Avoiding Psychic Scams

What is New Lotus Web?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/21/20 1:39 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/11/20 12:30 PM EST

Why You Should Take Care With New Lotus Web

The spiritual industry is one that is easily abused. The strong believers are determined to believe what they hear and tend to hear the answers that they want to hear. This makes it very easy for scammers to take advantage of a wide range of fields from clairvoyance to spirit guides. That is not to say that there are plenty of psychics who have genuine abilities to help people. But the scammers put a dark cloud on the industry.

One particular example is New Lotus Web. Clicking on their site, nothing rings alarm bells. There is a beautiful lotus flower opening up and the site is easy to navigate with no annoying popups. The address is a real address, as is the phone number. New Lotus Web is based in the World Trade Center in Gibraltar. It’s a shame New Lotus Web doesn’t appear on the World Trade Center business listings but that still isn’t cause for alarm. However, one may question the location Gibraltar itself, known as an international tax haven.

New Lotus Web is a digital marketing company that specializes in copywriting, strategy, and funnel monetization in personal development and coaching. They offer a range of tools that increase your sense of purpose and understand your inner self. Another service is their coaching programs that offer a “helping hand, a listening ear” as well as advice for personal journeys and projects. Aside from the lotus, we have no hint of spiritual services until halfway down the home page where we are introduced to an automated astrology chart for those who are sensitive to the spiritual world.

Without sounding like a grammar snob, anyone who has ever published anything online knows that typos do happen, it’s hard to spellcheck your own work, and not everyone knows the correct punctuation rules. But a company that provides expertise on well-being shouldn’t make the mistake of spelling it ‘welness’, along with a number of other mistakes. This leads us to one of two conclusions; they are not native English, or they are not concerned about the professionalism of their brand image. So how do we get from a digital marketing strategy to psychic scams?

Who is Extraordinary Chris?

Extraordinary Chris is owned by New Lotus Web. He also goes by the name of Psychic Chris, Chris Voyance, and Chris the Psychic. His services can be found on numerous different websites including oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free and pardots.net. The address of his office matches that of New Lotus web, though we will struggle to confirm this because his office readings are reserved for celebrities and very important businessmen.

On the oraculum website, we are introduced by a video explaining more about who Chris is. He promotes himself as a “para-psychologist” and a “hypnologyst” (both incidentally are spelt wrong). The first reading costs £5 and includes a reading by mail, tarot drawing, and your lucky numbers. 100% satisfied or reimbursed, which we will discuss further later on.

Our confidence is somewhat shaken by his first few words on pardots.net. “Something very important is going to happen to you in the first quarter 2020!”. Considering the global pandemic, we think his general prediction has managed to cover most of the globe. That being said, a non-psychic could have also predicted the same the way things were heading in December 2019.

What is Extraordinary Chris’ process?

Depending on the website, vulnerable hopefuls will be lured in with his offers of a free reading. At this point, the digital marketing strategy from New Lotus Web kicks in and the company has your email address. You will get your free reading but as the majority of reviews confirm, this reading will be full of doom and gloom. This is followed by numerous new emails offering you opportunities to receive paid for readings that will provide you with solutions to prevent such an awful fate. Naturally, you have to get the reading so that you can learn what to do.

The funnel monetization plan provided by New Lotus Web is an email campaign to increase a company’s conversion rate. For the person who signed up, this means a bombardment of emails encouraging you to pay for one of the services available.


Why Are We Concerned About New Lotus Web and Extraordinary Chris?

We aren’t saying that every review is negative. But, when a person or company has more negative reviews than positive, you have to question what is going wrong.

The first warning is that we haven’t found anyone online who has managed to receive a refund for an unsatisfactory reading. Emails have been sent and there are no replies. The telephone isn’t answered.

Extraordinary Chris starts with generous offers but soon starts requesting more money. In one case, Chris wanted £50 per month. When the client said no and cancelled the service, they were shocked to receive emails saying that “the Black Mark of Janus is on you”. Any genuine psychic doesn’t need to use such scare tactics, not only that but they would agree that it is ethically wrong.

