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Top Psychics on Fiverr for 2021

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/05/21 10:02 PM EST
  • Updated: 02/11/21 10:06 PM EST

Top 8 Psychics on Fiverr for 2021

Fiverr is a great place to find freelancers from all industries. It makes sense that psychics will also sign up to promote their services. It’s always difficult deciding on the right online psychic, so we have put together an updated list of the top 8 psychics on Fiverr for 2021.

  1. Destinyy

Igor is a psychic on Fiverr who has 12 different services. What is more impressive is that each service is Top Rated, meaning Fiverr staff have selected him as one of the best. He has had more than 20 years’ experience as a psychic and just over 8 years on Fiverr. He will answer any type of question expect those that are unrealistic or related to the lottery and he claims to never be wrong. He is also experienced in casting spells, removing curses and breaking negative energy.

Although the response time is listed as within 24 hours, Igor’s average response time is one hour. He has 15,267 reviews with an average 5-star rating. Users of destinyy, even the skeptical ones, are happy with the readings, with plenty of things making perfect sense and a lot of repeat customers.


  1. Danekohdz

Danekohdz uses the Akashic Records to access information on every thought, word and action that has been recorded over many lifetimes. This information enables the psychic Rose, to answer your questions and provide guidance in your life. This telepathic reading uses energies and timelines along with messages from the Akashic Masters. Danekohdz is a certified Akashic Master and a Reiki Master.

She has been performing services on Fiverr since 2013 and racked up more than 1012 5-star reviews, 4 4-star reviews and just 1 3-star review. Customers have been impressed by the amount of information she provides as well as the speed of delivery with an average response time of 9 hours. Prices start at around $40.


  1. Psychic101

Psychic101, aka Michael, is another Top Rated psychic by Fiverr staff. Michael has a wide range of certification as well as 21 years of experience. He is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, a Master hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master and more. Aside from psychic readings, he also offers angel healing energy, past life readings, cut the cords of attachment and even help you earn more money.

Customers are beyond happy with the results. One in particular notices a difference in perspective within just hours. Psychic101 has more than 4,300 reviews with a 5-star average. Prices start at around $15.


  1. Yoginath

Yoginath is a level 2 seller on Fiverr. What we really liked was that at the time of writing, Yoginath had 6 queued orders, which we took as a good sign. Her astrology and psychic services can be about any of the key life questions. She also does Reiki and spell casting. As the leader of a powerful Witch Coven, the proceeds go towards the Coven. She also gives out 5 good luck spells each day.

This psychic reading gives you the chance to ask 8 questions for as little as $10.50 and the average response time is 2 hours. She has 1,842 reviews, of which 1,799 are 5 stars. She is extremely accurate and has told people things that only they knew. Plus, her service is great value for money.


  1. Julieakers

Compared with the others on the list, julieakers is more of a newcomer to Fiverr, joining in 2018. She is a clairvoyant and claircognizant and places a high emphasis on ethical readings. Her psychic readings include 3 questions with unlimited word count as well as a yes/no question. Her advert does warn you not to ask the question if you aren’t prepared for the answer.

Julieakers has 1,317 5-star reviews out of 1,336. Her customers love the clarity she provides. She does a great job of helping people see where they should be going in life. Prices start at $57, but this hasn’t put the 14 people off for queueing.


  1. Terryk

Terryk consults your angels and her own to find the answers to those questions. She admits that she is not psychic and that she isn’t here to predict the future. Her service is to pass on the messages of the angels. Her readings come in a detailed text which explains everything in plenty of detail within a day of your request. You can ask two questions, three questions, or three questions and a personalized prayer.

Terryk’s prices start at $20.99 for two questions. She has received 1,180 5-star reviews. Her customers are extremely grateful for the insights Terryk offers and feel the benefits from her help.


  1. Rawveganpsychic

This reading comes from a natural born psychic expert with 20 years of experience. Rawveganpsychic has been used by celebrities and government officials and is advertised as 100% genuine. You can ask one question about the past, present or future with the same day delivery. His readings are both accurate and detailed. Rawveganpsychic also offers Reiki sessions.

Rawveganpsychic has positive reviews from all over the world. He is considered to be kind, caring, and accurate. So many of his customers are repeat buyers or planning to use him again in the future. Although prices start at $25 for one question, his service is so good that he has 1,706 5-star reviews out of 1,728.


  1. Psychic_fazal

Psychic_fazal taps into his clarity of mind and higher connections to perform mind healing and remove negative forces. His basic service includes psychic reading and advice. His focus is on love, marriage, dating and relationships with soulmate readings. He can also implant wishes and thoughts, carry out healing, and remove negativity and “evil eyes”.

Despite not making the over 1000 reviews list, Psychic-fazal is still a level 2 seller. He has managed to earn 878 reviews, 857 of those are 5 stars. This is a great achievement as he is the youngest Fiver on the list, joining in January 2020. Psychic_fazal has one super fan who uses him on a regular basis but there are numerous other reviews that are also returning customers and more than amazed with his work.

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