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What Is a Psychic Empath and How to Develop Empath Abilities?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/17/21 12:20 PM EDT
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What Is a Psychic Empath and How to Develop Empath Abilities?

Life is full of surprises, unexpected events, challenges, and many other occurrences that influence the way we grow and develop. While some of the incidents seem to be pretty clear, others are much stranger and sometimes even impossible to explain. However, these mysterious events can still be clarified and interpreted by means of supernatural phenomena. A psychic empath is a person who can address some of the most peculiar aspects of our lives and help us resolve issues we have been struggling with for days, months, or even years.

While millions of people worldwide refer to psychic empaths, some individuals are still hesitant about consulting them. Since empathic phenomena cannot be explained and verified by scientific evidence, it is pretty natural to be skeptical about the accuracy of psychic readings. However, learning more about psychic empaths and being aware of how to develop empathic abilities might permanently change your way of thinking.

In this article, we have summarized everything you need to know about psychic empaths. Since so many people are enthusiastic about becoming empaths themselves, we have also listed some of the most common signs of being an empath and the ways you can develop and strengthen your empathic powers. In the last section of the article, you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about empaths that will allow you to get a better idea of how everything works.


Who Are Psychic Empaths?

The term “empath” is derived from “empathy,” which is defined as the capacity to understand what other people experience from their unique perspectives.

Accordingly, a psychic empath is a person with higher sensitivity to a large variety of external stimuli. In a nutshell, empaths can sense and understand the experiences or feelings of others, even if they are not connected to these experiences and feelings. Empaths typically experience the pain and joy of others as if these feelings were their own. In other words, psychic empaths are capable of placing themselves in other people’s positions.

While psychic empath definition is somewhat general and does not really tell much about the abilities empaths possess, we can make things more explicit by introducing a couple of different types of psychic empaths.

10 Types of Empaths

Below are 10 of the most common and engrossing types of empaths, with a general description of each. Note that there many more empathic abilities psychics possess and these are just 10 examples.

1.    Intuitive Empath, AKA Claircognizant Empath

An intuitive empath, also known as a claircognizant empath, is a person who is capable of knowing things he/she has never been told before. The information is simply put in an intuitive empath’s mind in the form of thoughts. Things intuitive empaths know cannot be explained by any logic and there is not any rationale behind it.

Since intuitive empaths are typically mentally oriented, they can easily understand abstract situations and solve various issues while thinking analytically. The senses of inner knowing allow claircognizant empaths to make the right choices in life.

2.    Emotional Empath

As the term suggests, emotional empaths can feel the emotions of other people without them having to explain their feelings or emotions. Emotional empathy is sometimes explained by the presence of the mirror neurons in our brain. According to V.S. Ramachandran, an Indian-American neuroscientist, mirror neurons are involved in empathy in a way that they allow you to empathize with another person’s feelings. Although mirror neurons are connected to empathy, the topic still needs further experimentation and research.

It has been stated that emotional empaths have hyper-sensitive mirror neurons, allowing them to sense the feelings and emotions of others. Hence, they are exceptionally good at deeply understanding what other people enjoy or struggle with.

3.    Physical Empath

Physical empaths are individuals who can feel the physical symptoms of other people. As a result, they might experience various illnesses, chronic disorders, depression, fatigue, and other health-related problems. Due to the nature of their empathic abilities, physical empaths are commonly referred to as medical empaths.

For some reason, people sometimes confuse physical empaths with emotional empaths. The main distinction between these two empath types is that emotional empaths sense people’s mental and emotional feelings, while physical empaths absorb the pain or pleasure people experience physically.

Since physical empathy is extremely exhausting, you should learn how to cope with given symptoms, especially the pain. Self-care is incredibly critical for physical empaths to get rid of the painful feelings of various diseases in time and stay healthy.

4.    Precognitive Empath

Precognition can be defined as foreknowledge of various events, typically through extrasensory perception or metaphysical abilities. Accordingly, precognitive empaths are capable of knowing things prior to happening. Oftentimes, the information is received through dreams and if this is the case, a precognitive empath can also be referred to as a dream empath.

As precognitive empaths are among the most sensitive people, they might suddenly feel anxious. This is especially common when empaths sense the possible occurrence of serious events.

5.    Telepathic Empath

Telepathic empaths can obtain information about people without having any physical contact. Along with using particular psychic senses, telepathic empaths rely on their sixth sense to read other people’s thoughts and feelings without them having to express any of those. Since there is no need for physical or skin-to-skin contact to be involved, telepathic empaths can make empathic connections pretty easily.

