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Top 10 Fiverr Psychics

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/02/20 1:05 PM EST
  • Updated: 11/29/20 1:08 PM EST

Top Psychics on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. Typically, you would look there for writers or IT specialists, however, the site has more than 300 categories. As psychic reading is such a popular industry, it’s no surprise that freelance psychic readers use Fiverr to promote their services.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the top psychics you can find on Fiverr.

  1. Carolyn Flynn

Since February 2017, Carolyn has performed over 9,000 readings on Fiverr, has earned more than 1,000 reviews and has an average 4.9 rating. Her answers are direct and can be regarding most life areas though she specializes in love readings. There are 3 packages. The basic package is $5 and is about a current love. The standard package offers the answer to a question about future love and costs $10. Finally, the premium package is at $15 and is for 3 questions about past and present relationships.

Those who have had a reading admit that it is sometimes hard to hear the truth, but Carolyn is very caring and supportive with her insights. Her readings were detailed and provided great clarity.

  1. Hiteshsur

Hiteshsur is an inspirational speaker, psychic, numerologist, and hypnosis practitioner. He uses a combination of Tarot cards and intuition as he sees himself as a clairsentient. He also has a strong base of clients outside of Fiverr. One question costs $5.9 and his answer is up to 150 words though you can ask follow up questions.

Positive reviews have come in from all over the world. He is polite, respectful, and can pick up on things that you don’t mention. So many people were grateful for the guidance they received.

  1. Psychic Divined

Every one of the 126 comments about these pendulum readings come with a 5-star rating. The reader usually responds within 5 hours and answers are delivered within 12. You can ask 5 questions for $21. The reader has a range of skills and also offers dream analysis and Feng Shui.

People are so happy with the speed of the service and the precise answers that they went on to get a more in-depth psychic reading. The reader is extremely intuitive and is great at putting people at ease.

  1. Beautiful Bloom

The 5th Generation psychic medium and master energy healer comes from a long line of healers and shamans. Danielle uses her psychic abilities to tap into the energies between two people and bring clarity to the connection and harmony to your love life. She will also be able to provide insights on future connections. Prices begin at $5.25 for a quick answer to 1 question and go up to $26.25 for an in-depth reading of 2 questions.

It’s lovely how people were even grateful for their reading, even when it wasn’t the news they wanted to hear. She has a great talent for reading energies and healing. Danielle is consistently kind and insightful.

  1. Danekohdz

You might feel that these prices are a little more than other readers on Fiverr, but the service is quite different. This reader sends messages from the Akashic Records—an etheric book that keeps a record of every thought, word and action in your life since the moment you were born. The reading is performed by a certified Akashic master. Prices range from $36,71 to $68.23, depending on how extensive the reading is.

The star ratings are high, with more than 1000 people leaving 5 stars though reviews are light. People feel that the readings are highly accurate and very detailed. He is kind and genuinely cares for his querents.

  1. Akashic Soul

As a psychic medium and energy healer, Fernando uses the Akashic records, spirit guides, energies and Tarot cards to offer insights as well as some free healing before, during, and after the reading. Fernando had performed more than 10,000 readings on Fiverr, and 1,206 5-star ratings. A reading can cost between $32.49 and $157.

It was great to receive a voice recording of the reading so that you can replay it as often as you want and take advantage of Fernando’s soothing and calming voice. He also delivered his readings earlier than promised.

  1. Psychic Leigh

This is another psychic who has been working on Fiver for over 6 years and has gained a solid reputation for their psychic abilities. Leigh is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient who is also well educated with a doctorate degree. Questions can be on any subject expect gambling and the lottery. $5.90 gives you one question but the standard and premium packages (1 question/$26.25 and 2 questions/$36.74 respectively) come with speedy delivery in less than 6 hours.

Leigh’s readings are generally considered to be excellent and fast. The messages are accurate and querents agree that the remote viewing is strong. There is a lot of appreciation for the readings.

  1. Laura Zibalese

Laura has a whole host of psychic talents from medium to pet psychic. She also offers dream interpretations, akashic record readings, spell/curse removal and messages from the spirit world delivered either by phone or written. Prices start at $5.90.

It is difficult to tell the accuracy of Laura’s readings because sometimes, she makes predictions for a few years ahead. With regards to insights about current events, Laura was detailed, helpful, and in many cases, accurate. She is a sweet lady who does well getting people back on the right track.

  1. House of Spells

This service is also called a road opener because it will help to remove the heavy blockages in your life that are preventing you to move forward. The service offers authentic Hoodoo white magic spells to fit a range of needs. A simple road opener spell costs just $5.25 but there are more expensive packages that come with cleansing too.

House of Spells has a great number of repeat customers because of the energy that is generated and the help that is provided. The reports are very detailed and even come with photos.

  1. Samuraig

Gabrielle has been helping individuals and business owners for nearly 15 years. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master, meditation teacher, certified master spiritual life coach and energy scanner. On top of this, she holds a certification as a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. Though she will answer questions on any topic, her expertise is in business and marketing. One question in the basic package costs $41.99.

Again, it might not be one of the cheapest readings on Fiverr but then she is extremely well qualified, and she is very generous with the information you receive. There is no fluff, and you will always get the truth.


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