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Two of Wands

Judgement Tarot Card
What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?
  • By Gemma Irias
  • Published: 08/07/20 3:25 PM EDT
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What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean?

Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Element: Fire

Function: Will, activity, Imagination, Beginnings

There is a man standing at perhaps the top of a castle, he looks over the city, the land, at out at the ocean before him. He holds a wand in his left hand and a globe in his right, literally, he has the whole world in his hands.

Under his wand, there is an image of two red roses and two white lilies. The roses represent magic and passion and they are balanced out by the purity of the lilies. Abd this is the principal meaning of the card, the balance between our will and the ability to let things be. He carefully holds the world rather than grip it with greed. If he wanted to, he could hold the wall for stability whenever he needs it.

The lone man is wearing a red hat, a representation of his passion for life. His orange clothes are a sign of enthusiasm and his craving for ventures. He is prepared for his next steps, he shows no fear, even though he is unsure of what lays ahead.

As the second card in this suit, this card is a sign of the plan behind the action that needs to be taken. It’s about creating a balanced strategy between timing, preparation, and well-polished adventures.

If you draw the Two of Wands, it is a sign for you to plan while you are waiting for the right time to take action. The man could make his move whenever he wants but he knows that there are things out of his control that he must wait for, perhaps the weather, or his that will travel with him. He knows that if one thing doesn’t go to plan, it will affect the whole journey https://downloadhit.net/.

Success is pretty much guaranteed if he has everything he needs and there is a perfect plan in place.

When Reversed:

The Two of Wands reversed means you have a tendency to do things too quickly and carelessly. On the contrary, you might be so overly obsessed with getting everything perfect that you are unable to take action.

You might be unwilling to move forward, like a young person who has to go through significant acts in order to mature into adulthood.

It could also suggest that you have everything at hand to achieve what you want but you don’t make the most of the advantages in front of you. You remain in your comfort zone, your own bubble or castle, as the rest of the world moves on.


There will have been a moment where you pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone and it changed your life, probably for the better. Take inspiration from your past and then look to the future.


In this position, it has a close relationship with the Ace of Wands. The first card began your journey and now the Two of Wands is helping you along your way. The number two implies you will have a decision to make and you may need help in doing so.


Look back on your past to avoid making the same mistakes and you can look forward to a robust life full of joy. Keep your focus on making good decisions for your life. Be ready to make a move.

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