Telepathic empaths are also capable of forming impressions associated with given objects. For instance, they can tell you details about the owner of a specific item by simply reading reflected feelings.

6.    Medium Empath

Medium empaths are people who can communicate with different spirits and deliver messages from the other world. They typically connect with spirit guides or people who have passed away recently. In fact, medium empaths can also communicate with the spirits of living human beings.

Mediumship, also known as spirit channeling, can be performed by a variety of techniques, including Ouija, séance tables, and trance. Usually, medium empaths deliver messages from spirits by allowing them to control their body and speak directly or via psychography (automatic writing or drawing).

As mediums use different techniques for delivering readings, they are classified as mental and physical mediums. Mental medium empaths enter the spirit world by seeing, sensing, or listening to the spirits. Contrarily, the physical medium empaths materialize spirits through the ectoplasm.

Since medium empaths can make a connection between the spirits of the dead and living beings, they are commonly referred to as intermediaries between the two worlds.

7.    Geomantic Empath

Geomantic empaths are individuals who feel drawn to specific locations that make them feel either happy and relaxed or uncomfortable and stressed. These empaths are attracted to places without any specific rationale behind it. While geomantic empaths can have particular feelings about every single location, they are especially allured by spiritual environments.

Since geomantic empaths can feel the aura at different physical landscapes, they can easily identify the history of a given place. By experiencing contrasting feelings, such as happiness, enjoyment, fear, and pain, they can determine the context of events that have happened at particular locations.

8.    Earth Empath

An earth empath is a person who makes strong connections with nature and is fully aware of our planet’s natural powers. These empaths are especially energized by powerful natural phenomena, such as thunders, tornadoes, moonlight, and even sunbeams. The beauty of the natural world can also strengthen the abilities of an earth empath. In a nutshell, earth empaths can feel the power of a thunderstorm or any other natural event.

Since earth empaths are so attuned to the natural world, they can easily tell if something is about to change. They can predict the weather, astrological occurrences, or even natural disasters.

For some reason, people sometimes confuse geomantic empaths with earth empaths. These two terms are even used interchangeably in some sources. Since there are significant differences that we have mentioned above, you should never use these terms as synonyms.

9.    Fauna Empath, AKA Animal Empath

You have probably heard of animal psychics, right? These supernatural people are also known as fauna empaths or animal empaths. This form of empathy enables people to sense the feelings of different animals and even send messages to them through communication. Since these people are so good at recognizing different signals coming from animals, they are commonly referred to as animal whisperers. Typically, these communications are initiated by empaths rather than animals.

10. Flora Empath, AKA Plant Empath

As the term suggests, flora empaths are people who can communicate with plants and deliver readings based on the signals coming from them. Believe it or not, plant empaths can actually sense what plants need to grow healthy and gorgeous. By communicating with the plants’ energy fields, flora empaths can even predict possible dangers. Although this type of empathy is pretty uncommon, flora empaths do exist!

Meet the Mediocre Empath and learn more about flora empathy here.


10 Signs That You Might Be an Empath

Due to the lack of scientific evidence, empath traits are commonly ignored within various societies worldwide. The misconceptions about different psychic abilities do not allow people to find their true potential in life. For that reason, some empathic people are not aware of their supernatural powers.

The following 10 signs will help you determine whether or not you might be an empath!

1.    You Have a Good Intuition

The most important sign of being a psychic empath is to have a good intuition. Although we have mentioned that intuitive empathy is one of the types of empathy, intuition is commonly involved in other forms as well.

If you have ever had a feeling that something good or bad was going to happen, you might be more intuitive than other people around you. This is one of the signs that you are actually an empath. Typically, empaths are capable of picking up on even the slightest cues. They can tell whether a given person is honest or not. They can also tell if something unpleasant is about to happen. In a nutshell, empaths can intuitively sense other people’s feelings and emotions.

2.    You Have Lots of Empathy

As the term suggests, empaths are people with empathy. If you have lots of empathy and always sense the feelings of others as if they were your own, there are chances that you might actually be an empath. In other words, human empathy enables you to experience what others feel in a variety of situations.

In fact, we all care about our family and friends. Their pain and happiness usually become OUR pain and happiness. However, empaths feel the same when communicating with random people as well. Without being told, they can recognize other people’s emotions and feelings.

3.    You Enjoy Spending Time in Nature

One of the signs of being an empath is that you are truly soothed and calmed by spending time in nature. The main reason why empaths enjoy natural environments so much is that they can easily relax after overwhelming and frustrating days. Obviously, this might apply to literally any individual, but empaths are especially drawn to natural areas since they are too sensitive to emotions and feelings.

