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What Are the Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romance?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/09/20 2:39 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 2:41 PM EDT

Originating in the mid-15th century in various European countries, the Tarot was originally a typical deck of playing cards. Later in the 18th century, the purpose of the Tarot deck was changed and people started using Tarot readings for divination and fortune-telling.

Tarot card reading has been an important tool for finding solutions to various issues concerning different aspects of life. Depending on the type and context of a specific question, a Tarot reader spreads cards and interprets the meanings of individual cards accordingly. Although Tarot cards have already-assigned definitions, they might not carry the same meaning while spreading the cards for two different people.

Without any doubt, the most frequently asked questions during Tarot card reading sessions are concerning love life and romantic relationships. Therefore, I decided to share some of the best Tarot cards that reflect divine love, harmony, and strong romantic connections.


The Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romantic Relationships from the Suit of Wands

Generally speaking, the Suit of Wands incorporates 14 cards from the Minor Arcana. Wands are linked with the element of Fire. Since Fire is used as a symbol of desire, hope, passion, and anger, cards from the Suit of Wands are commonly associated with energy, strength, intuition, creativity, and even sexuality.

In love and romance readings, the presence of Wands denotes lots of energy in a relationship. Still, most of the Wands underline problematic aspects of a relationship.

The following are the best Tarot cards from the Suit of Wands, specifically for love and relationship readings.

The Ace of Wands is one of the best Tarot cards to see in love and relationship readings. In upright orientation, it represents healthy connections, new opportunities, and the potential of growth. On the other hand, the reversed orientation of the card predicts selfishness and the lack of energy and passion.

The Two of Wands in an upright position is linked with patience, courage, and cooperative decision-making. It can reflect either a dynamic and harmonic relationship or a relationship where partners compete against each other to prove their dominance.

The Four of Wands in upright is associated with harmony, joy, kindness, and celebration. The combination of the Four of Wands and the Ace of Wands can predict the formation of a happy family.

In upright orientation, the Six of Wands means a successful relationship with the loved one. If reversed, it can predict the selfishness, bad news, and the will of individual achievements.

While the Eight of Wands typically reflects love, adventures, and active relationships in an upright position, it can also be linked with panic and slow action in reversed orientation. In love and relationship readings, it is important to consider adjacent cards to reveal the message that the Eight of Wands carries.


The Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romantic Relationships from the Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of air and predicts aspects of our mental health and the level of intellect. The presence of Swords in the spread is typically a sign of problems and ways of resolving them.

Similarly to any other suit of the Tarot deck, Swords can also be related to both positive and negative aspects of life. Some of the desirable qualities that Swords predict include courage, ambition, power, and action. On the contrary, negative predictions might be associated with anger, guilt, verbal abuse, and mental issues.

The majority of people receiving Tarot readings are afraid of seeing Swords in the spread, especially when we are talking about love and relationship readings. Despite the fact that Swords are linked with problems and communication issues, they are extremely useful for realizing some of the problems that we might have never thought of. The presence of Swords can not only predict some negative aspects of a relationship but also guide us through hard periods of life and tell us what to do and how to resolve the issues.

For instance, if you see a card predicting a harsh argument in a relationship, you can prepare for it and do your best to avoid conflicts. In the case, if you end up receiving cards telling you that your relationship has come to an end, you can try to find the root of the problem and factors causing separation.

Even if you end up getting Swords in your love reading, do not freak out. Just be patient during the session and think of the possible ways to resolve certain issues.


The Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romantic Relationships from the Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of Earth and typically deals with issues involving finances, work, and health. It also reflects the circumstances that surround us and how we create, shape, and develop outer situations. Pentacles can also be linked with the level of self-confidence.

In Tarot card readings, in general, the presence of Pentacles describes material aspects, including work, money, and business. Positive implications can be realization and prosperity. On the other hand, Pentacles can also be linked with negative characteristics, such as greediness, materialism, and ineffective management of finances.

If we are talking about love readings, Pentacles can be a sign of relationship issues that are significantly influenced by work and financial state. Besides, there might be some health conditions involved in a relationship.

Some of the Tarot cards that you might want to see in your love and relationship reading are discussed below.

While the Ace of Pentacles is an indication of a new career and financial opportunities, it might also have a positive implication in love and relationship readings. In upright orientation, the Ace of Pentacles predicts happiness, prosperity, and fertility, meaning that it might be a sign of possible pregnancy. It represents the beginning of a wonderful period and can indicate a birth.

The Three of Pentacles is another card that you might be wishing to see in your love and relationship reading. In upright orientation, it indicates teamwork, common values, and shared vision. It also reflects the idea that individuals in a relationship understand their role, position, and responsibilities.

