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Universal Psychic Guild

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  • Published: 08/01/21 9:34 PM EDT
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Universal Psychic Guild

The Internet is no longer a venue for entertainment. Rather, it has evolved into an actual source of information and guidance. With just a couple of clicks, people can now connect with individuals from all around the world. Since the Net made it much easier to interact with various people, the psychic industry introduced an extensive range of remote psychic services. Nowadays, there are hundreds of credible psychic websites and Universal Psychic Guild is just one of them.

Universal Psychic Guild, or simply Psychic Guild, is a psychic reading platform that offers various free and paid services for people across the globe. From free horoscopes and Tarot readings to paid live chat and audio/video call readings, you can get literally anything you could possibly think of.

If you are still not aware of how Universal Psychic Guild works and what to expect from the platform, we’ve got you covered! In the following sections, we will provide further details on how to receive services through We will also discuss Universal Psychic Guild pricing and the accuracy of different services to help you get the most out of your psychic reading session.

How Does Universal Psychic Guild Work?

Universal Psychic Guild is a psychic platform providing psychic and spiritual guidance for customers worldwide. Psychic Guild is not among the suspicious websites that try to bilk their clients out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This is a legit psychic reading platform with real-life psychics and truly gifted advisors.

Universal Psychic Guild is a user-friendly psychic platform and you do not have to put in too much effort in order to get started or receive the desired service. The menu on the main page lists different services, making it much easier for you to navigate through the website. After selecting the specific category, you should just follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

The cool thing is that you do not have to register on the website to receive psychic readings. In the case of free services, you just enter your email address and receive a quick reading via an interactive tool. If you are willing to get a broader reading, you will be redirected to a partner website where you can consult a wide range of psychics one-on-one.

When it comes to paid psychic readings, you should select the desired service and the platform will redirect you to the partner website, such as Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source, or BitWine. Depending on the selecting platform, you will need to create an account and follow corresponding instructions.

What Services Does Universal Psychic Guild Offer?

Universal Psychic Guild offers a variety of psychic reading services, including card reading, astrology readings, energetic readings, dream interpretation, and many more. So whether you struggle with toxic relationships or you seek some clarity in your wonderful relationship, Psychic Guild advisors can assist you 24/7. Along with relationship guidance, psychic readers and dream interpreters can deliver accurate readings about career, finances, health, deceased loved ones, and even pets.

If you really want to gain insights into various aspects of your life, it is the perfect time for you to consult online psychics through Universal Psychic Guild. Here is what the platform offers!

·       Free Horoscopes

Universal Psychic Guild horoscopes are among the most popular options on the Internet. These horoscopes are completely free and what makes them even more desirable is the interactive chat feature.

To receive a free daily horoscope by Universal Psychic Guild, you just need to select your birthdate or zodiac sign. The website will display a brief summary of what you should expect to happen in your life. You can also check your weekly, monthly, and love horoscopes, along with your lucky numbers, colors, and gems.

If there is something else that you want to know, you can continue with an actual horoscope reading. The live chat feature will give you specific instructions and you just follow them to receive a reading. You just select your birthdate, enter your email address, type your first time, and select your star sign. In just a couple of seconds, the website will display your astrology reading.

If you want to get a more detailed and comprehensive reading, you should select one of the online astrologers from partner websites, including Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Keen.

·       Free Tarot Readings and Games

If you are looking for a free Tarot card reading, Universal Psychic Guild may be the right platform for you. The website offers a couple of Tarot reading categories, including Love Tarot, Pregnancy Tarot, Major Arcana Tarot, Minor Arcana Tarot, One-Card Tarot, Celtic Cross Tarot, Angel Card Reading, and Yes/No Tarot.

For each of these Tarot card reading options, you shuffle the deck, select your card(s), and enter your name and email address. Then you just click the button “REVEAL YOUR CARDS MEANING NOW!” and you will receive your free reading. After entering the details, you will receive daily Tarot readings completely for free.

What makes the Tarot reading experience even more enjoyable is that Universal Psychic Guild provides detailed information about each reading category. This helps you prepare for the reading and teaches you how to interpret the information you receive.

