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Trouble connecting with a psychic during a psychic reading

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 11/29/20 8:38 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/15/20 8:40 AM EST

Trouble Connecting During a Psychic Reading

There is a common misconception about psychic abilities. Many show up for a reading and assume it’s a case of turning on the faucet, letting the information flow and at the end, the facet is turned off until the next time you need a reading. For it to work like this, the spirits would have to be “on-call”, as if they have nothing else to do aside from wait around for us to require them—a somewhat self-centered approach really.

The fact is that sometimes a psychic will have an amazingly clear connection with a guide but the next time there will be nothing. It’s also possible that messages come through from other guides instead of the guide you may have been hoping to reach. Just because not every reading goes the way we want it to, the psychic is a scam, or their abilities aren’t real. We are going to look at some of the reasons why we can’t connect with anyone during a psychic reading. But, before that, let’s get down to the bottom of the test questions.

How Do Test Questions Negatively Impact a Psychic Reading?

Most psychics will be able to tell you of a new querent asking a test question to see if their skills are valid and the most common is to connect with a spirit that doesn’t exist. This question implies that the querent has come to the reading with the preconception that the psychic will fail.

If you have doubts about your psychic’s abilities, you should check the legitimacy of the psychic with the company. Any ethical psychic company will have tested their psychics’ abilities without methods like test questions.

By insisting that a psychic answer the test question, you still aren’t going to get the answer you want. Your subconscious has decided that this person is going to connect with a deceased granny who doesn’t exist. A physic still has to enter the querent’s energy to discover that this is a test question. Again, an ethical psychic will see this as a violation, a rude intrusion of the energy space for no genuine reason. Rather than getting to say, “I knew it”, the querent becomes angry because of the interrupted energy. Leave the testing to the company as they have no emotional investment.


4 Reasons Why Can’t Connect with Anyone During a Reading

  1. There is too much cynicism

Surprisingly, there can be cynicism from both parties. A lack of faith and trust in your psychic reader produces a negative cycle where questions are asked that can’t be answered and when they get the wrong answer, further trust is lost. You run the risk of this negative pre-existing belief is so much stronger than any signals the psychic might be picking up.

When a psychic starts to question their ability, a similar problem will occur, the lack of faith leads to incorrect answers and blocked energies. This is because psychics shouldn’t have to justify what they see or what the guides communicate with them. It causes second-guessing and rather than strengthening their gift, it reinforces a lack of their own abilities.

  1. The energies are too different

Every day and all day, our energies interact with people and objects without us even paying attention. When we meet people, our energies reach out to each other and more often than not, they almost blend. We call this that good vibe about someone, you just clicked! Then there are the other people, not many of them, but you just don’t get on and you can’t even put your finger on it.

In these few cases, it is probably that your energies are so powerfully opposite that you will struggle to connect and understand each other. If the same thing happens between a psychic and a querent, it will be very difficult to make contact with anyone. There is little point in fighting this and the best thing is to find a different psychic.

  1. There is energy interference

If you have ever been told that you are unreadable, you should know that this isn’t true. What might happen is that the psychic is met with this luminous white energy, on occasions this could be blue energy, but either way, this type of energy might be bright, but it holds no answers. It’s what we call the quiet energy.

There are two possible reasons for not being able to see past this quiet energy. Your spirit guides might be trying to protect you from something. It may be unknown to you but there will be a good reason for this. Alternatively, you might be shielded or hidden from the guides, again, as a way of protection or because of a fear you may have.

This is what is known as energy interference, even the best psychics won’t be able to make connections. It might be better to consider what could be causing the energy interference before trying a different psychic or increasing the frequency of your readings.


  1. We build an energy wall

Our guides may try to protect us by causing energy interference, but it is also possible that the reason we can’t connect with anyone is that we have put an energy wall up around us.

It is normal to be nervous about a psychic reading. We are all looking for some answers to important or the big decisions in life. Despite wanting to know the answers, we can still fear them. As a form of protection, we put an energy wall up around us and so the psychic is unable to pass the wall and contact the guides. The more often we do this, the stronger the energy wall becomes and the harder it is to have successful readings.

Meditation will help you understand the real reasons behind your readings. During meditation, you can ask your guides for help feeling more secure and help to lower your energy wall so that the readings are more fruitful in the future.

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