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Top Psychics on Oranum

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/14/20 9:04 AM EST
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Who Are the Best Psychics on Oranum?

Online psychic platforms feature advisors with different cultural backgrounds and levels of experience. You can find thousands of remote psychics and connect to them literally at any time. However, choosing a genuine psychic that fits your personality is not always as easy as one might think. The most optimal way to find legit psychics is by using a reliable psychic website or app. And if you are seeking a psychic website that you can trust, Oranum might be the best option for you.

Oranum is a reputable psychic website, appreciated for the wide variety of readings via live video chat. The platform features budget-friendly services by highly experienced psychics originating from different parts of the world. After looking through various blog posts and thoughts shared on forums, I realized that people always tend to consult the best psychics on a particular platform. This is because they trust top-rated psychics more than newbies. And if you are among those, you do not have to spend time searching for the best psychics on Oranum. Here is the list of the top 10 psychics on Oranum.

What Makes Oranum a Reliable Platform?

Before listing the best psychics working on Oranum, it is crucial to address the issue of whether the platform is reliable and if one should trust the readings.

Overall, Oranum is a pretty reliable psychic website and below are the 5 reasons to think so:

  1. Psychic Selection Process

Luckily, Oranum is not among the fake psychic platforms that accept random advisors. In contrast, Oranum makes sure only genuine psychics work on the website. The psychic selection process consists of several steps during which potential Oranum psychics are required to pass internet speed, video, and audio tests. Finally, selected candidates are asked to complete a test reading before they are allowed to broadcast on Oranum.

  1. The Variety of Psychics

On Oranum, you will find psychics with distinct cultural backgrounds and perspectives. While many people ignore this aspect, the variety of psychics is what makes platforms even more legit. This is because you can easily find the right advisor for you and receive an accurate reading. Keep in mind that the strength of the connection between a reader and a customer significantly influences the quality of the resulting reading.

  1. The Assortment of Psychic Reading Services

Obviously, you cannot receive an accurate love reading if you do not talk to a professional love reader. And the same applies to other reading services. The fact that Oranum psychics can effectively deliver readings on a wide range of topics makes the platform even more desirable. You can easily find the psychic of interest by using specific filter options.

  1. The Live Video Chat Feature

Although many psychic platforms offer readings via live chat, audio, and video calls, Oranum psychics are required to have their cameras on whenever they go live. This means that you can always have an eye on the entire reading process. The live video feature will help you avoid scams and fake readings that are especially common when receiving one remotely. The cool thing is that you can leave your camera and microphone off and use the chat window to type your questions.

  1. The Public Live Chat Feature

Last but not least, Oranum allows the users to chat with live psychics without even registering on the website or providing payment information. All you need to do is to select a specific advisor and ask questions as a guest. Some psychics deliver general readings while chatting with guests in a public chat and offer private shows to provide a more detailed reading. This feature helps you learn more about the psychic and decide whether he/she meets your expectations. The amount of time you can spend in a public chat is not limited and you only pay for readings delivered in a private chat.

The Top 10 Psychics on Oranum

Although Oranum offers excellent filtering options, you cannot really sort the psychics by their rating scores or the number of delivered readings. When you sort the psychics by their popularity, the website displays live psychics with 5-star ratings, but some have only a couple of rates. So, how can they really be the most popular ones on the platform?

Oranum also has a feature that allows you to vote for your favorite psychic and based on the number of votes, the website shows the list of the top 100 live psychics. If you want to consult the best psychics on the platform, this is the list you should refer to. You can find the top 10 Oranum psychics below.

1.    Alycia Rose

Alycia Rose is a psychic medium specializing in various types of readings and has been working as a psychic for over 30 years now. Alycia is a professional advisor who has worked as a Radio and TV psychic for years. She has been an Oranum psychic for 8 years and has completed more than 90,000 readings since then. What makes her even more trustworthy is that she has been the top 1 psychic on Oranum over 130 times and she is still listed as the number 1 advisor on the platform.

About Alycia Rose:

  • Oranum Psychic Since 2012
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 462
  • Rate – $5.99/min
  • 1st Place Awards – 137
  • 2nd Place Awards – 31
  • 3rd Place Awards – 5
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Precognizant
  • Readings – Integrity Matters, Love, Career, Money, Lost Items, Past Lives, Tarot, Reiki Healing, Remote Viewing, Dream Interpretation


2.    Nourevoyance

Nour is another top-rated Oranum psychic who discovered his supernatural abilities when he was only 11. Nour claims that the light inside his soul is what makes him a pure psychic and clairvoyant. Using various tools and divination techniques, he can provide accurate readings and this is why so many people consider Nour as their favorite psychic on the platform.

About Nourevoyance:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 234
  • 1st Place Awards – 6
  • 2nd Place Awards – 43
  • 3rd Place Awards – 20
  • Languages – English, French, Italian
  • Specialty – Clairvoyant, Animal Psychic
  • Readings – Angel Communication, Dream Analysis, Family Readings, Love Readings and Rituals, Mind and Body Readings, Natural Healing, Prayers and Luck, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading, Pendulum Reading, Coffee Reading


3.    Love Mentor

Love Mentor is a 5th-generation psychic specializing in astrology, numerology, and spiritual healing. He has the abilities to communicate with angels and gain insights into past, present, and future life events. Love Mentor claims that his accurate readings are capable of protecting you from negative energies and spells.

