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Top 10 Etsy Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/29/20 7:11 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/27/20 7:19 PM EST

Top 10 Etsy Psychics

With so many websites offering psychic services, Etsy might not be the first place you consider looking. However, the site is far more than your typical e-Commerce site and its surprising how many excellent psychics you can find. For those who have never heard of Etsy, let’s begin here.

What Is Esty?

Etsy is an American e-Commerce site with a global audience. What sets it apart from other online stores it that it is dedicated to extraordinary items from independent sellers. The main focus of Etsy is to sell unique handcrafted items and vintage goods. Apart from handmade jewelry, embroidered clothing and even crystal face masks, there is a massive range of psychic tools and services.

Before we look at the best psychics on Etsy, here are some other popular psychic tools and services available:

Psychic drawings- drawings of your future partner or soulmate

Tarot cards- decks, garlands, pendants, and deck pouches

Crystals- sets, jewelry, suncatchers, and star sign grid boards

Spells- books, candles, herbs, and kits


Top 10 Etsy Psychics


  1. Irish Family Psychics

Price: 1.17€ ($1.40 USD)

Reviews: 7,869 reviews with an average 5-star rating

As the name implies, your pendulum reading may come from one of the most senior psychic family members. They do also provide longer readings, but they are exceptionally popular for this type of reading. They also provide good advice as to what type of questions to ask because, for example, pregnancy questions require the presence of the mum.

Irish Family Psychics have many loyal customers who continue to use their services because of their kindness and spot-on insights. So many people have commented on the readings resonating.


  1. Amanda Bury

Price: 1.47€-4.25€ ($5.00 USD)

Reviews: 6,698 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating

Amanda is a “God gifted psychic, Indigo Spiritualist born with extrasensory abilities”. She can carry out Tarot card readings, crystal ball readings, palmistry, astrology, chakra healing, and Reiki healing. You can send an SMS to Amanda and she will reply, normally within 24 hours with a PDF or Word document detailing your readings.

Amanda is a popular psychic because of her accuracy (advertised at 98%), her affordable prices, and her fast responses. She is honest and straight to the point.


  1. Moonlight and Rosesxx

Price: 8.18€ ($9.99 usd)

Reviews: 5,992 reviews with an average 5-star rating

 This is an emergency reading service that uses mediumship, Tarot cards, crystal balls, and spirit guidance to answer up to 2 questions within 2 hours (when asked between 9 am and 6 pm GMT). The company will answer any question while not related to health, pregnancy, or gambling. You will get a PDF sent to your email.

The readings are to the point but heartfelt too. The speed of the readings in no way affects the accuracy or the level of detail that you receive. This company is great for people who need answers quickly and especially for a boost of confidence.


  1. Dryecraft

Price: 10.17€ ($12.00 USD)

Reviews: 4,140 reviews with an average 5-star rating

This psychic uses no divination tools but relies only on psychic mediumship for readings, working with ethereal energies to understand messages from spirit guides. The reading can be about a specific question, current situations, or general guidance. Replies are sent via a 4-to-8-minute MP3 though it may take 3-4 weeks to receive it. If an MP3 isn’t possible, it will be in a PDF.

A 5-star rating with this many reviews is impressive. People love her sincerity and the detail she provides in her readings. Even her voice offers a sense of peace and calm. It was nice that she also offers suggestions on how you can improve your situation.


  1. ByNymph

Price: 5.26+€ ($6.30 USD)

Reviews: 4,052 reviews with an average 5-star rating

Same-day responses are provided for in-depth love/relationship questions through the use of Tarot cards and psychic energies. You can message the psychic with a question about your current love, the outcome or where to find love. If you can provide any useful information (name/date of birth) and if you want a Tarot reading, just list the order in your message.

The readings were overall highly accurate and with a friendly, positive tone without feeding the querents fairytale endings. The readings were informative and provided clarity.


  1. Psychic Devyn ($10.49 USD)

Price: 8.77+€

Reviews: 3,526 reviews with an average 5-star rating

Psychic Devyn is a clairvoyant who is skilled in Tarot cards, crystal balls, oracles, and pendulums. She has even worked with celebrities and paranormal investigators. As she is skilled in telepathy, it is not necessary to send any information. Devyn does warn you that her readings are very blunt. Most readings are performed within an hour.

At over 20,000 sales on Etsy, people do appreciate her harsh honesty, and many feel the results have been life changing. Due to her accuracy, Devyn has plenty of repeat customers.


  1. The Unique Gem Lady

Price: 0.59+€ ($0.70 USD)

Reviews: 3,139 reviews with an average 5-star rating

The price is obviously appealing but bear in mind that Donna performs pendulum readings with yes or no answers. Most of the questions she receives are answered within 24 hours. We liked Donna because she reminded us that nothing is certain and that we have the ability to change the path we are on.

Querents felt that Donna was comforting and instilled confidence when they really needed it. Lots of people felt that her readings were faultless, but even more were pleased with her fast response.

  1. The Thinking Place

Price: 15.78€ ($18.88 USD)

Reviews: 2,246 reviews with an average 5-star rating

By sending your birth date, birth time and birth location, Nicole will use this information to create 6 months of predictions. The only thing that is really necessary is the date of birth. There are no predictions about time frames, but this is a very detailed reading received in a PDF within 5 to 7 days.

This is definitely the right choice for someone who is ready to be patient. The responses may take longer to resonate but the accuracy is still there. The format of the reading is clear and informative.


  1. Psychic Derrek

Price: 1.44€  ($1.72 USD)

Reviews: 1,952 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating

Derrek has more than 18 years’ experience in Demonology and Energy Readings. He can also use Tarot cards and performs palm readings. He is committed to continuous training for 3-6 hours of daily meditation. 1 question will be answered within 24 hours of receiving it, in a PDF file.

Those who have used Derrek’s services have been amazed by his level of connection. Querents confirm that he sits at around 98% accuracy and that is even when using him for more than a year.


  1. The Psychic Being

Price: 26.29€ ($31.45 USD)

Reviews: 116 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating

While there were plenty more psychic readers, we were quite intrigued by the idea of a psychic drawing. You can have a psychic love reading and a sketch or just a psychic reading with a sketch. You only need to you name and date of birth as proof of age and your sexual preference if you want to. Sketches are normally finished within 24 hours.

The sketches are surprisingly detailed and life-like with some people meeting the described person. It might seem like a bit of fun to start off with, but it was nice to gain insights into to personality traits of future loved ones.


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