While taking comfort in nature is a sign of being an empath, it does not necessarily mean that your empathic abilities are linked with earth empathy. In fact, your empathic nature might correspond to any other ability.

4.    Being in Crowded Places Is Not Among Your Favorite Activities

Due to the fact that empaths experience other people’s feelings and emotions, the distress from people might sometimes be extremely severe. They absorb both positive and negative energy, meaning that they have to deal with a lot of stress after communicating with too many people. Along with hearing regular noises, empaths can also hear emotional noises, which is especially overwhelming in crowded places. Hence, empaths do not really enjoy being around too many people. Instead, they prefer spending time with some of their close friends or just a couple of people at a time.

5.    You Are Surprisingly Sensitive to Sensations, Sounds, and Smells

While many people think that empaths are compassionate about feelings and emotions, this is not 100% accurate. In reality, the human nature of an empath is also incredibly sensitive to a large variety of sensations, sounds, and smells. That being said, empaths are intuitive about the entire world around them.

If you have noticed that certain smells, odors, sounds, and physical sensations have a significant impact on your feeling, you might be an empath indeed.

6.    You Are a Fantastic Listener

Since empaths can sense others emotions, they are extremely good at listening people, even if they have never met each other before. Since you can feel what other people experience, you are capable of listening to their problems and trying to help them with all your heart.

If you have noticed that your friends enjoy talking to you because you truly support them, it is probably because you are an incredible listener. Hence, caring for others is one of the signs that you might be an empath.

7.    You Have to Reset Your Energy Regularly

As a matter of fact, empaths are susceptible to events occurring around them. In addition, they can experience what others feel both emotionally and physically. As a result, empaths commonly feel as if their energy had been drained. Although being an empath is incredibly beneficial sometimes, it can also be pretty frustrating most of the time. As a result, people with empathic abilities have to recharge themselves with positive energy vibrations on a regular basis.

If you feel exhausted after communicating with people, the reason for this might be the fact that you are actually an empath. Just take your time to resent your energy and avoid being in crowded places for a long period of time.

8.    You Always Stay Away from Conflicts

Since empaths are so sensitive to other people’s feelings, they always try to avoid any types of conflicts. Their intuitive abilities allow them to tell if something unpleasant is going to happen and they just do their best to prevent such occurrences from happening. In fact, an empath’s feelings can be hurt pretty easily by causing harm directly to him/her. Moreover, empaths can also feel sorrowful when there is a lot of conflict between other people. In such cases, you might feel even worse since you are no longer coping with your own feelings. Rather, you experience what others feel about a given situation.

9.    You Have Your Own Unique Perspectives on Various Life Issues

Sensitivity and strong emotions influence the way we see the world. As empaths are highly sensitive, they perceive different aspects of our lives in their unique ways. Oftentimes, they make connections that seem to be strange and are not always clear to other individuals.

If you have ever felt that people around you cannot understand the way you think about certain aspects of life, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. Instead, your perspectives are simply different from how other people see the world.

10. It Is Sometimes Hard for You to Protect Yourself from Emotional Overload

It is no surprise that empaths usually experience emotional overload due to being so sensitive to a wide range of aspects of life. Hence, they might not always manage to deal with anxiety and distress easily. If you have noticed that you need to put forth a strenuous effort to cope with your emotions and feelings, it might be a sign that you have empathic powers.

Since emotional and sensory overload can lead to serious health issues, it is critical to deal with it as soon as possible. If this affects the quality of life and you are no longer capable of managing your emotions, you should definitely refer to a therapist and get professional help.


How to Develop Empathic Abilities and Become a Professional Empath?

While some people are born to be empaths, others can simply practice in order to develop their empathic abilities. While getting better at experiencing other people’s feelings and emotions is totally possible, becoming a professional empath needs much more effort and dedication. You cannot just offer someone help if you are not 100% sure about your empathic skills. Here is how you can turn your empathic skills into a superpower!

Step 1: Do Some Research

First of all, do some research to learn more about what empathy skills are and how they work in real life. This will help you be prepared for further steps and ensure that this is exactly what you have been enthusiastic about. The best way to learn more about the subject is to read related articles available online. You will not have to spend any money when gathering information. Use Google and search for everything that is not clear enough for you.

Step 2: Take an Online Course or Consult an Expert

After reviewing some of the free resources available online, you should be able to tell whether you actually want to develop empathic skills. If you are sure that this is what you want, you should consider registering for online courses. You can also take in-person courses, but this is a much more expensive option. In addition, face-to-face courses related to this topic might not be available in your area.

