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What are Psychic Spells?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/03/20 8:55 AM EST
  • Updated: 11/27/20 8:56 AM EST

What Are Psychic Spells?

For a skeptic, the combination of psychic abilities and magic is going to be too much to comprehend. Over 20% of Americans believe in witches yet 68% of people believe in god. Is praying to god for better abilities or greater insights all that different from the rituals performed by Wiccans.

Many people consider there to be a third kind of magic that moves away from the arcane and divine magic associated with religion. This is what is known as psychic magic. Psychic magic and psychic spells include the use of mental energy, thoughts, and emotions for users to change aspects of the world around them. Psychics are able to dive into the deepest parts of the minds of others and with this, can influence thoughts and even manipulate objects.

What are the Components of Psychic Spells?

There are differences in agreement when it comes to what is necessary for a traditional spell. Some believe that spells should be nonverbal as they are a purely mental action. Others believe that spells are more effective with gentle chanting or whispering can help. Those performing other types of spells might choose to hold an expensive object that belongs to the person the spell is related to; this could be a wedding ring or another piece of meaningful jewelry. We are going to focus on non-verbal psychic spells with only two simple but extremely powerful components, emotions and thought.

The Emotional Component

Nobody can deny the energy we feel behind our emotions. The hurt from losing someone, the joy of falling in love, and everything in between, whether it’s positive or negative emotions, there is a strong presence of energy. To cast a spell, the person must be in the right emotional frame of mind. If the spellcaster is not in the right emotional state, it will be impossible to cast any form of emotional component in a spell. For an effective psychic spell to be cast, the spellcaster must have complete control over their own desires and impulses.

The Thought Component

The second and equally important component of a psychic spell is the ability to control and focus one’s thoughts. If you want to cast a spell to gain the courage of a lion, you need to be able to create an exact image of a lion in your mind, every detail from the strand of its main to the lean, powerful body, the colors, the sound of its roar. This is an incredibly challenging feat and is also very demanding. It’s the thought component that can easily be disrupted by external influences, distractions and interruptions.

Once a person’s emotions and thoughts are gathered, they are ready to begin casting their psychic spells.

How to Cast a Psychic Spell

Before jumping into a psychic spell, you need to understand the importance of will, intention, and the energy related to symbols. Let’s begin by looking at our will and intention. Anybody can wake up and be determined to achieve a certain task in their day if they have the right intention in mind. A lack of will and intention means things won’t be achieved. The same is said for psychic spells. The first thing is to make sure your mind is positive, and you are determined for the spell to work.

The next is a clear intention. Imagine today you have some meetings and housework to achieve. This is not clear enough. Is it one meeting and ironing or 5 meetings and a deep clean? If you want to cast a love spell, it’s not enough to intend to fall in love as this feels like a desire or a wish. A love spell would be more precise, so the intention of your spell becomes clear.

Imagery and symbolism are crucial for the success of a psychic spell. Everything in this world has its own different energy with different frequencies. Psychic spells rely on these energies and so before casting your spell, you need to understand which images you should focus on. For example, water is closely related to our emotions, the color red is associated with love, castles represent stable foundations. Many people like to create a list of different symbols and what they represent as they practice new spells. For increased energy, there is an optimal time of the day and orientations.

  • Dawn- face east, the element of air
  • Noon- face south, the element of fire
  • Sunset- face west, the element of water
  • Night- face north, the element of earth.

So, you can see that if you want to cast a love spell you should focus on the energy emitted from the color red. The number two represents two people coming together. If your love spell is to find your soul mate, it might be more of an emotional spell, so you should face west during sunset. If you are looking for a passionate relationship, you can tap into the element of fire and face south at noon.

Finally, make sure that you are in a comfortable surrounding where you aren’t going to be disrupted—turn your phone off. Try to appreciate the silence. Take a few deep breaths to release any emotions or thoughts that are not required and let go of any tension in your body.


Do Psychic Spells Really Work?

It’s a hard question to answer if you are a skeptic. The power of a psychic spell relies on your intention to believe. If you don’t believe you will reach the top of the mountain, you won’t. If you don’t believe a psychic spell will work, it simply won’t. What becomes a little more challenging is when your psychic spell is for someone else or is about someone else because it is important that they are open to the potential.

Even science is starting to see that beneficial effects of healing with energy. Nobody can deny the energy that they have within them and we all have some degree of intuition. Psychic spells are incredibly focused intentional thoughts. Call it a spell or a will, with the right mindset, your powerful thoughts can make a difference.



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