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What is Best Psychic Directory?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/01/21 10:29 PM EST
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What Is Best Psychic Directory? We reviewed it for You

There is no doubt that psychic readings and occult services can be incredibly beneficial to us. Although people no longer refer to fortune tellers to plan and organize various rituals or events, they commonly ask for psychic guidance to uncover some of the puzzling aspects of their lives. Whether you face some challenges regarding your current job/business or you feel like your relationship is gradually falling apart, you can contact psychics and mediums and let them guide you through the challenging passages of life.

Even though psychic advisors can be incredibly supportive and helpful, finding the right one for you is key to receiving a genuine reading. Since psychic readings and predictions are mysterious and you cannot actually tell whether the information is legit or not, many self-proclaimed psychics scam people and bilk hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of them. To avoid being a victim of organized psychic fraud, you should always talk to advisors with real psychic abilities.

Best Psychic Directory is a platform that helps you locate reputable and trustworthy psychics and mediums worldwide. Unless you want to receive actual psychic readings, the platform is 100% free to use and you do not even need to create an account to search for psychics within a specific state. The variety of filtering options make it much easier to locate a psychic that can help you solve the issues.

Although Best Psychic Directory is a user-friendly platform and you can easily navigate through the website, there are a few factors that you should consider for a better experience. The following sections will provide detailed information on everything you might need to know about Best Psychic Directory.

What Is Best Psychic Directory?

In a nutshell, Best Psychic Directory is a website that allows you to pinpoint psychics and mediums in given US states and other countries as well. The platform was created by Bob Olson in 2007 and it has been one of the most reliable psychic search tools ever since then. During the last 20+ years, various psychics with different backgrounds and abilities have joined Best Psychic Directory. Some of them have even been tested and verified by Bob Olson.

By featuring hundreds of exceptionally talented psychics and mediums, Best Psychic Directory aims to connect potential customers with reliable and trustworthy advisors located all across the US and within other countries. While the majority of psychics offer in-person services, you can also contact them remotely. Instead of traveling to a particular location, you can easily receive a quick online reading.

To learn more about Best Psychic Directory and get a better idea of what to expect from the platform, keep reading! The following sections provide further details about the services offered by Best Psychic Directory.

Who Is the Founder of Best Psychic Directory?

The founder of Best Psychic Directory is Bob Olson, an afterlife investigator and psychic medium researcher with over 20 years of experience working in the field. However, he was not always into psychic stuff. Instead, he was pretty skeptical about the existence of the afterlife and doubted the accuracy of psychic readings.

Bob Olson’s career as a private investigator started in 1985 after he graduated college with a degree in Criminology. As a licensed private investigator, he explored cases involving murders, fraud, adultery, or some personal injuries. Although Bob was raised Catholic, he was still unsure about whether he actually believed in God. He just wanted to base his assumptions and thoughts on evidence.

Bob’s father suffered from lung cancer and unfortunately, he died in 1997. At this point, Bob was only 35 and this was the most painful moment in his life that triggered him to think about spirituality and the afterlife. It was after his father’s death when Bob realized that there might be the life after the death.

Although Bob was pretty skeptical about spirituality or the afterlife, he tried to be as open-minded as he could to investigate the issue. His initial research began in 1997, right after his father’s death. He also started consulting psychics and mediums to gain insights into how things work in general.

In 2002, Bob founded a website, “,” to help people find legit psychic mediums in a specific area. 5 years later, he launched another platform, “,” intending to locate and consult genuine psychics and mediums.

As Bob’s research and consciousness of the afterlife advanced, he decided to launch a program called “AfterlifeTV with Bob Olson” to educate people about life after death. Bob shares some educational content on his YouTube channel and you can access the videos completely for free. Oftentimes, he features some guest speakers specializing in various spiritual practices. If you are curious about the afterlife or have some puzzling questions, you can receive some useful answers from Bob Olson.

As an experienced afterlife investigator, Bob Olson authored two books that further discuss the issue. If you are willing to purchase one of Bob Olson’s books, below are the links to Amazon.

  • Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death | Written by Bob Olson in 2014
  • The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives | Written by Bob Olson in 2017

After doing extensive research on afterlife, Bob Olson continued with exploring some other spiritual and paranormal events. Nowadays, Bob Olson is one of the most reputable and trusted professionals working in the psychic industry.

How Does Best Psychic Directory Work?

Best Psychic Directory is a user-friendly platform allowing those looking for some genuine psychics and mediums to easily locate trusted advisors worldwide. If you are in need of psychic guidance but do not know who you should refer to, you can use advanced filtering options on to locate the right one for you. There are over 700 psychics and mediums listed on Best Psychic Directory and you just need to specify a couple of browsing options to find the suitable one.

