer has not mentioned the specific psychic she has been trying to reach out to, so I cannot verify the advisor’s trustworthiness. However, she has provided enough details for the customer care team to find her account and this makes the review pretty reliable. Although the customer had a bad experience with one of the California Psychics advisors, the CP team is ready to deal with the issue and propose a possible solution, such as a refund or a chance to talk to another psychic for free.

Complaint #8

“They scammed me and I was charged $654.00 while I should have paid only $30 for the selected bundle. I was being charged for a per-minute fee for two 30-minute-long readings. I will never read with California Psychics again. I am reporting them to the BBB.”


This customer claims that California Psychics charged her more than she should have paid for a reading session. However, California Psychics does not charge you for the minutes when purchasing a package. You are only charged after your approval. The customer care team responded to the complaint and asked whether the customer was talking about California Psychics since this is not how their payment system works. Besides, they could not find the account associated with the complainant’s name, meaning that the review might be totally misleading.

Complaint #9

“I have consulted a couple of psychics on California Psychics and I can say that almost every prediction I have received ended up being wrong. I do appreciate those who gave correct readings, but in the case of inaccurate readings, I just wasted my money. The fact that California Psychics offers a maximum of two refunds is not acceptable to me. Now I have an issue with the psychic called Aliza. Since she had tons of positive reviews, I decided to call her and gain insights into my future. The first few minutes were great, but things got tricky when I asked her about my moving. She started talking about my work and I asked her multiple times to be more specific about my question. I was really nice to her, but she told me that she would send me back to the hotline if I did not stop interrupting her. Consequently, she did cut me off. The experience with Aliza made me think that either she is a fake psychic who cannot answer questions adequately or she is just a rude and unprofessional rep.”


Aliza has been a California Psychic since 2013 and she maintains a 4.7-star rating. She has completed over 47,000 readings during these 7 years and the majority of her customers are satisfied with the quality of the readings. However, it does not necessarily mean that every customer should be happy with the readings delivered by Aliza. The customer’s case is entirely understandable, but the thing is that California Psychics claims that they have already refunded her for the reading with Aliza. What is more important, they are ready to help her if the customer is worried about anything else.

Complaint #10

“The very first time I read with California Psychics, I spoke with a really nice psychic, but the connection between us was not strong enough. She just kept asking questions and I did not receive what I was looking for. I decided to reach out to customer support and sent an email twice, but there was no response. Then I called them and the guy on the phone apologized and offered another reading for free. I agreed and chatted with a different psychic. The advisor was incredibly polite and gave useful advice, but it was more like a life-coaching session rather than a psychic consultation. I think I will close my account since I could not receive what I called the psychics for.”


The complainant seems to be reliable based on her tone and the details provided in the review. That is why California Psychics proposed a full refund for her unsatisfied experience with the platform. They acknowledge that it is sometimes challenging to find the right psychic and are ready to solve the issue immediately.

How Can Customer Reviews Help Me?

Lots of people who complain about the quality of the services do not check customer reviews at all. This is what leads to their disappointment and undesirable outcome. The easiest way to learn more about a particular platform is to check reviews, both positive and negative.

Another factor that many people forget about is to always check customer reviews about individual psychics and the platform as a whole as well. They provide enough details for you to know whether the services are acceptable to you.

Besides, customer reviews usually share some tips and recommendations that will make your experience even better. Some of them even talk about their most and least favorite psychics on the platform, making it easier for you to find the right fit.

In a nutshell, checking the customer reviews is the number one thing you should do prior to consulting a psychic on any platform in general.

Why Should I Always Check Negative Customer Reviews?

As mentioned earlier, people usually ignore customer reviews and do not find complaints beneficial. However, negative reviews can sometimes give you much more useful information than positive feedback.

Below are the three main reasons why you should always check complaints about psychic platforms (or any platform in general) to make your experience better.

1.    To Know What to Expect from the Platform

First of all, complaints about psychic platforms allow you to get a general idea of what to expect from it. The reviews will promote the formation of first impressions and you will find it much easier to decide whether the platform is acceptable to you or not.

2.    To Avoid Common Mistakes and Improve Your Experience

Typically, negative reviews discuss personal mistakes that led to poor customer experience. Checking negative reviews is the best way to learn more about what not to do when using the platform.

Frequently, unsatisfied customers mention psychics you had delivered inaccurate readings or talk about payment system flaws. These details will allow you to think twice before making your final decision.

3.    To Learn More about How the Customer Service Team Handles Complaints

Last but not least, checking complaints about any company will enable you to see how the customer service team deals with customer satisfaction issues. Believe it or not, this is the most critical factor that makes your overall experience much better.

We all know that things happen and it is doubtful that a particular company manages to have 100% satisfied customers. Therefore, the customer care team needs to provide adequate assistance and support customers who have had a bad experience.

In the case of California Psychics, the customer support team responds to almost every complaint and does its best to make sure the customers are satisfied with their service. If CP customer support manages to verify the complainant, they offer refunds or chances to get another reading for no cost.

Keep in mind that psychic readings are too personal and just because someone had a bad experience with a particular advisor, it does not mean that you will not be satisfied either. Just be attentive when selecting the psychic and make sure you are talking to a legit one.

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