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What is a Crystal Reading?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/18/20 9:48 AM EDT
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What is a crystal reading?

Crystals have been treasured for centuries for their powerful healing properties and ability to amplify psychic energy. Mediums, psychics often couple tarot or oracle card divination practices with crystals for energetic support and spiritual protection. Crystals are formidable allies, they can raise your vibration, stimulate the pineal gland and open your third eye, so it’s no wonder people have been using crystals for psychic practices for hundreds of years.

The earliest evidence of crystal divination dates all the way back to biblical times. Oracles and mystics cast precious stones for spiritual guidance, and their wisdom was sought after by kings queens and commoners. Historically humanity embraced the support of crystals; for example, the ancient Romans carried fragments of precious stones to defend against ill-fortune.

Gemstones have always been symbols of strength and divinity. They are innately attractive, drawing us in for healing and cleansing. More famously, we have used them to increase psychic potency during readings, or as a tool for the reading itself. Ancient cultures used crystals and gemstones for divination by casting them onto the ground then a Seer would then interpret their meaning, much the same way you would read tea leaves.

Over time and with the advent of technology, the practice has changed somewhat. Crystal reading is still a highly intuitive process, but the methods employed can vary depending on the psychic’s particular talents.

Tarot, oracle or angel cards may be used in conjunction with crystals and gemstones to provide a more comprehensive reading. Each card has a metaphysical connection to a particular stone, and the relationship can be used to interpret a broader spectrum of insights during the session. The stones can enrich a traditional card reading with their light by illuminating alternative perspectives to create a new awareness of the issue.

Alternatively, you can partake in a more authentic crystal reading in two ways. The first is to visit a medium or clairvoyant who can cast stones or has experience in lithomancy. You begin the reading by holding a question clearly in your mind, the psychic will then invite you chose two to three from a pouch at random. Similar to tarot, the crystals tell a story based on their particular energetic frequency. The crystals you attract reveal important information which your guide will interpret.

The second way to use crystals for divination is similar to working with angel cards. A psychic will lay out an array of various crystals and gemstones in no particular order. After meditating on your intention, you are invited to select whichever crystals you’re the most attracted too.

An important note is to avoid choosing your favourite stones or those which you think will give you a more ‘interesting’ reading. Instead let your intuition decide, go with the crystals your eye is drawn to first. Once you have your stones, your clairvoyant will begin interpreting their meaning.

This a practice you can easily experiment with at home, simply find a quiet, comfortable space and write down your intention on a piece of paper. Layout your crystals, close your eyes and meditate for a few moments on your question, clearing your mind of all other thoughts. When you feel ready, open your eyes and begin selecting your stones.

There is no need to limit how many stones you can pick, as the number will vary depending on the type of guidance you need, it could take one crystal, or it could take five. All that matters is you listen to your inner wisdom.

In the beginning, most people use guides for interpreting crystals until they are deeply connected to their intuition. Below are some meaning for the most commonly used crystals.

Rose quartz

This is a beautiful stone representing universal love. It speaks to a need for regaining trust in personal relationships or to yourself and encourages unconditional love.


When you are drawn to amethyst, you are being told that angels and guides are with you. They are sending their love and protection. This stone also relates to spiritual awareness, letting go of grief, sadness and negativity.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is the most powerful and versatile of all the healing stones. It can suggest a need for cleansing or protection against negative energy. This stone is connected to energy, creativity and clarity and can also imply a need for pain relief in some aspect of your life.


Obsidian provides protection from physical and emotional negativity. A good question to ask when you attract obsidian is where am I feeling emotionally blocked, and why? Am I being true to myself? Am I feeling confident in myself?

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