The combination of the Ace of Pentacles and the Three of Pentacles can also be a sign of pregnancy.

The last Tarot card from the Suit of Pentacles that can be carrying some positive information about your relationship is the Ten of Pentacles. The card predicts a long-term, happy relationship with lots of adventures and moments you can enjoy with your partner. The Ten of Pentacles in upright orientation is also an indication of wealth and financial stability that can also help you maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one.


The Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romantic Relationships from the Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups is associated with the emotional aspects of life and predicts issues related to feelings, relationships, and love. The Suit of Cups is linked with the element of Water, a very powerful but soft and gentle at the same time. Since Water is considered to be a feminine element, Cups are commonly used to describe the nature of women.

The Suit of Cups is the happiest suit for love and relationship readings. Therefore, Tarot readers look for Cups to see if there is a genuine emotional connection in a relationship. Although Cups carry some positive characteristics, the negative aspects can also be predicted by the same cards. For instance, some Cups might reflect excess emotions, unrealistic expectations, and the lack of ability to express feelings.

Some of the most desirable cards from the Suit of Cups to be seen in love and relationship readings are provided below.

  • The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups might be an indication of new love. If you are already in a relationship, it can simply mean that the interest will be renewed. It also represents a person that is emotionally generous and has the ability to forgive. While the card in upright orientation shows self-love, its reversal might be a sign of narcissism and selfishness.

  • The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups represents an open and loving relationship and indicates the strength and depth of feelings in a relationship. The relationship may or may not be romantic, but most commonly, it is. If you see the Two of Cups in your love reading, it means you have a healthy relationship with your loved one.

  • The Six of Cups

Often times, the Six of Cups is a sign of a relationship between soulmates. It indicates that people feel happy and secure in a specific relationship. The Six of Cups can also predict healing and cleansing after a conflict or disappointment.

  • The Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a sign of celebration, physical well-being, and emotional satisfaction. It can indicate agreement and shared values in a relationship. Still, the meaning of the card is often influenced by the neighboring cards.

  • The Ten of Cups

The presence of the Ten of Cups in a love and relationship reading means that your partner is willing to start a family with you. The card predicts happiness, divine love, and harmony in the family.

  • The Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a card reflecting extremely romantic aspects of a relationship. It can be a sign of a strong connection between the partners. It also shows emotional openness and commitment to a romanticized version of the world.

  • The King of Cups

The King of Cups can denote the presence of an ideal partner in a relationship. It can be a sign of a caring and emotionally mature person in your life. The King of Cups represents a relationship in which partners trust each other and live a happy and peaceful life.


The Best Tarot Cards for Love and Romantic Relationships from the Major Arcana Cards

While the Minor Arcana cards are used to reveal details about day-to-day situations and less substantial issues, the Major Arcana cards deal with karmic life and factors having a significant influence on an individual’s life. The Major Arcana cards usually set the entire scene in any type of Tarot reading.

If one sees a Major Arcana card in the spread, other cards should be interpreted considering the meaning of the Major Arcana card. If you see that the majority of the cards in a reading are from the Major Arcana, it means that you are facing some life-changing events and the steps you take might have long-term effects on your life.

Some of the Major Arcana cards uncover some details about love life and romantic relationships. Several examples are discussed below.

  • The World

In an upright position, the World is a sign of perfection, harmony, and success. This might be telling you that you are in a happy and peaceful relationship with your loved one.

  • The Sun

The Sun represents love, joy, positivity, and happiness, which can be an indication of a very happy relationship. The card might also be telling you that you are personally growing while being in a strong relationship.

  • The Star

The Star denotes optimism, hope, and rejuvenation. In love readings, the card might be a sign of balanced relationships in which partners understand their roles and responsibilities. Often times, the card is associated with just being born as a star.

  • The Justice

The Justice in upright orientation represents harmony and balance in a relationship. It can also be a sign of equal partnership with identified positions and roles in a relationship.

  • The Empress

The Empress is a representation of motherhood. It describes a person as an emotional leader. The Empress card can also be considered as a sign of fertility and forecast possible pregnancy or childbirth.

  • The Lovers

The Lovers upright represent a strong and healthy relationship or marriage. The card tells that the partners have a deep understanding of their responsibilities and motivation to have an open, balanced, and fruitful relationship.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the article provided some interesting information about the Tarot cards you might want to see in love and relationship readings. The cards that were not mentioned are either predicting negative aspects of a romantic relationship or have nothing to do with love and partnership.

Be aware that these were just a few meanings of the cards. Depending on your specific question as well as surrounding cards in the spread, the Tarot cards discussed above might have other implications and provide information about a completely different aspect of life.

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