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What Are Pet Psychics and How Do They Work?

Pet Psychics
What are Pet Psychics?
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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/19/20 4:55 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/19/20 4:55 PM EDT
What are Pet Psychics and how do they work?

People have been consulting psychics and mediums from ancient times. Even in the 21st century, psychics play an important role in lots of individuals’ lives. You will not get confused when talking about astrologers, Tarot card readers, clairvoyants, and remote viewers, right? But what if we speak about animal psychics?

Although it seems pretty bizarre, there are psychics that claim to have abilities through which they can communicate with both living and dead animals. While human psychics are commonly considered as fake, pet psychics are regarded as scammers even more often. But should animal psychics be regarded as scammers?

To learn more about what pet psychics are and how animal psychic readings work, keep reading. We will also talk about whether animal psychics are reliable and if they can actually help your beloved pets.


What Are Pet Psychics and Pet Psychic Readings?

Pet psychics are very similar to regular psychics. The main difference is that they provide psychic readings for various animals. Oftentimes, people hire pet psychics if their pets seem to be too sad for no specific reason. Besides, people also ask pet psychics to provide readings when their pets are acting weird. Basically, pet psychics help animals when they are unhappy, too aggressive, or too excited.

Similarly to regular psychic readings, pet psychic readings also provide information about why a specific animal acts in a particular way. Pet psychics claim that the readings can reveal the causes and effects of various actions that regular people cannot see.

To determine whether the claims of pet psychics are actually credible, check out the following sections.


What Is the Difference between a Pet Psychic and Pet Whisperer?

Usually, people get confused when hearing the term “pet psychic” and associate it with regular pet whisperers. In fact, pet psychics and pet whisperers are not the same things whatsoever.

As mentioned earlier, pet psychics claim to have supernatural power to read an animal’s mind or even connect with living and dead animals. While pet psychics provide guidance based on their extrasensory perception, pet whisperers are typical pet trainers. Pet whispering is an attempt to interact with animals through techniques that are natural for them.

Typically, pet whisperers train animals (especially dogs) by using body language, voice commands, pack dynamics, rewards, and consistency. Along with many other minor details, pet whisperers manage to control animals’ behavior and teach them some of the most essential things, such as being calm, knowing where to urinate, and minimizing aggression.

Although both pet psychics and pet whisperers aim to help not only animals but also their owners, they use completely different techniques. The main difference is that pet psychics claim to have the ability to connect with an animal’s spirit or read its energy fields. On the contrary, pet whisperers provide guidance based on animal psychology and scientifically proven facts.


How Do Pet Psychics Provide Readings?

Since there is no proof that psychics connect with living and dead animals literally, all we can do is to assume that they use some tricks that help them read what animals think about. Generally, we can talk about how pet psychics provide readings by considering two ideas.

The first assumption is that they can really make contact with an animal’s energy and spirit. Then they obtain some valuable information through telepathic abilities and use the details to provide feedback on how to improve its life.

Another assumption that is more likely to be true is that pet psychics use cold reading techniques to obtain information not only from the animal but also from its owner. Typically, they do the same as pet whisperers. Pet psychics observe animals and provide readings based on general knowledge about how they act in different situations. They can also do background research to get information about the animal’s name, age, favorite food, or other interesting facts that its owner might have shared on social media platforms.


Are Pet Psychics Real?

Determining the credibility of pet psychics is not that easy. The main reason for this is that we do not really know how pet psychics work. There is no proof that pet psychics feel the energy of animals and connect with their spirits. On the contrary, the results of multiple experiments involving pet psychics suggest that they do not provide reliable information at all. Along with that, lots of people have reported that their experience with pet psychics was far from being successful. In most of the cases, psychics could not even guess the animal’s name, age, or other basic characteristics.

Another fact is that we can never check if the readings about our pet’s behavior were accurate since we cannot really communicate with our beloved animals. If a pet psychic says that our dog thinks about something, how can we make sure that he/she is telling the truth? We simply cannot.

It seems like pet psychics have background knowledge of how animals behave and react to different situations and commands. They also try to interpret the readings using generalized and vague statements so that the owner thinks that the guidance is actually legit. For that reason, it is better to hire a professional pet whisperer instead of allowing a scammer to observe your dog or even provide inaccurate readings. Plus, hiring a pet psychic might probably cost you much more compared to hiring a talented pet whisperer.

Keep in mind that you might receive a really good piece of advice from a pet psychic as well. But this does not necessarily mean that he/she is gifted with extrasensory perception or have the ability to read an animal’s mind.

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