After choosing the advanced search option, you will be asked to select the US state or other country and specialty of a desired psychic. You can also select the number of reviews of a particular psychic or leave the space blank.

The list of locations includes the following US states and countries:

  • US States – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South California, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington DC
  • Other Countries – Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Other Countries

To make sure you consult a psychic or medium specializing in a suitable occult practice, you should always use the appropriate filter.

The list of psychic and medium specialties on Best Psychic Directory includes:

  • Psychic / Intuitive
  • Medium / Spirit Messenger
  • Animal Communicator
  • Tarot Card Psychic Reader
  • Crystal Reader
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Relationship Psychic
  • Past Life Psychic Reader
  • Intuitive Astrologer
  • Akashic Records Reader
  • Angel Reader
  • Chakra and Aura Psychic
  • Intuitive Numerologist
  • Ascended Masters Channel
  • Spirit Artist Medium
  • Intuitive / Psychic Coach
  • Energy Healer

Although these filters are great for locating psychics that could possibly solve your problems, you might not need to use them at all. If you already know the name of a specific psychic or medium, you can use the search bar directly. This can also be useful for checking whether a given advisor is listed on Best Psychic Directory or not.

What Services Does Best Psychic Directory Offer?

Although the primary purpose of Best Psychic Directory is to help the users locate reputable psychics and mediums, the platform offers much more than that.

Below is a complete list of services offered by Best Psychic Directory:

  • Free access to the psychic and medium directory
  • Free access to the list of psychics and mediums tested and verified by Bob Olson
  • Free access to the list of featured psychics and mediums
  • Instant readings by experienced psychics and mediums via phone, chat, or video calls – powered by Click4Advisor
  • Access to the reviews posted by satisfied customers
  • Educational content and videos about spiritual topics and afterlife – created exclusively by Bob Olson
  • Events with psychics and mediums + event calendar
  • Exclusive psychic and medium workshops delivered by Bob Olson

For detailed information on the services listed above, check the FAQ about Best Psychic Directory provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Psychic Directory

Despite the fact that Best Psychic Directory is an easy-to-use platform, customers and advisors might still have some questions about the offered services. To make things more explicit and improve your overall experience with Best Psychic Directory, below are the detailed answers to the FAQ.

1.    How to Apply for a Psychic or Medium Listing on Best Psychic Directory?

If you believe that you possess any type of psychic abilities, you can apply for a listing on Best Psychic Directory. This will allow the users to locate your profile whenever searching for advisors in a particular area. To become a screened and approved member of Best Psychic Directory, you will need to fill in the designated form first. This application allows the Best Psychic Directory staff to validate your abilities, experience, credibility, responsibility, and ethical standards.

The Directory Listing application must include the following details:

  • Contact Information – Real name, email, and mailing address
  • Personal Information – Professional title/specialty, years of experience giving free and paid readings, the number of professional readings delivered per week, whether you are a trained psychic or medium, the types of services you offer, your primary method for giving readings, if you have a Click4Advisor account, whether you participate in public events, etc.
  • Website Information – Your website domain and additional information, the number of testimonials posted on your website, links to your social media, the way new clients schedule a reading with you, etc.
  • General Information – Who referred you to Best Psychic Directory and why do you want to be listed on the website, anything that you believe is important for the Best Psychic Directory stuff to know about you, etc.

If the team pre-approves your application, you will receive an invitation email to complete the final vetting process. Upon receiving the final approval, you will be listed as an advisor trusted by Best Psychic Directory. Keep in mind that the acceptance of free directory listings might take up to 5 months. However, featured listings are typically approved within 2 business days.

If you are enthusiastic about becoming a member of Best Psychic Directory, apply for a listing here.

2.    How to Upgrade My FREE Directory Listing to a FEATURED Directory Listing?

Applying for a directory listing is completely free for every single individual. Approved psychics and mediums can upgrade their free listings to featured listings by simply paying $99 a month. Featured listings are displayed on every page of the platform, including the free listing page, an events page, the About Us page, FAQ page, Contact Us page, and many more. Besides, featured listings appear above all free listings when searching for an advisor. To differentiate between free and premium listings, featured psychic profiles are highlighted in gold.

Some other perks of being a featured psychic on Best Psychic Directory include:

  • Your application will be approved within 2 business days. If not, you will receive a full refund.
  • You can submit an unlimited number of events, but each event still has to be approved.
  • Include a YouTube video in your listing to introduce yourself and promote services.
  • Include links to your social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • You can direct the visitors to your scheduling platform and allow them to arrange meetings on their own.
  • Access to VIP video course for psychics and mediums to help you improve your work experience and take a step forward to being a successful advisor.