About Love Mentor:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 145
  • Rate – $3.99/min
  • 3rd Place Awards – 5
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Astrologer, Numerologist
  • Readings – Numerology Readings, Western Astrology, Spiritual Guidance, Family Issues, Love Readings, Natural Healing, Dream Analysis


4.    Love Dr Nikki

Love Dr Nikki was born gifted and has over 49 years of experience delivering psychic readings that can answer some of the most intriguing questions one might have. She has provided thousands of readings in general with or without using tools. Along with offering readings, Love Dr Nikki shares some useful videos on her feed completely for free. These videos are mostly about the basics of numerology, palmistry, Tarot reading, and runes.

About Love Dr Nikki:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 240
  • Rate – $2.99/min
  • 2nd Place Awards – 1
  • 3rd Place Awards – 5
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Tarot reader, Palmist, Numerologist
  • Readings – Dream Analysis, Palm Analysis, Love Reading, Family, Issues, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading, Horoscopes


5.    Mystic Milena

Mystic Milena is a highly experienced psychic reader with the ability to sense the spiritual world. To deliver an accurate reading, Milena sends your questions to spirits and interprets their answers utilizing Tarot cards. Milena can give explicit readings about almost every aspect of your life.

About Mystic Milena:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 151
  • Rate – $3.49/min
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Clairvoyant, Angel Communication, Tarot Reader
  • Readings – Angel Reading, Dream Analysis, Love Reading and Rituals, Love Compatibility Readings, Family Issues, Past Life Readings, Career and Work Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading


6.    Psychic Shaman Mae

Psychic Shaman Mae is a Usui Reiki Master, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a professional psychic reader. She has helped tons of people get their clarity and find the right path to a better life. If you face challenges in life or feel desperately sad, Shaman Mae might be the right psychic for you.

About Psychic Shaman Mae:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 86
  • Rate – $2.99/min
  • 3rd Place Awards – 1
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Tarot Reader, Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Clairvoyant
  • Readings – Chakra Healing, Reiki Healing, Holistic Healing, Mind and Body Reading, Tarot Reading, Family and Love Reading, Career and Work Reading, Spiritual Guidance


7.    Heera123

Heera123 was born gifted and is capable of providing guidance and clarity while being straightforward during the sessions. Heera has over 8 years of experience working as an Oranum psychic and has helped her customers gain insights into mysterious situations and make vital decisions in life.

About Heera123:

  • Oranum Psychic Since 2012
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 283
  • Rate – $2.99/min
  • 2nd Place Awards – 6
  • 3rd Place Awards – 22
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Energy Worker, Channeler, Healer, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, Animal Psychic
  • Readings – Dream Analysis, Love Reading, Love Compatibility Reading, Karmic Love Reading, Family Issues, Prayers and Luck, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading, Sound Therapy, Dream Analysis, Wester Astrology, Past Life Reading, Life Path Reading, Destiny, Location Selection, Birthdate Analysis, Reiki Healing


8.    Sensei

Sensei is a professional psychic who has been gifted with the ability to sense various occurrences and gain insights into various life events without using any tools. Sensei claims that he can feel the signs of possible events before you even think about them.

About Sensei:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 250
  • Rate – $3.99/min
  • 1st Place Awards – 2
  • 2nd Place Awards – 14
  • 3rd Place Awards – 26
  • Languages – English, Italian, Hungarian
  • Specialty – Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant
  • Readings – Angel Reading, Chakra Healing, Lore Reading, Career and Work Reading, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reading


9.    Psychic Kay

Psychic Kay is another top-rated advisor on Oranum with over 8 years of experience working on the platform. For some reason, her bio includes just a single sentence. Kay describes herself as a timeframe queen.

About Psychic Kay:

  • Oranum Psychic Since 2012
  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 200
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – General Psychic Readings
  • Readings – Love Reading, Family Issues, Mind and Body Reading, Traveling Reading, Career and Work Reading


10. Tozororion99

Tozororion99 is a Shaman practitioner and a professional psychic with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in energy healing and restoration, using which he can help you find lost items and people. With or without using tools, Tozororion can guide you and bring clarity to life.

About Tozororion99:

  • Star Rating – 5.0
  • Number of Rates – 230
  • Rate – $3.99/min
  • 2nd Place Awards – 1
  • Languages – English
  • Specialty – Shaman Practitioner, Healer, Rune Reader, Crystal Reader
  • Readings – Holistic Healing, Natural Healing, Dream Analysis, Birthdate Analysis, Family Issues, Love Reading, Love Compatibility, Life Path and Destiny, Lost Items, Mind and Body Reading, Career and Work Reading, Location Selection, Relocation, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Guidance


Tips to Find the Right Psychic on Oranum

While many people consider consulting top-rated psychics only, this technique is not convenient for every single individual. You do not really have to connect to the best psychic on the platform just because he/she has more rates than others. To make the right choice, you just need to listen to your heart and soul.

If you want to consult a psychic on Oranum but do not know how to select one, here are some tips that might help:

  1. If you want to talk to a top psychic, check the list “Top 100 Live Psychics” and do not forget to vote for your favorite afterwards;
  2. Use different filters so that the website displays psychics that meet your current needs and expectations;
  3. Check psychics’ bios and walls for more details;
  4. If the psychic is offline, watch his/her pre-recorded video clip;
  5. If the psychic is online, use the public live chat feature to interact with him/her for free;
  6. Although you cannot access customer reviews, you can find posts by premium members on almost every psychic’s wall. Have a look at the posts to learn more about the psychic.

The key to finding the right psychic and receiving an accurate reading on Oranum is to be attentive and patient. You should always interact with your selected psychics using the public live chat to learn more about them prior to paying for the session. This unique feature allows you to ask unlimited questions completely for free.

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