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What is a soulmate?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/22/20 9:11 AM EDT
  • Updated: 11/05/20 3:19 PM EST

What is a soulmate?

Soulmate. A word we hear so often but know so little about. Romantic comedies and dramas like the Notebook or Twilight portray soulmates as the perfect romantic partner, an eventful but ultimately blissful relationship where neither party can do no wrong.

In real life, that’s a lot of pressure to put on two people! This idealized version of a profound loving connection does, however, occasionally overlap with the true nature of soulmates but the real story is infinitely more interesting.

While soulmates definitely do make the best lovers, the most potent pairs are not always romantically involved. A deep, loving, respectful, spiritual relationship can manifest in the form of a bond between friends, mentor and student, sibling or parent as well as a lover.

The most significant aspect of the relationship is the soul connection between two people. Iconic duo Oprah Winfrey and Gale King are an example of plutonic soulmates who cherish and nourish one another. Their relationship began over 40 years ago, and the strength of their bond will ensure it stays for another 40 years.

Because we can get swept up in romantic notions of what it means to have a soulmate, it’s easy to overlook the life-enriching relationships that exist between a child and a grandparent or mentor. Have you ever had someone come into your life who shared wisdom that completely changed your perspective or who you immediately clicked with? Maybe it was a teacher, a stranger you met on a holiday or a neighbor?

The wonderful thing about soulmates is that you are not limited to meeting just one! Your soulmate is any person or people who are energetically aligned to your higher self, they are cut from the same cloth so to speak, but they are not ‘you’re other half’.

A soulmate illustrates the transformative potential of a spiritual bond. These people enter your life when you most need it, some will stay, and others may go when the lesson has been completed. Think about the characters from Sex and the City, four women who remain together through all the trials of work and dating and still are deeply committed to each other even after finding their own partners.

Consider your own relationships, is there someone in your family who ‘gets you’ more than the others? Are you inseparable from your siblings, is there an old flame that keeps coming back into your life? These are all indications of spiritual relationships.

The purpose of these people be they lovers, partners, best friends, or family is to elevate your personal consciousness and inspire spiritual awakening. You are brought together to love, share and learn from each other so that you can fulfil your potential.

Soulmates are mirrors, they draw out dreams, fears and insecurities for you to work on which why they are a catalyst for spiritual and personal development. A soulmate will push, pull and test you, they are the teachers who can speak directly to heart because they understand your spirit.

Soulmates can be put into two categories, soul family and soul groups. A soul group can be described as a spiritual home, the place in the universe to which you will return after this life. These are the special people who’s energy was born in the same place as yours. When you meet these people in the material world, your spirit will recognize them instantly creating a feeling of familiarity or deja vu.

You can spot a member of your soul group by an uncanny ability to finishes each other’s sentences or know immediately what the other is thinking, even if you have known each other for a relatively short time.

Whenever you need with your spiritual growth, one of these being incarnated on earth will step forward to guide or support you. They may take the form of a family member or even a total stranger who appears at just the right time and place.

Soul family is a kindred spirit here to love, nurture and protect you. They may come as the passionate lover that ignites a sexual revolution within you or the best friend who feel more like family. The love and attraction to your soul family is present from the first moment of contact.

We all feel an intuitive, instinctive pull to find our soul family that is usually experienced as a desire to ‘find your tribe’. In reality, it is a calling to reunite with members of your soul family who you will have been in contact with across many lifetimes.


Signs you’ve found a soulmate

  • The relationship is profound, and unlike any, you’ve had before. They understand you better than most people.
  • Something about this person feels familiar, they are easy to be with, and there is a sense of having known them forever.
  • Multiple synchronicities brought you together. Your paths have crossed before, sometimes years apart.
  • Even though you may disagree, you don’t want to fight with each other. Soul relationships are based on mutual respect and affection you both try to do what makes the other happy.
  • Their flaws (or yours) are not a deal-breaker. Your strengths and weakness are complimentary, and you are willing to help overcome their issues on the road to personal growth.
  • You experience flashbacks, dreams or visions of their presence in past lives.

To attract your soulmate or soulmates, you must be able to love yourself as that is the only way to give love back authentically. Soulmates are not here to ‘fix’ or ‘complete’ us, they come into our lives to share unconditional love and teach us how to live with abundant joy.

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