·       Free and Paid Fortune-Telling

For those seeking insights into the future, Universal Psychic Guild offers free fortune readings via an interactive live chat tool. To receive a brief psychic reading, you will need to enter your email address and name. Next, the bot will ask you if you want to know more about your future with a full psychic reading. You just click on Yes or No and the platform will direct you to a partner psychic reading website.

Universal Psychic Guild also explains what fortune-telling is and how fortune tellers can guide you through various challenges in life. This information enables you to get a general idea of what to expect from your free or paid fortune reading.

·       Psychic Readings

Universal Psychic Guild also offers psychic readings about different aspects of life. You can get a free love or mediumship reading via the interactive live chat feature. However, Psychic Guild does not feature any actual psychic reading experts. Instead, they simply redirect you to partner psychic reading platforms to select the desired advisor, depending on the context of your questions.

·       Spell Casting

Although Universal Psychic Guild does not actually offer spell casting services, the platform provides comprehensive information about different rituals, pros & cons, and tips for successfully casting powerful spells.

To help you get started, the platform lists a couple of genuine websites through which you can receive accurate spell casting readings. You just need to select the desired platform and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

·       Psychic Reviews

Last but not least, Universal Psychic Guild has reviewed multiple psychic reading platforms and psychic readers. For each of these, the website lists pros & cons, addresses credibility, mentions pricing options, and discusses unique features. These comprehensive review articles help you find the right psychic reading platform for you and make your experience even more enjoyable.

Universal Psychic Guild Pricing

Universal Psychic Guild offers FREE reading services, including horoscopes, Tarot cards, and psychic readings. While some readings are delivered via the interactive chat feature, others require you to actually shuffle the deck and pick a couple of cards. These readings are pre-written by Amelie Rose Estrela, an experienced psychic and lead author for Psychic Guild.

Although Universal Psychic Guild also features paid services, these readings are delivered by psychics and mediums working on various partner psychic reading websites. Therefore, rates for different psychic reading services vary from platform to platform. Generally speaking, you can receive a psychic reading for as low as $1 per minute. Depending on the chosen website and psychic advisor, the rate may go up to $30 per minute.

The good thing is that you receive plenty of discounts and free minutes when consulting psychic advisors for the first time. Typically, you get 3 free minutes for your first psychic reading or a discount as a new customer. The details about pricing and promotions are provided on the Universal Psychic Guild website.

Universal Psychic Guild: Accurate Psychic Readings or Scam?

No matter how affordable a given psychic reading platform is, the accuracy and credibility of provided services are always paramount. This is why you should always address the trustworthiness of the psychic reading website or app before you actually pay for the service. As Universal Psychic Guild is a pretty popular psychic website, people are curious about how accurate their services are. Here is everything you need to know!

To begin with, Universal Psychic Guild offers free horoscopes, Tarot readings, and psychic readings. While horoscopes are based on actual astrological signs and planetary transits, Tarot card and psychic readings are delivered by a software program that performs automated and pre-defined tasks. Hence, Universal Psychic Guild horoscopes can be trusted, but other free services are not really accurate. In addition to that, these readings are repetitive and your selected cards are always the same. This is why you keep receiving the same exact reading over and over again.

Although free Tarot and psychic readings offered by Universal Psychic Guild are not accurate whatsoever, they can be helpful for beginners. If you are new to the psychic world and do not really know how psychic readings work, you should definitely check these free services to get a general idea of what to expect from a typical reading session. However, you should keep in mind that paid one-on-one sessions are much more complex and detailed.

In the case of paid services by actual psychic experts, Universal Psychic Guild redirects to partner platforms, including Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source, and BitWine. As you may already know, these are four leading psychic reading platforms available on the Internet. These legitimate websites offer accurate and trustworthy psychic readings that can actually help you solve various issues. You just need to find the right psychic advisor for you to gain clarity in a wide array of aspects of life.

Summing up, the free services offered by Universal Psychic Guild are pretty fun and exciting. However, these 1-minute readings should not be taken literally. Still, you can entertain yourself whenever you have free time or simply want to learn how psychic readings work in general. If you are looking for quality readings and genuine advice from psychics, refer to actual advisors and consult them one-on-one.

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