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What Are the Different Types of Psychic Services?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/12/20 10:14 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/11/20 12:30 PM EST

Different Types of Psychic Services

Psychic services are gradually becoming more and more popular among different societies. People refer to psychics to solve various mysterious issues, get feedback on their present and future activities, and improve their productivity based on psychic readings. Therefore, psychics are commonly known as spiritual or wellness coaches.

If you had to visit a psychic to receive the reading during the past centuries, technological advancements of the 21st century allow you to attend a psychic séance without leaving your home.

Some of the most popular types of psychic services include:

  • Traditional In-Person Psychic Readings
  • Psychic Video Chat Readings
  • Psychic Online Chat Readings
  • Psychic E-mail Readings
  • Psychic Readings Through Various Apps and Websites

To better understand how these psychic services work, the article will be divided into several sections, each focusing on a particular service. Along with the explanation of different types of psychic sessions, I will provide some pros and cons of modern psychic services compared to traditional in-person readings.


Traditional In-Person Psychic Readings

The first type of psychic service is a traditional in-person session for which you have to either visit a psychic at his/her office or the psychic might even come to your place. During in-person séances, psychics can feel the energy and provide readings through their extrasensory perception and mental abilities.

Depending on the specialty of a particular psychic, he/she might incorporate various items to interpret the readings. For instance, cartomancers will ask a client to cut the deck and they will spread it in a specific sequence. Cutting the deck transfers the energy from the client to the set of cards, allowing the psychic to foresee the future accurately. On the other hand, psychometry or token-object readers can obtain information by physically touching a particular object or a person of interest.

While these were just 2 types of psychics, there are dozens of gifted people using other techniques, including but not limited to stones (lithomancers), crystal balls (crystallomancers), and palms (palmists).


Psychic Video Chat Readings

A number of services have already been transferred to various online platforms and psychic readings are not among exceptions. Nowadays, people have an opportunity to schedule an online session with a psychic and receive high-quality psychic readings using a regular webcam and microphone.

Video chat readings can be considered to be the closest alternatives to traditional ones. The only issue is that psychics that provide readings by feeling the energy might not be able to connect with the client genuinely. The reason for a relatively weak connection might be the distance between the psychic and the client, as well as the lack of physical contact between them.


Psychic Online Chat Readings

In the case, if you do not want to use your webcam or microphone and prefer texting a psychic in live chat, there is an option to simply schedule an online chat reading session with the desired psychic.

The main disadvantage of this type of session is that neither you nor the psychic can see or feel each other, making it pretty hard to correctly perceive the person behind the device.


Psychic E-mail Readings

Believe it or not, you can even receive psychic readings through your e-mail. You will just need to fill in the form and send it to the psychic to get feedback on your daily life or future occurrences. This type of psychic service is often chosen by individuals who do not want a particular psychic to see all the things they have around them. But it would help if you never were afraid of sharing your environment or your personal characteristics with an experienced psychic. You just need to be very careful while selecting the psychic to avoid psychic reading scams.

The main con of psychic e-mail readings is that you might have to wait a couple of hours for a psychic to respond. Plus, the number of questions you can ask is limited compared to other types of psychic services.

Talking with a psychic in person or through the live chat will make the process much more straightforward and you will receive the reading in just a few minutes.


Psychic Readings Through Various Apps and Websites

While some of the platforms provide access to one of the services discussed above, various apps and websites are offering different types of psychic readings, including video, live chat, and e-mail readings. In some cases, the user can even schedule an in-person séance with a particular psychic through an app or a website.

Such platforms make it easier for the user to choose the service that best suits his/her needs and receive high-quality feedback from talented psychics.


Final Thoughts

Summing up, 21st-century technological advancements allow us to get online services without even leaving the house. The major advantage of platforms offering online psychic readings is that you do not have to waste time for reaching a particular destination to visit a psychic. Along with that, most of the psychic apps and websites allow the users to check the ratings and reviews of a given psychic. In this way, you can easily schedule a séance with an experienced and trustworthy psychic.

Another pro of online readings is that almost every platform grants the users a couple of free minutes to chat with a  new reader. These free minutes will help you learn more about the psychic and his/her reading methodologies and techniques. If you like the psychic, you can simply extend the session and receive readings.

Moving on, the disadvantages of modern psychic services include the difficulty of exchanging energy. Some psychics prefer physical contact to feel the energy and connect with a particular person. On the contrary, experienced psychics should also be able to make a connection through online chats or video calls.

Considering all the information provided throughout the article, it can be stated that it all depends on personal preferences. You should decide which service works for you at the specific stage of your life. You will just need to find an experienced and talented psychic and schedule an online or in-person meeting to receive some feedback.

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