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Top Psychics on Youtube

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/07/21 8:47 PM EST
  • Updated: 02/21/21 8:49 PM EST

8 of The Top Psychics on YouTube

As the most popular video hosting site in the world, we turn to YouTube for everything from how cooking techniques to motivational speeches, education for the kids, and of course, psychic readings. Many of the most famous psychics have their own YouTube Channel but it’s also a place for others to connect with their audience and gain more popularity.

We have put together a list of the top 8 psychics on YouTube, principally based on the number of subscribers. We have also taken a look at the types of videos and services they offer.

  1. The Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry

There is little need for an introduction with these two ladies. The psychic twins are based in Los Angeles and have appeared on numerous TV shows, radio programs, and tabloids. They claim to have made over 1500 accurate predictions, the most significant was the September 11 terrorism attacks. They have also claimed to speak to the dead, none other than the likes of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

Their YouTube channel has a massive 726,000 subscribers. They have a lot of guest appearances, many of them fellow YouTubers. We have seen Peter Monn, Olivia O’Brien and Shane Dawson. Most of their videos are between 15 and 40 minutes and generally quite light-hearted, aside from the odd one like “Murders We Predicted”. There haven’t been any new videos recently. Perhaps the ladies are focusing on their private readings for around $500 a session.


  1. Psychic Love Tarot

Jawad Bashir is from Pakistan. He has tones of videos, posting an average of 12 videos per week. He provides Tarot card readings for each of the zodiac signs. His main theme is love and romance, but the monthly tarot readings are very detailed, and we quite liked how they were shorter than many Tarot readings, often just 10-15 mins. He gets straight to the point. We must say, he is also one of the most thorough Tarot shufflers we have seen.

Jawad Bashir has appeared on various other shows, although not many have been in English. He joined YouTube in 2017 and since then has gained an impressive 203,000 subscribers. This is probably due to his happy nature and big smile. You can click on his link to book private readings.


  1. Pamela Georgel- The Lucky Mermaid

Pamela Georgel has been giving psychic readings since 2001 and created her YouTube channel in 2014. Pamela is a clairaudient and clairvoyant psychic medium, a Reiki Healer (certified Reiki I and II) and Tarot reader. Aside from her YouTube videos, Pamela has performed more than 4,000 private readings since 2001. For a 1-hour psychic reading, the cost is $134 over the phone and only Skype for those outside of the US. Reiki healing is $62 for a long-distance session.

Pamela posts around 3 videos a week and the first thing you may notice is that practically every one is set in the same location. The only thing that changes is her top and the odd decoration. She now has in 103k with most of her videos being watched over 10,000 times.


  1. Psychic Sounds by B

‘B’ has had an eventful life so far. She spent 6 years in the Air Force, has been divorced, and suffered from a stroke. Her experiences and lessons have helped her to become the person she is and develop so a close relationship with spiritualism and the universe. Her website offers psychic readings at $90 for 30 minutes, membership, courses, webinars, and a shop.

On YouTube, B posts 4 or 5 videos a week including weekly astrology, daily Tarot at around 20 to 40 mins. There are also some longer videos on specific themes. She has 647,000 subscribers.


  1. Irish Gypsy Psychic Tarot

The Irish Gypsy Psychic is a generational psychic consultant who offers guidance in all areas of life through channeling. She also appears in several podcasts that can be found on Twitter. She offers 15, 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute readings either by Skype or over the phone. Recorded readings can be sent in a video.

The first thing you will notice on her YouTube channel is the beautiful images for each video. She posts 24 videos a month, 12 for the first half and another 12 for the second half. It’s a very easy channel to navigate. Irish Gypsy Psychic has 607,000 subscribers.


  1. Celestial Insights

The New Zealand YouTuber taps into the vibrations of psychic intuition and specifically, the energy of love. Celestial Insights takes messages from the spirits and angelic presences to provide guidance. The service has been awarded the 19th out of 100 top psychics on the planet.

You will find between 10 and 15 videos posted each month. There is a global predictions video for each month as well as 20-30-minute videos for the different zodiac signs. There are 488,000 subscribers.


  1. Alizon Psychic

Alizon Psychic is the leading English Witch & Spell Caster, or at least that is her claim. She uses the law of Attraction along with pure positive energy and attunement with the universe to create short yet life-changing videos. There is a wide range of videos on her YouTube channel. You can find lucky number spells to win the lottery, love spells, weight loss, wishes and all sort of other spells. There are also Tarot readings, meditation, and energy clearing for the zodiac signs.

You won’t find new videos as frequently as some of the other psychics but there are still around 12 to 18 videos posted annually for the 395,000 subscribers.


  1. Psychic Consultants

Now known as Higher Love Tarot, Natalie Pachel helps clients and viewers to master their relationships, increase intuition and gain self-empowerment. As an intuitive coach, Natalie helps people to uncover and overcome issues that can cause anxiety and depression. You can book sessions with Natalie or find lots of useful information on her site.

The Tarot readings on Higher Love Tarot are normally just a couple of minutes long. There are longer full readings and some really nice meditation videos too. She has 13,000 subscribers.

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