Another option is to attend workshops, master classes, or webinars hosted by professional empaths and experts in the field. This will allow you to learn more about the experiences of actual psychic empaths. They might also share some tips and recommendations to help you become a successful empath.

Step 3: Develop Empathic Skills

The next step is to use your imagination and try to develop intuition, listening skills, and empathy. These are the three primary abilities every empath should possess. Without being able to feel and understand what other people experience, you will never become a true empath. Psychic empath development involves the enhancement of the emotions of empathy. You do not need anything special. Just practice with the occurrences that we face in our daily lives.

Step 4: Verify Your Empathic Abilities

After developing some of the major empathy skills, you should verify them by completing a specific psychic empath test. While these tests are not official and passing them does not always guarantee that you are actually an empath, they can still help you determine how empathic your nature is. You can find plenty of empathic ability tests on Google, and luckily, the majority of them are completely free!

Step 5: Learn How to Balance Your Emotions

As a matter of fact, empaths are too emotional and sensitive to a large variety of events occurring around them. Hence, it is critical to be aware of the severity from empathy. Intense energy coming from other people can be extremely harmful, especially for empaths. Along with emotional stress and exhaustion, empaths have to deal with physical pain, which is outrageous sometimes. The level of pain can significantly influence the way empaths feel on a daily basis. Therefore, it is of huge importance for empaths to learn how to balance and cope with their emotions.

The most effective thing that will help empaths stay healthy and positive is to learn how to deal with difficult people and energy vampires. Since empaths are so sensitive, their energy is drained pretty quickly. And the process is even faster when they communicate with energy vampires. By simply avoiding contact with negative people, empaths can charge with much more positive energy vibrations.

If you are not capable of cleansing your energy field by yourself, you can refer a psychic empath healer who can help you deal with your issues. He/she might even explain the nature impact on your emotions and offer you some life strategies to improve your emotional state.


FAQS About Psychic Empaths and Empath Abilities

To help you better understand who empaths are and how empathic abilities work, we briefly answer some of the most frequently asked questions about psychic empaths.

1.    What Is a Psychic Empath?

A psychic empath is a person who is exceptionally sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. Depending on the type of empath, he/she can make a large variety of predictions and deliver readings accordingly.

2.    What Are Empaths Like?

If you are wondering about how empaths look like, they are regular humans but with excellent intuition and sensitivity to different aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is hardly possible to tell whether a particular person possesses empathic powers. However, if you know someone whose energy gets drained too easily and who can feel others emotions pretty deeply, he/she might actually be an empath.

3.    How Do Empaths Receive Information?

There is no specific source of information for empaths in general. Since they are unique in their own ways, every single empath receives information through his/her own source. The source of information depends on the type of a given person. For instance, emotional empaths get information based on the feelings of others. Contrarily, physical empaths experience the physical pleasure and pain of other people.

4.    What Does It Mean to Be an Empath?

Being an empath means that you have a higher sensitivity to external stimuli, including sounds, smells, and even the sensations of others. While feeling everything very deeply, psychic empaths are one of the most caring people in the entire world. Being an empath also means that you are a remarkable listener and people around you enjoy sharing some of their thoughts with you.

5.    Do Empaths Fall in Love Easily?

Since psychic empaths are too sensitive and they pick up on people’s traits easily, it is sometimes hard for them to get into serious relationships. Besides, there are some huge challenges empaths face in romantic relationships. For instance, empaths usually get lost in their partner’s emotions since they deeply bond with them and oftentimes merge with their feelings. Some empaths also try to alter their partner’s emotions just because they feel them as their own. Obviously, this might ruin the relationship, making it challenging for empaths to maintain healthy connections with their romantic partners.

6.    What Are the Benefits of Being an Empath?

Being an empath has its exceptional benefits. For instance, empaths can easily read other people’s emotions and mind, meaning that they cannot really manipulate those with empathic powers. By sensing and experiencing others feelings, they can also help them deal with a variety of issues in life. In addition to that, empaths can read energies and easily identify people charged with positive energy vibrations. This allows them to avoid contact with energy vampires or other negative people.

7.    How to Control and Strengthen Empathic Abilities?

The most optimal way to control and strengthen your empathic abilities is to practice on a daily basis. This will help you improve your intuitive skills and get better at predicting things. Since empathy is all about sensing what other people experience, try to feel the emotions of those around you. This will make you a better empath in general.

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