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What Are the Worst Things to See During Palm Reading?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/13/20 11:26 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/13/20 11:26 PM EDT

While there are lots of occult practices that psychics use for divination, some of them have been a part of our culture ever since ancient times. And palmistry is one of such techniques. Although the exact origin of palm reading is unknown, it is believed that the method could have originated in ancient India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Babylonia, and Persia.

Palmistry gained exceptional popularity in the 19th century and has been widely used since then. Nowadays, lots of psychics use palm reading for divination purposes and they believe that the lines and mounts on an individual’s palm can predict the future.

Similarly to any other type of reading, there are some good and bad things to see during the session. In this article, we provide a brief introduction to palmistry and focus on several things you do not ever want to see during palm reading.


A Brief Introduction to Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the occult practices that were a part of the culture of ancient India, China, Nepal, Tibet, Babylonia, and Persia. The technique is commonly referred to as “chiromancy,” “chirology,” and “palm reading,” so do not get confused if you hear any of these terms.

Generally speaking, palm reading is a divination technique that observes lines and mounts on an individual’s palm to forecast the future as well as provide guidance. Although palmistry is practiced all across the globe, it is especially popular in India. Indians use astrology and palmistry in tandem to provide readings and reveal some of the major characteristics of an individual.

Palmists observe the following characteristics:

  • Shape and Color of the Palm
  • Mounts and Lines of the Palm

Considering the color, shape, length, and width of the different mounts and lines, palm readers derive readings and provide guidance accordingly.

You can get some additional information about palm reading by checking out our article about how palmistry works.


Some of the Worst Things to See During Palm Reading

The shape and color of the palm, along with the mounts and lines on it, have unique meanings. Different combinations of these characteristics also lead to varying readings. Palmists believe that the language of our palms can warn us by displaying signs of various events.

We should also note that the readings cannot be interpreted in the same exact way for two individuals. Rather, the predictions that are based on an individual’s palm should be explained considering various aspects of the life of that particular person.

Be aware that the following meanings might be interpreted in a slightly contrasting manner for different individuals.

The things you do not want to see on your palm are discussed below.

  • Downward Lines on the Palm that Branch Out from the Main Lines

If you see downward lines that branch out from any of the major lines, it might be a sign that your life could get a little bit messier.

If you have downward branches on your Fate Line, it means that you might have some difficulties and problems with career and work.

Downward markings on the Life Line mean that your life might get out of control in the nearest future.

Downward branches on the Heart Line might lead to breakups, heartache, and other issues concerning relationships. If the downward branches coming out from the Heart Line intercept the Fate Line, there might be a fatal loss in a relationship, especially in a romantic one.

Lastly, downward markings on the Head Line highlight your inability to consider a piece of good advice. It might also be a sign of mental health issues, anxiety, and depression.

  • Broken Main Lines on the Palm

Crossbars, also known as roadblocks, break the main lines and impact how the current flows through the major lines. If there are no crossbars, then the line will function well without any hindrance. If the line is broken, then it means that you might face some problems in life.

  • Islands on Main Lines

Other warning signs that can appear on your palms are islands on top of the main lines. To recognize islands, you will need to observe the curves that smoothly and seamlessly enter the main lines. Although islands do not affect our lives as dramatically as roadblocks, they still influence the flow of current in main lines.

  • Big X-s on Main Lines and Mounts

If you see a big X on your palm, you should be extremely careful since this is a sign of a substantial problem. Whether the X is on one of the main lines or mounts, it indicates some type of health issue or negative characteristic. Depending on its location, you can determine the specific problem and personality traits as well.

A thick X on Mercury and a bent finger predict manipulative characteristics. You had better not trust such a person and be very attentive around him/her.

  • Moist and Sticky Palms

While the shape and structure of your hands might not necessarily mean anything unpleasant, moist and sticky palms can indicate laziness and instability. Clammy hands are especially cold, highlighting your generosity and shyness.

  • Overly Developed and Underdeveloped Lower Mars Mounts

The Lower Mars Mount is commonly referred to as Mars Negative Mount. It reveals information about how aggressive an individual is. If the Lower Mars Mount is overly developed, the person is too aggressive or energetic. If the Lower Mars Mount is underdeveloped, then the person lacks the firmness of character or purpose and is said to be tentative.

  • Pale and White Palms

Pale and relatively white hands are a sign of the lack of empathy towards others. It can also indicate that the person is thoughtless and less passionate. The white color of the palm is commonly associated with the Moon. People with pale hands that have round-shaped head and small years, they are widely associated with Lunarians. The white color of the palm is also believed to reduce love, warmth, and enthusiasm that are linked with the mount of Venus.


Should I Consider Palm Readings Literally

There is no specific answer to whether one should consider palm readings literally. The fact is that it all depends on how one observes and interprets different lines, mounts, and signs on an individual’s palm. If you are visiting a professional palm reader having extensive experience reading people’s palms, then you have nothing to worry about.

Still, palm reading is considered to be less accurate than other divination techniques. The reason for this is that palm readers can provide guidance without even being gifted with supernatural power or extrasensory perception. Palmists believe that an individual’s personality traits and fate are visually represented on the palm. They just learn what different signs predict and provide readings accordingly.

On the contrary, some advisors use their psychic abilities to see and feel things that only gifted ones can. Divination practices involving the use of such techniques are considered to be much more accurate and trustworthy.

But in some cases, psychics and mediums combine techniques of several distinct occult practices. For instance, one might use not only palm reading to provide the reading but also his/her clairvoyant or clairsentient abilities to complement the feedback. In such cases, the readings are based on several techniques and can be regarded as more credible.

Therefore, you should just do your best to find the right palm reader who provides precise readings you can trust. If you are visiting a self-proclaimed palmist who has recently learned how to read an individual’s palm, you had better not consider the readings too literally.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the article provided some general information about what palmistry is and how palm readers uncover the personality characteristics and fate of an individual by observing the lines, mounts, and additional signs.

The signs discussed throughout the article can appear on any main line. If you see them on the Heart Line, then there is an issue with your emotional or physical well-being. Sings on the Head Line are linked with mental health problems and stress. If you see the signs on the Life Line, consider them as warning signs telling something about our overall health.

Be aware that this was an incomplete list of signs that might warn you about negative traits or undesirable life events. To make sure you are not making important life decisions based on fake palm readings, it is crucial to refer to a professional palmist. Besides, always try to interpret the readings in a way that connects them to your life.

Although reading palms is believed to be accurate in some cultures, they might also be wrong in some cases. Therefore, be careful and never let the reading ruin your life.

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