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What is a Twin flame?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/18/20 9:45 AM EDT
  • Updated: 09/18/20 9:45 AM EDT

What is a twin flame?

The concept of a twin flame or finding ‘your other half’ has ancient roots which stretch all the way back to the time of Greek Gods, Plato and the Gnostic Gospels.

In his play Symposium, Plato famously wrote that all humans were first born with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Humans were perfect androgynous beings with both male and female reproductive systems. The Greek God of Gods Zeus feared the power created by yin, yang unity in humans and so he split them in two creating man and woman. From that day forward, humans were destined to roam the earth searching for their other half.

Some Gnostics believed that the flame referred to a spiritual light which connected and completed beings. Mary Magdalene is considered by some to be the divine twin of Jesus, balancing their male and female energies for the purpose of uplifting humanity.

Others have likened twin flames to that of cell division. We are able to reincarnate on the physical plane many times, but we only ever have one true spiritual birth. For some souls, there is a moment when the spark of consciousness divides, creating a twin soul or twin flame.

It is this division which separates twin flames from the more commonly known soulmates.

Signs you’ve met your twin flame

  • You intuitively receive information about your partner’s thoughts or feelings.
  • You both feel called to a higher purpose.
  • Meeting your partner shook you to your core.
  • Cataclysmic changes ensued after you got together.
  • If your twin is a romantic partner, then being intimate with them feels sacred and magical.

When you enter a relationship with your twin flame, you are quite literally meeting your other half. Because every soul is unique, there is no possibility of finding divine wholeness with anyone outside of your twin flame as they are the only spirit that shares your energy signature.

Split souls will spend their entire life looking for each other to find peace and balance through unity. When souls are divided, one will identify more strongly as masculine, and the other will identify more strongly as feminine meaning they will generally incarnate as a man and woman if they are born in the same timeline.

In this way, when twin flames come together, they are a harmonious balance of the divine masculine and feminine archetypes. The most common unit of split souls is a profound romantic partnership; however, it is not always the case, twin flames can manifest as friends or siblings.

It is rare for twin flames to incarnate in the same lifetime but if they do there is an overwhelming magnetic pull to reconnect. Once they do, each person is completely transformed through radical spiritual and personal development. Because they are literally the other half of your energetic body, meeting them creates a feeling of finally being whole.

Being in contact with your twin flame is an incredible life-altering challenge as you will be forced to confront both your shadow and your light. The union is both magical and devasting as your ego is completely shattered. Your twin mirrors not only your strengths but also all of your weaknesses and areas for growth.

Loving your divine twin means finding the strength to love, forgive and accept yourself for who you are. In order to cherish your relationship, you must first be able to love and honour yourself; without that, there is the potential for conflict that can lead to destruction.

There is no guarantee that a sacred union will last due to the intensity of the relationship. Think about a time when your flaws where pointed out to you, how well did you receive it? Would you be able to continue receiving them grace and humility while doing the work to become a better person? It’s quite the challenge even for the best of us, and twin flames are asked to work harder than the average couple.

Everything happens for a reason. Some souls are divided and go on to live lives in entirely different timelines until they are cosmically aligned and fated to meet. A soul splits so that it can create two beings who will live separate lives and thus gather more information so that when they are joined their collective knowledge will transform into paradigm-shifting wisdom. A soul is united with twin when they are spiritually ready to ascend and begin their lightwork.

Twin flames are here to awaken humanity which is why their union is so profoundly challenging. They must have evolved on every level in order to be of service to humanity and mother Gaia.

For this reason, not everyone has a twin flame as each soul has a unique mission. Many star seed souls meet their soul mate and do incredible work together for our collective consciousness.


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