When you compare different email readings people have received from Chris, you will notice that the answers are very generic with just a few words changed. As there is very little personalization in his messages, it implies that his messages are automated. Going back to the “something important is going to happen in the first quarter of 2020”, 2.3 million people were confined to their homes in Europe alone. 6.7 million people lost their jobs in the U.S. alone. There is nothing spiritual about his psychic revelation.

The giant of all warnings for us was when we heard of Chris telling people where they lived. In the first place, psychic abilities rarely work in this way. It is more likely that the people behind Extraordinary Chris are using social media and IP trackers to find out more about you.


What Other Psychics from New Lotus Web Should You Be Aware Of?

It’s not an easy question and one that will uncover more and more answers as scams are uncovered. New Lotus Web is owned and operated as Private Company limited by shares which began in 2017. There is no face behind the name, no one that we can hold accountable.

Esmeralda Psychic is another operation coming from New Lotus Web. Like Chris, there is a photo, but we don’t know if this is Esmeralda herself. The messages are equally as negative, warnings of someone nearby putting a spell on them, urging them to contact her for help against this possible danger.

Don’t think that these pages are limited to English. New Lotus Web boasts an international presence and we have already spotted Extraordinary Chris in French. Before signing up to even free services, it is worth doing some research on the psychic first.

Esmeralda Psychic

Esmeralda Psychic is another operation coming from New Lotus Web. Like Chris, there is a photo, but we don’t know if this is Esmeralda herself. One site claims that she has a 99.9% psychic accuracy tested and proven by acclaimed critics but we can’t verify this. There is also an interesting paragraph on negative reviews and karmic obligation, with the implication that bad readings are due to our negative energies.

What concerns us more is that when signing up for your reading, you are asked for details that no genuine psychic would need, such as a phone number and address. Once you complete the process, you are told that you will receive an email within an hour, much like the other suspicious sites. Anyone claiming to be world famous for their skills surely doesn’t have the time to reply to so many emails within an hour, unless of course it’s automated.

The messages are equally as negative as Extraordinary Chris, warnings of someone nearby putting a spell on them, urging them to contact her for help against this possible danger. Many people pay for readings and receive either more warnings or very generalized readings. So far, we haven’t come across anyone who has succeeded in getting a refund.

William, The Guardian Angel

One of William’s websites we came across is somewhat bare. There are no tabs to explore, no click here for a free reading. You have the option to choose a Tarot Card, thinking it will give you some information but instead, you start the process of handing out information.

There is a little information about William, and he does sound like an angel, all he wants to do is use his gift to help others and make the world a better place. He is both a Medium and a Wise Man in the order of the Notre-Dame-des-Sources. The only other thing on the site is the legal disclaimer and a contact link—this does confirm the address is the same as New Lotus Web in Gibraltar.

Once William has your email, we start to see the same process as the other psychics. The free offers end. Paid readings are via email so there is no way to get a better, more personal feeling for William and once again, the tone becomes rather depressing. Panic for your future obligates you to buy more, particularly as William tells us heh as the power to change our path. Like other psychics from New Lotus Web, people are continuously sent texts and emails asking for money. But, when you ask for a refund, you will hear nothing.

Don’t think that these pages are limited to English. New Lotus Web boasts an international presence and we have already spotted Extraordinary Chris in French. Before signing up to even free services, it is worth doing some research on the psychic first.

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  1. The famous Chris popped up on FB for giggles I decided to see if there was any validity to the claims. I gave my birth date but no other personal info. I assumed that I would receive a computer generated chart reading which was the case.
    They don’t even have the courtesy of use the first every email uses last name only. What I didn’t expect were the additional emails that sound very intimidating from “Chris”. I then received an email from “Esmeralda” her email was doom and gloom obviously preying upon those who are depressed or having a bad run of luck. I successfully unsubscribed from her.
    As for being personally in psychic contact that is a farce.

  2. Chris is a gentleman also Donald j Trump. I don’t want any harm to any one at this time and onwards .Grate mines think alike. No man is an Island no man stands alone Each man is my Brother each is my friend.when the aunt’s go walking in. In Jesus name Amen.i know you are Strong.But I am also week and strong too. From:Paulette H parkinson McCullough..

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