You can upgrade your regular listing to a featured listing here.

3.    How to Cancel My Directory Listing?

If you no longer want to be listed on Best Psychic Directory, you can easily cancel it by following a few quick steps.

If you have a free listing, you will need to log in to your account and go to the EDIT page. Next, you just click the DELETE button at the bottom of the page and you are all done.

In the case of featured listings, psychics and mediums will need to go to their PayPal account and cancel the subscription there. Next, they will need to follow the same steps as those having a free directory listing.

If you just want to temporarily suspend your listing instead of deleting it forever, you can make the corresponding request by emailing Bob Olson’s personal assistant at

4.    What Does “Tested As Legitimate” Mean?

Bob Olson has personally tested and verified some of the psychics’ abilities that are listed on Best Psychic Directory. To emphasize that these psychics are real and have nothing to do with fraudsters, they have a “Tested As Legitimate” badge on their profiles. Keep in mind that these are the only psychics and mediums tested by Bob Olson.

Although these psychics have passed Bob Olson’s standards, there is still no guarantee that they will deliver a satisfactory reading for you specifically. In fact, there are various factors influencing the accuracy of psychic readings and it is hardly possible for a psychic or medium to deliver 100% precise services at all times.

The list of psychics and mediums who have been tested and verified by Bob Olson includes the following advisors:

  • Bee Herz
  • Glenn Kausner
  • Joanne Gerber
  • James Van Praagh
  • Jane Fecteau
  • Carole Lynne

For further information about the psychics and mediums tested by Bob Olson, click here.

5.    How to Submit an Event to Best Psychic Directory?

If you are willing to submit an event to Best Psychic Directory, you have to upgrade your free listing to a featured listing first. Only featured psychics are eligible to add events. If you are already a featured psychic, you will need to log in to your account and click “Submit Event.” You can also go to “My Events” and submit your event there.

Be aware that you can only submit your own events or those in which you are going to participate as a speaker or presenter. You can feel free to submit events that have a live audience, including public group readings, workshops, webinars, conferences, radio and TV appearances, seminars, classes, and many more.

6.    How to Sign Up for Instant Readings?

After receiving the final approval on your directory listing, you can sign up for Instant Readings and offer live readings to your customers. The feature is powered by Click4Advisor, a trusted company that allows you to deliver quality readings over the phone, chat, or video calls. To get started, you will need to register for an Advisor’s account on Click4Advisor. You should allow 2-4 business days for your account to be approved. Further information can be found here.

To become available for Instant Readings to the public, follow the instructions provided here.

7.    How to Receive an Instant Reading on Best Psychic Directory?

If you do not want to schedule a meeting but prefer to receive one instantly, you should use the Instant reading feature on Best Psychic Directory. First, you will need to register as a new caller on Click4Advisor and top up your balance. Next, go to the list of available psychics and mediums on Best Psychic Directory. Finally, choose the green Phone, Chat, or Video button to contact a given advisor and follow the steps displayed on the screen.

8.    How to Attend Psychic & Medium Workshop by Bob Olson?

Bob Olson offers psychic and medium workshops for those willing to advance their psychic abilities. This is a home-study audio program that can be downloaded right after completing the payment. The program typically costs $297, but Bob Olson currently offers it for only $197.

For detailed information about the psychic and medium workshop program, click here.

9.    How to Find a Psychic or Medium Near Me?

Although Best Psychic Directory offers location filters, you cannot select a specific city you are currently in. However, you can still find suitable psychics and mediums near you. You just select the desired US state or other country and the website will list the advisors located there. Each psychic and medium listing will include the nearest city from the area they are located in. This will make it much easier for you to find advisors near you.

If you could not find any advisors near your living area, you can consider consulting them remotely via the Instant Reading feature or through their website.

10. How Do I Write a Review About My Experience?

If you want to share your personal experience with a psychic listed on Best Psychic Directory, you can do that by clicking on “Submit a Review.” To post a review, you will need to fill in the form by providing the details, including your email, first and last name, and write a review consisting of up to 500 characters.

Keep in mind that Best Psychic Directory does not post complaints and your review must be approved before it is posted on the advisor’s profile. Although Bob Olson does not accept negative reviews, the Best Psychic Directory staff still monitors negative reviews received via email. If they notice a couple of legit complaints about a specific advisor, they will contact the psychic and solve the issue accordingly. These psychics and mediums might also be removed from the platform if necessary.

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