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What Is Clairsentience?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/09/20 2:33 PM EDT
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Divination is an attempt to forecast future events and gain insight into important aspects of an individual’s life by using different methods, techniques, and tools. A wide range of divinatory techniques originate in classical antiquity and some of them are extremely widespread throughout the world, even in the 21st century.

While there are divinatory practices that are not that popular among modern societies, some methods are used in nearly every region of our planet. Generally speaking, these divinatory practices fall under two broad categories, depending on whether the abilities can be learned, or they have to be gifted to certain individuals.

Tarot card reading, palm reading, astrology, and numerology are several common occult practices that people just learn and master through practice gradually. On the other hand, some abilities can never be learned. Instead, only individuals that have been gifted with certain sets of psychic skills can foretell the future through their extrasensory perception and supernatural powers.

One of the psychic abilities that cannot be learned over time is clairsentience, the ability to gain insight into some aspects of an individual’s life by feeling things that others do not. To learn more about the divination technique, the article will provide additional information about what clairsentience is, how accurate the practice can be, and what are some of the related occult practices that people often confuse with clairsentience.


What Is Clairsentience?

The term “clairsentience” is derived from two French words, “clair” meaning “clear” and “sentience” meaning “feeling.” Clairsentience is one of the most impressive psychic abilities through which psychics and mediums gain knowledge of the aspects of one’s life by different feelings.

Generally speaking, clairsentients might feel the energy, emotions, thoughts, pain, and even the presence of ghosts. Depending on the strength and context of different feelings, psychics not only predict the future but also help individuals deal with even the most mysterious situations in their lives.

Even though one has to be gifted with extrasensory perception to derive readings through feeling various things, interpretation of the readings and foretelling the future requires extensive practice. Clairsentients master divinatory techniques gradually. They learn how to interpret specific feelings by taking into account various factors influencing the readings. For the readings to be accurate, clairsentients should first acquire skills in determining possible meanings of different types of feelings.


Is Clairsentience an Accurate Divination Technique?

The very first question that arises when talking about any type of divination is whether the readings and predictions are accurate. And if yes, how accurate can they even be?

It is expected for people to doubt the accuracy of prophecies that one can simply learn by reading books and practicing. The reason for this is that such readings are not based on supernatural powers and extrasensory perception. On the contrary, readings delivered by gifted psychics are more likely to be credible.

Still, several factors can influence the trustworthiness of readings and predictions provided by a clairsentient. Some of the essential ones are discussed below.

  • Years of Experience

One of the most important factors affecting the reliability of readings derived by not only clairsentient but also any type of psychic is the number of years he/she has spent working in a specific field. The reason for this is that even gifted people and genuine clairsentients require some time to master the techniques and learn what different types of feelings tell about someone’s past, present, and future life.

  • Strength of Feelings

Secondly, the strength of the feelings can also influence the accuracy of the resulting readings and predictions. Some emotions can be extremely powerful and allow the clairsentient to provide error-free readings. On the contrary, weak feelings can lead to confusion of a psychic and the results might not be valid.

The strength of what a clairsentient feels is completely dependent on how strong the seeker’s energy, pain, fears, or other emotions are.

  • State of Mind of an Individual Receiving the Reading

Since the strength of feelings influences the accuracy of the resulting readings, it is important for a seeker to stay openminded during the entire reading session. How you feel about the reading will impact how clear the feelings for a clairsentient are.

That being said, if a clairsentient fails to provide accurate readings, it might not necessarily be his/her fault. Rather, your state of mind or energy fields might have led to confusing feelings and incorrect readings.


Some of the Related Psychic Abilities That Should Not Be Confused with Clairsentience

For the final section of the article, it is important to address some of the related psychic abilities that people often confuse with clairsentience. Although the names of divination practices include the term “clair,” the meanings and techniques are completely different.

Examples of occult practices similar to clairsentience are listed below.

  • Clairvoyance – Clear Vision

Clairvoyance is one of the most widespread divination practices in which a clairvoyant attempts to see different people, objects, or events for deriving readings and gaining insight into various aspects of one’s life.

  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

Clairaudience is another occult technique that should not be confused with one of the practices mentioned in this section. Clairaudients obtain information about various occurrences, objects, or individuals by hearing things that ordinary people do not. The sounds might be coming from the other side of the world, typically from the deceased loved ones.

  • Claircognizance – Clear Knowledge

While information gained through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience can be somehow explained, there is no explanation for acquiring knowledge through claircognizance. It is believed that claircognizants know certain things without realizing how they have been informed.

  • Clairalience – Clear Smelling

Although it might seem ridiculous, some people can also obtain information about people or objects by just smelling them. The technique is known as clairalience and involves gaining knowledge by smelling.

  • Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

Clairgustance is another mysterious divination technique involving tasting substances to receive certain information. What is strange about clairgustants is that they can taste a substance without even putting it in the mouth.

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